Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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     By 1881 Charles Rolland Shields and his wife Mary Catherine Burgess and most of their large family were settled in Montgomery County, having moved here from Fulton County, Illinois. This family consisted of Lettie (refer to Shields-Brick), Eliza or Lide, as the family referred to her (see Donald Pierson), Dora, Mrs. Henry Smith who later migrated to Minnesota and whose husband was a cousin to Lide’s husband, Stephen who married Sarah C. (Kate) King and lived in Red Oak, Phillip who married Ona Kenworthy and was a policeman in Omaha, William Thomas (see Shields-Chickering), Effie (see Court Braden), and Rolland who married Maud Gilchrist and migrated to Oregon. At about 1900 five of these eight families lived in the Center Ridge and Elliott areas.




~ Marilyn Jackson