Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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    William T. Shields married Abigail Julia Chickering in 1892. Charles Raymond was born in October of 1893, and Fred James in September of 1894…close in age indeed. Russell Walter was born in 1899. About 1900 the family moved to the Center Ridge area and another son was born in 1904, Ernest Lawrence. Biographies of Charles and Fred are included in this section and are entitled Shields-Bass and Shields-Leech. The two younger boys settled in Oklahoma where Russell spent all of his adult life. Ernest joined the Shell Oil Company and resided many places in the West and Southwest before retiring in Phoenix, Arizona. Russell was married three times; (1) Peggy Beebe (2) Marcella (3) Lela. He had two sons, Pat Richard and Walter. Ernest married Annabelle Spencer of Tulsa and had two sons, Ernest Lawrence, Jr. (Larry), and Robert Spencer. Both Russell and Ernest have passed away.




~ Marilyn Jackson