Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

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    Donald Dwight Pierson (b.1900-d.1955) and Genevieve Myrlee Hamilton (b.1900-d.1968) were married in 1919 at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Clark, in Waveland Twp., Pottawattamie Co., Ia. Myrlee was the daughter of Curtis B. and Jennie Clark Hamilton.

    James (b.1867-d.1958) was the son of Granville Pierson (b.1827-d.1908) and Elizabeth Fry Pierson (b.1830-d.1926), who were both natives of Kentucky and were married in that state in 1850. They came to Polk Co., Ia., from Indiana and moved to Waveland Twp. in 1854. Granville enlisted in 1862 and served with Company I 23rd Iowa Infantry until 1865.

    Lettie (b.1882-d.1908) was the daughter of Amos (b.1857-d.1916) and Eliza A. Shields (b.1861-d.1940) Smith who were married in Fulton Co., Illinois. Amos Smith owned the livery barn in Elliott, at one time.

    Donald's sister is Janice (Mrs. Chas. Kruse), Council Bluffs, Ia. and brother, Fred Pierson of Crescent City, California. Donald's mother, Lettie, died when he was eight years old and he made his home with an aunt, Mary Smith (Mrs. Harley) Reynolds and later worked for his great-aunt Effie (Shields) and Court Braden.

    Donald and Myrlee were parents of three children, all born in Waveland Twp., Pottawattamie Co., Ia.

    Dwight Chester (b.1920-d.1963) married Jeanette Locke of Dubuque, Ia. in 1942.  Their four children are Dwight, Jr. (b.1944), Malvern, Ia.; Carolyn (b.1946) (Mrs. Dale Elliott), Oelwein, Ia.; Linda (b.1951) (Mrs. James Walters), Council Bluffs, Ia.; and Mark (b.1956), Iowa City, Ia.

    Marie Aileen Pierson (b.1922-d.1972) and Dale V. DeWitt (b.1922-d.1970) were married in 1940 and were parents of six children: Ann (b.1940) Mrs. Richard Paulson), Griswold, Ia.; Dennis (b.1942) (m. Ann Showalter), Lincoln, Nebraska; Marlene (b.1945) (Mrs. Ronald Anderson), Wichita, Kansas; Deborah (b.1950) (Mrs. Kent Weaver), Portage, Michigan; Cynthia (b.1955) (Mrs. Brent Wohlenhaus), Griswold, Ia.; and Pam (b.1958) Ames, Ia.

    Margene Mae Pierson (b.1924) and Max were married in 1946 and are parents of three children, Steven (b.1949), John (b.1951) and Jack (b.1957).  (Refer to Max Petty biography)

    Donald and Myrlee Pierson, Dwight Chester and Dwight's grandson, Jeffery Pierson, Marie and Dale DeWitt, Donald's parents, James and Lettie Pierson are buried in Hillside Cemetery at Elliott, Iowa.

    Granville and Elizabeth Pierson are buried in Flint Cemetery near Griswold. Amos and Elizabeth Smith are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Red Oak. 




~ Margene Petty