Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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    One of the more notable businessmen in Elliott's early years of growth was J. H. Petty. His name appears frequently in early copies of the Elliott Graphic newspaper, as an active member of the Christian Church, the Booster Club, and other civic enterprises. His Seed Corn Co. supplied a high grade of seed corn and other farm grains to the farmers of the entire middle west. At an early day, Mr. Petty owned a barbed wire factory.  The plant was in operation 24 hours a day in order to meet demand for this product but the plant soon gave way to an eastern concern which had improved methods of manufacture.

    In 1902, J. H. Petty conceived the idea of giving premiums for the best samples of corn brought  to his store in Elliott. Fifty-seven samples were brought in for the contest. A year later a second contest was held, in which eighty-two samples were shown. The contests continued to grow and prizes ranged from a $100 Burlington top buggy down to a $1.00 Keen Kutter pocket knife. Many of the exhibits were purchased by the original owners and exhibited at the National Corn show at Omaha. Mr. Petty was known far and wide in his ability as a seed corn man. He served as judge for twelve years at the International Stock and Grain Show in Chicago.

    Mr. Petty expanded his business to include hardware, automobiles, and appliances. J. H. (Joseph Henry) Petty (b. July 15, 1861, in Indiana, d. May 2, 1936), was the son of W. J. and Elizabeth Petty. He was married at Elliott, Feb. 20, 1889 to Jessie M. Wall, and had three sons, Ray, Harry and Dale Petty. Ray operated the appliance store



~ Emma Egermayer