Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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    Charles E. Thompson was born August 20, 1873, Hancock County, Illinois. The family moved to Montgomery County, Iowa, March 11, 1881. He was the son of James Harrison Thompson and Eliza Jane Halbert. Charles married Alice Eva Plowman at the Red Oak Courthouse, September 7, 1898. Alice was the daughter of Stephen Nicholas Plowman and Sarah Elizabeth Ray of Baltimore, Maryland and Illinois. Her birth date, September 10, 1880, in Montgomery County. Charles and Alice lived on the Thompson farm in Pilot Grove Township, Montgomery Co., and raised a family of four children. Charles died November 26, 1956, and was buried at the Pilot Grove Cemetery. Alice died May 10, 1957, and rests beside her husband. Sisters and brothers of Charles were: Kate Helena Downey, Marilla Brown, Lottie O. Adams, Joseph E., William M. and James H. Thompson.

    The children of Charles and Alice were: Joseph Harrison Thompson, born Jan. 16, 1901 in Montgomery Co. He attended rural school and Elliott High School, was married to Frances Elizabeth Smith, Aug. 20, 1926, and farmed the family land. Elizabeth was a teacher in the community. The children born to them were: Jack Edward, Jan. 31, 1927, Carol Jean, Aug. 1, 1930, Janet Lorraine, July 11, 1933, Joseph Glen, Aug. 19, 1935, Margaret Sara, May 31, 1937, Jerry Dean, March 30, 1939. They attended rural school and graduated from High School and attended college or business school. Jack served in the Navy and Jerry in the Marine Corps.

    Hattie Maude, the second child of Charles and Alice was born Sept. 13, 1905, attended rural and Elliott High School, was married to Edward Lee Rains, March 22, 1930. Eddie passed away Sept. 11, 1970. Their children were Jimmie Lee, Nov. 23, 1930, a graduate of Stanton High School, served in the Marines in Korea as a Sergeant; Dorothy Marie, June 4, 1932, Doris Louise, Aug. 23, 1934, and Teresa Mae, June 2, 1937, graduates of Stanton High School.

    The third child of Charles and Alice was Clarence Elmer, July 14, 1909, attended rural and Elliott High School. He married Leona Frances Haley, June 17, 1933. Their children were Charles Richard, Dec. 29, 1933, an Elliott graduate, also served in the Army two years. Peggy Lou Van Buskirk, Aug. 16, 1936, a graduate of Elliott and Omaha Business School; Betty Ann McConnell, graduating from Elliott and Council Bluffs Beauty School. (birth date Aug. 3, 1942).

    The fourth child of Charles and Alice was Alice Marie, Nov. 27, 1920, attended rural and graduated from Elliott High School. She married Floyd Dale Barr, Feb. 29, 1940. Their children were: Tommy Dale, Nov. 24, 1942, a graduate of Griswold High School and Iowa State University. He served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War as a Captain and is still serving. Shirley Marie, May 16, 1946, a GHS graduate and attended Peru and Pella colleges, joining the Air Force in 1967 and still serving; Barbara Jean, June 18, 1951, a graduate of GHS and attended Iowa State two years; Jimmy Joe, Sept. 27, 1953, a graduate of GHS and Iowa Western; Randy Lyn, Sept. 8, 1958, a GHS graduate now engaged in farming with his father.

    The great-grandchildren are: Jamie, daughter of Jack Thompson, April 15, 1964; Mark Alan, Nov. 23, 1957, Melanie Ann Mastin, Apr. 10, 1959, and Kristi Lee Buzick, Sept. 22, 1969, children of Jean Thompson Mastin Buzick; Vickie Jolene, June 8, 1955, Brent Lee, Jan. 15, 1958, and Joel Eric, Oct. 16, 1961, children of Janet Thompson Milner; Jennifer Corrine, Oct. 15, 1967, Sarah Elizabeth, Oct. 21, 1969, daughters of Glen Thompson; Michael Everett, Nov. 27, 1956, Robert Alan, July 7, 1958, sons of Margaret Thompson Crossland; Susan Elizabeth, Apr. 10, 1963, Timothy Steven, Dec. 21, 1965, and Michael Jay, Feb. 15, 1972, children of Jerry Thompson.

    Jeffrey Lee, Oct. 30, 1960 and Sheri Louise, June 13, 1964, children of Jimmy Rains; Steven Chris, Sept. 30, 1949, Gregory Clayton, Aug. 30, 1950 and Ricky Lee, Oct. 1, 1951, sons of Dorothy Rains Johnson; Joyce Louise, June 13, 1953, Jani Sue, July 22, 1957, and Jennifer Marie, Nov. 13, 1961, daughters of Doris Rains Carlson; Todd Blaine, Aug. 30, 1962, Kay Marie, Feb. 24, 1967, children of Teresa Rains Shannon.

    Deborah Lou, June 22, 1956, Cindy Ann, Aug. 28, 1958, Lori Sue, Mar. 3, 1960, Jimmy Dean, Nov. 17, 1962, and Rex Allen, July 2, 1966, children of Peggy Thompson Van Buskirk; Stanley Jay, Jan. 12, 1960, Sherry Lea, Feb. 14, 1963, children of Richard Thompson; Mark Alan, June 1, 1963, Marla Ann, Aug. 10, 1968, children of Betty Thompson McConnell.

    Scott Dale, Dec. 23, 1968, Heidi Suzann, Dec. 21, 1969, Renee Ann, April 23, 1972, children of Tommy Barr. Thomas Bryant, Aug. 2, 1976, son of Shirley Barr Casteel; Matthew David, Sept. 3, 1978, son of Barbara Barr Anderson; Christine Marie, Dec. 29, 1972, Dana JoAnn, May 3, 1975, children of Jim Barr.

    Great-great-grandchildren were Michel Renee, Mar. 15, 1976, Meredith Leigh, Feb. 18, 1977, children of Steve Johnson; Eric Christopher, June 29, 1973, Aimee Ryanne, Sept. 23, 1974, Erin Rosemarie, May 24, 1976, children of Greg Johnson; Joshua Kane, Oct. 26, 1973, son of Joyce Merrick; Brandi Lyn, Mar. 8, 1975, and Karmin Renee, May 19, 1977, children of Janie Maher; Jackie Ann, Sept. 30, 1978, daughter of Brent Milner; Erica Marie Mastin, Dec. 28, 1978, daughter of Mark Mastin.

    As of now, March 1, 1979, Charles and Alice had four children, eighteen grandchildren, forty great-grandchildren and ten great-great-grandchildren. They serve as a living monument to their memory.




~ Elizabeth Thompson, Leona Thompson, Marie Barr