Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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    Fenno West and Ida Johnson were married in Stanton Oct. 10, 1890. They lived in Red Oak before moving to Elliott in 1895.

    Fenno West was born at Neponset, Illinois, June 15, 1865 and died in Elliott, May 14, 1917.

    Ida Johnson West was born in Galesburg, Illinois, June 21, 1871. Her parents immigrated from Sweden in 1866. Ida West died April 7, 1960 in Elliott.

    While living in Elliott Mr. and Mrs. West ran the Blue Front Restaurant and had rooms to rent, housing many, among those a number of teachers of the Elliott School System. Mr. West also ran a thresher and owned land in LeRoy, Kansas.

    Mr. and Mrs. West were the parents of five children:

    Hazen E., born Aug. 11, 1891, married Lola Shires on March 21, 1921, died at Phoenix, Arizona April 23, 1953.

    John B., born Feb. 19, 1893, married Gertrude Rew on Sept. 16, 1922, died May 24, 1956.

    Mary, born Feb. 24, 1895 at Elliott and died April 1, 1919.

    Bertha Mable, born Feb. 19, 1897, married D. R. Kipp July 1, 1919, died Jan. 25, 1973.

    Vera, born April 17, 1900 and died March 27, 1903.

    Hazen, John, Bertha and Mary were all musically talented and were involved in many plays, community projects and organizations.



~ Sharon Eshelman