Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee


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     Hugh L. Stennett was born Mary 27, 1842 in Edward Co., Illinois. He was five years old when he came with his parents to Buffalo, Iowa, where the present town of Davenport is located. They came to Stennett in May of 1854. He was a Civil War veteran, enlisting November 1861, a member of the 13th regiment U. S. Infantry. He received a medical discharge September 26, 1862.

    Hugh L. Stennett was married November 18, 1862 to Samantha Martin, who came to Iowa from Logan Co., Ohio, the place of her birth. They were married in a little log cabin just north of Stennett, Iowa by Squire Robert Johnson.

Mr. and Mrs. Stennett were the parents of ten children: George B. born October 14, 1863-died October 25, 1883. Emmely J. born Jan. 16, 1865-died May 7, 1949. Daniel M. born Dec. 5, 1866-died Feb. 11, 1868. Myrtle M. born May 20, 1868-died Aug. 17, 1933. Wayne born Jan. 6, 1870-died Dec. 23, 1921. Corabell born Nov. 27, 1872-died May 19, 1924. Annie L. born Jan. 18, 1875-died March 29, 1946. Jessie May born Oct. 29, 1879-died April 23, 1954. Nellie born Aug. 5, 1881-died April 26, 1954. One son died in infancy.

    Mr. and Mrs. Stennett farmed near Stennett and also operated a stone quarry on the farm until 1918 when they moved to Elliott, Iowa, due to the failing health of Mrs. Stennett. They were a family of pioneers who wrestled a living out of the timber, and streams, and rock in Sherman township close to the town of Stennett and the Seely Mill.

Mr. Stennetts’ greatest delight was to have a group of his grandchildren and neighbor children around him and relate stories of his pioneer days, Indians, and many other items of interest. Mrs. Stennett was a member of the Christian Church at Stennett, and a most willing and helpful person to her neighbors and friends in time of trouble.

    Mr. and Mrs. Stennett celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1912. The place for the gathering was their home nestled in the native timber at the foot of the bluff, facing the Nishnabotna river and close to the site of Seely’s water mill. It was attended by most of their children and their families, and some who were in attendance at their marriage and a large group of other relatives, friends and neighbors. Mr. Stennett was quoted as saying: This meal was quite different from the one at their wedding 50 years ago, which consisted of corn bread and venison. Mr. and Mrs. Stennett lived a full and historical life.

    Mr. H. L. Stennett died June 5, 1929 with burial in Hillside Cemetery, Elliott, Iowa. Mrs. Samantha Stennett died July 22, 1934 with burial also at Hillside.




~ Mildred Milner