Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

Page 190-191



   John Oscar Westerlund was born in 1866 in Henry County, Ill., near Orion. His grandfather, Eric Westerlund, came to Ill. with his family from Helsingland, Sweden. They lost a son on the way over.

    John Westerlund was married to Emily Amanda Magnuson, who was born in 1864. They moved to Iowa in 1902 and bought a farm 5 miles southeast of Elliott. They had five daughters. The youngest, Alice, was born in Iowa. The children were all raised on this farm, and it was in the family until 1973.

   The daughters were: Geneva Jensen, Doris and Alice, all deceased; Ruby Giltner of Mesa, Ariz., and Mildred DeWitt of Elliott.

    John Westerlund passed away in 1942 and his wife Emily in 1949. They are buried in Red Oak, where they then lived, along with their daughters, Doris who passed away in 1921, and Alice who passed away in 1943.



~ Mildred DeWitt