Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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    Carolyn, or Carrie May Tyler was born 20 June 1873 at Ottumwa, the third daughter of T. D. Tyler and Sarah Ann Wall and died at Red Oak, Iowa 3 July 1956. She graduated from the Elliott High School; taught school, and in 1895 began college. She had artistic talent, but chose the piano as her means of expression. In Newkirk, Okla., she was a very successful young piano teacher and continued her profession at Elliott in 1910, until about 1943.

    In 1919 she received, at St. Louis, Mo. her final certificate as a teacher of the Burrowes Course of Music. A fine musician herself until handicapped by radical surgery, she continued with a large class of piano students at which they learned a few of the basic principles of Harmony, Composition, and more about the lives of the composers.      Among her students who continued lessons for many years were Alice Jones Shires, Margaret Smith Braden, Dwight Wagler and her niece Dorothy; and in later years those who remember the excitement of her new Grand Piano, which at her death was given to the Methodist Church for exchange as the initial payment on the present Memorial electric organ and chimes.

    Carrie made her home with, and cared for her mother, Sarah Ann Tyler, in the house on Elliottís Main Street to which they moved in 1910.



~ Dorothy DeWitt Wilkinson