Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

Page 170-171




Fred James Shields and wife, Ruth Ann Leech of Red Oak have lived together in the Center Ridge area for 59 years at this writing. They have two children. William Thomas (II) and Marilyn Ann, who is compiling this brief chronology. For many years my father, in addition to his regular farming operation raised quarter horses. I believe that he was one of the earliest quarter horse breeders in Ia. He strongly supported the Center Ridge Church, and at this writing is 84 years old, very able, very alert. Mother had a thriving chicken business…it put me through college. She also loved to sing and sang at many functions in the area. I believe that she and my father sang together at every high school graduation ceremony that was conducted at Elliott during the tenure of E. P. Simmons.




~ Marilyn Jackson