Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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    J. Corliss Perley (16) was one of nine "men" who came from Montpelier, Vermont in 1869 to buy land purported to be had at nominal prices. For his mother, Sarah Silloway Perley, (1824-1908) he chose 120 acres at $7.50 per acre. The ridge of wooded hills near the East Nishnabotna River approximately three miles northwest of what latter became Elliott reminded the Yankees of their Green Mountain Homes.

    His great-granddaughter, Grethel Petty, and her husband, Dean, live there now and she is the fifth generation owner of the land, later added to by 60 acres.

    Corliss (1853-1924) married Hattie Persons (1855-1937) daughter of Levi A. and Betsy Moore Persons, also Vermonters who came here a few years later than the others by way of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. The Perleys had one daughter, Ida May (Reynolds) (1876-1950); two sons, Dr. Edgar James (1890-1968) and Delbert C. (1897-1966).

    Ida's family appears under D. C. Reynolds in this book. Edgar married Maude Wight and their children were Faye Danielson Cooper (1911) Ojai, California; and Dr. N. J. Perley, Oakland veterinarian, practiced many years in Griswold. He and his second wife had a daughter, Mabelle Jean O'Connell (1920) Santee, California. His third wife, Angela Belding, still lives in Santa Barbara, California, where they went when he retired.

    Delbert and Neta Hully Perley's son, Francis, (1924) lives in California. Delbert was with the C. B. & Q. Railroad, First National Bank, Elliott, and an Audubon bank.

    Dr. N. J. and Helen Humphrey Perley's daughters are Ann, (1941) Polk City and Jane (1943), Mexico City. Ann and Richard Balzer have a daughter, Amy (1965), and a son, Dan (1967). Jane and Euardo Bonilla are parents to Ana Maria Elena (1965); Eduardo Lewis (1966); Anna Maria (1969; Juan Carlos (1971).  




~  Grethel Petty