Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee


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     Simeon A. Aiken was negotiating to purchase a 160 acre farm in Lincoln Township, Montgomery County in the spring of 1871 before he wed Mary Jane McLaughlin and brought her to Red Oak Junction from Vermont. The farm, which subsequently expanded to about 200 acres, is still owned by Simeon Aiken’s grandchildren, Harold and Ione Aiken; and his great-granddaughter, Patricia and family, the Don Wetterlinds, now live on the home place.

    The northeast quarter of Section 12 in Lincoln Township was originally given as a U. S. military grant to John Sprague, who served as a private and captain in Jewetts company, Massachusetts Militia in the War of 1812. The family has the original grant, which was dated April 1, 1859. Sprague, who probably never saw the fertile farm he owned, assigned ownership to one Albert Ellis. Simeon Aiken purchased the farm, sight unseen, from a Barbara Ellis; and on March 9, 1871 married his 20 year old fiancée at Lansingburg, N. Y. He was 29.

    The couple honeymooned on their trip west, stopping to visit relatives in Illinois. Confirmation of the purchase of the farm was received in Illinois. They arrived at Red Oak Junction in the fall of the year and their house was built during the fall and winter of 1871 and 1872.

    Their children were James and Etta Aiken. James was only 14 years old when his father died. By then the farm included nearly 200 acres. In 1882 Simeon deeded land in the northwest of the original quarter for the Center Ridge Church and Cemetery.

    James assisted his mother in the operation and on Dec. 30, 1903 he married Sybil Woods. A new 14 room house was built a few feet east of the original house. It was a dual dwelling with two sets of kitchens and bathrooms.

Harold was born at the home place on March 14, 1906 and his sister Ione in Sept. of 1909. Harold now lives in Red Oak. His daughter and her husband live on the home place.



~ Patricia Wetterlind