Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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     Edward Weilenman, who was born in 1846 in Wildberg, Switzerland, came with his parents, Joshua Richard and Elizabeth Klein Fisher Weilenman (Wyleman, original spelling), and brother Jacob (born 1851) and sister Caroline (born 1844 and later married Franklin Babb), to America, and settled around Albia, Iowa. Several years later there were several more children born. Two boys, named Henry and Alfred, and two children, who died as infants.

Edward made his way west to Montgomery Co., settling in the extreme southern part of Pilot Grove Twp. There he met and married Elizabeth Babb, Oct. 14, 1869. Elizabeth’s parents were Isaiah M. and Hester Ricketts Babb, who both came from Indiana.

     Edward and Elizabeth had eleven children: (1) Mrs. A. J. Wallace (Rachel Caroline, who was born in 1870 and died in 1897. She is buried in Waveland Cemetery); (2) Jacob Franklin, who married Cynthia Stoddard; (3) Mrs. Clayton Stoddard (Emily Mae); (4) Mrs. John E. Hickerson (Mary); (5) Mrs. Ira Hickerson (Hulda); (6) Clarence Garfield, who married Mary Christina Everett; (7) Fred C. who married Jessie M. Berganzial; (8) Mrs. John A. Linder (Maude); (9) Sammy; (10) Willie; (11) Amanda; with the last three who all died as infants.

    Edward passed away Aug. 23, 1920 at Lincoln, Neb. His wife, Elizabeth, passed away May 2, 1912 at Seward, Neb.

    Jacob Franklin, was born Sept. 27, 1871, in Pilot Grove, Frankfort Twp. area. He married Cynthia A. Stoddard Feb. 7, 1900. Cynthia was born Oct. 30, 1883, at Loveland, Colo. Her parents were Lymon and Rhoda Douglass Stoddard.

Jacob farmed with his father for awhile after he was married. Jake, as he was called, and Cynthia were the parents of five children. They are (1) Mrs. Eva A. Simpson (first married Ralph O’Dell, and after his death married Roy Simpson. Eva was born April 31, 1900. Eva now lives at Brookfield, Missouri.) (2) Frank Clifton, who was married to Laura Kalor, was born Nov. 20, 1906 and died Aug. 1976. He is buried in Red Oak Cemetery. (3) Mrs. Alice Reed (who was married first to Lee O’Dell, and after his death married Ole Reed. Alice was born Aug. 31, 1911, now living in Omaha, Nebr.) (4) Francis (married Russell Kalor, Aug. 23, 1930. She was born Nov. 4, 1914, and died shortly after the birth of her first child.) (5) Edgar (whose wife’s name was Maxine) was born April 31, 1919 and died 1965.

    Jake and Cynthia moved to Red Oak from the farm in 1930. Jake passed away April 11, 1945 and Cynthia passed away April 17, 1952. They are both buried in Red Oak Cemetery.



~ Jeri O'Dell