Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee


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     William C. Ploghoft, came from Holstein, Schleswig, Germany, near Hamburg in 1863 at the age of 17. Five years after arriving in Iowa, William married Harriett Doty of Sabula, Iowa. They lived here for six years before they settled on 80 acres 1 1/4 miles north of Elliott. William was the only Ploghoft that came to the United States.

     To this marriage ten children were born:

     Frank died at Omaha, Nebraska in 1933 at the age of 62. He had three children, Selma, William, and Paul.

     Hal married Kit Donnelly, and spent his life in business in Elliott. Hal died in 1966, age 86, and Kit died in 1977, age 90. They had two children, Bernice and Paul. Bernice married Art Corrigan and he died in 1969. They had a son William, he died in 1977; and a daughter, Beverly Stefani. Bernice taught first grade for many years, and now lives in Guthrie Center, Iowa. Paul and his wife Mary, have lived on a farm 1 1/2 miles north of Elliott, but have moved to Boulder City, Nevada. Paul has three children, Hal, Frank, and Michael.

     Belle married Frank O'Conner in Red Oak in 1892. They later moved to Wyoming, and then to Idaho. Frank died in 1912, leaving a wife and twelve children, seven boys and five girls. Belle raised her family on their homestead by hard work and long hours. She was postmistress at Forney, Idaho for 27 years, and also operated the forest service telephone switchboard for 26 years. Their son, Frank, died in 1923, Tom in 1946, James in 1963 and Sue Hammond in 1977. Wayne and wife Velma live in Salmon, Idaho; Maude Alley in San Jose, California; Walt in Spokane, Washington; Mary Pritchett, Dillion, Montana; Nellie Means, Salmon, Idaho and Hemet, California; Dan and wife Norma in Challis, Idaho; and Ann Johnson, Grass Valley, California.

    Melvin never married and lived on the home place, with his mother, until his death in 1937.

    Cora Ploghoft married George Redding and had four children, Ralph, Glen, Russel and Ruth.    

    Charles Ploghoft, unmarried and spent his lifetime in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Grover Ploghoft, married Sue Winterstein in 1909, and had four children, Dale at Bellingham, Washington; Lester, died 1978 at Portland, Oregon; Hazel died 1938, and Gladys of Griswold, Iowa. Sue died in 1917, and Grover married Ora Freeman in 1918. They had seven children, Maxine Rhodes, Lewis, Iowa; Dorothy Brand, Arleta, California; Dr. Eugene Milton, Athens, Ohio, has written several books, travels and lectures. Helen Boldrey, and Bonnie Greenleaf of Phoenix, Arizona; Betty Williams, Salinas, California; and Ronald of Lewiston, Idaho. Ora passed away in 1956. Grover at this time is the only surviving member of the Ploghoft family. He is in a rest home in Phoenix, Arizona; and will be 93 years old Sept. 8, 1979.

     Mary Ploghoft, married Oliver (Nute) Smith in 1906 and died in 1956. Nute had a large fruit farm west of Griswold and died in 1974 at age 96 years.

     George Ploghoft married Bertie Pace, lost an infant son. Merle was born in 1908, and died in 1963. Merle had three children, Susan, Sarah and George.

     Ora (Mike) youngest of the family, married Tessie Moore July 1, 1914. they had three sons; Cecil, born 1915, married Rosemary Hagglund in 1942. They live in Hemet, California. Dick, born in 1917, married Rita Nelson in 1940, still live in Red Oak, Iowa. Harry born in 1921, married Alice Mills in 1941. They have lived in Portland, Oregon since 1946. 




~ Cecil Ploghoft