Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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   Oscar Delois Stone (b. Aug. 4, 1871, Middletown, Ill., d. Mar. 17, 1963, Griswold, Iowa) was married Apr. 17, 1895, in Mont. Co., to Nancy Ellen Rush (b. Oct. 23, 1860, Plattsburg, Mo., d. July 8, 1946, Red Oak, Iowa). They were both members of the Elliott Church of Christ. He attended many seed corn conventions, sold seed corn, and judged seed corn contests. He was caretaker of the Waveland Cemetery for many years. Dee did not have children of his own but he enjoyed the company of children.   In his later years he moved into Elliott and will be remembered by many children of the community for the dollhouses, cabinets, trucks and toys he constructed from wood in much detail

    ~ Alice Wallace