Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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     James Monroe Penry was born June 21, 1834 in Indiana. He was the son of Daniel and Sarah Hartwell Drake Penry. James came to Iowa when he was 18 years old, making the trip with an ox team.

     James was married two times, and the father of twenty-one children. James first wife was Mary Louise Binegar, whom he married  Nov. 9, 1856, in Pilot Grove Twp. He had ten children by this marriage, they are Charles LeRoy, whose wife was Susan Howard; Mrs. J. W. Halbert, (Sarah Elizabeth) who died at the age of sixteen; John William, whose wife was Minnie F. Peters; George Alfred, whose wife was Genevieve Richards; Alvin, whose wife was Martha Jane Halbert; Melvin, whose wife was Rose Lee May; Mrs. Herman Peters (Mary Ellen); Clarence whose wife's name was Josephine; Sadie and Grant. Sadie and Grant both died as infants. Mary Louise Binegar Penry died in 1879 or early 1880.

    James then married Priscilla Roberts, May 25, 1882. She was born Sept. 26, 1863 in Wheeling, West Virginia. She was the daughter of John and Rachel Hickenbaugh Roberts. James and Priscilla were the parents of eleven children. They are: Mrs. Charles L. Hull, (Emma Minerva); Elmer Alonzo, who married Hazel P. Everett; Emery Herman, who married Flossie Priest; Mrs. Julius Carroll, (Mabel Lucinda); Mrs. Grace M. Van Buskirk; Mrs. Grover Raymond England, (Harriett Rachel, also known as Hattie); Albert William, who married Olive Buffon; Raymond Thomas, who married Nora Clark; Mrs. Scott B. Byram, (Ethel Marie); Myrtle Blanch; and Russell Riley, whose wife's name is Minnie. Ethel and Myrtle both died in Dec. of 1915.

    James lived in the Pilot Grove area since moving to Iowa in 1856. He died at the age of 92 years, three months and 26 days, on Oct. 18, 1926. When James died he was the oldest settler in Montgomery Co., according to the Red Oak Sun newspaper. James, and his two wives, Mary Louise Binegar Penry, and Priscilla Roberts Penry, who died Sept. 4, 1932, are all buried in the Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort Twp., northeast of Red Oak, Iowa.

    As of this writing, in early Feb. 1979, James and Priscilla have three children who are yet living. They are Mrs. Mable Carroll, who is living in the Atlantic Care Center, Atlantic, Iowa. Albert (Bert), who with his wife Olive, live in Red Oak, and Raymond, who with his wife Nora, lives in Bothell, Washington.

    In 1869, James' two brothers, William McKinley and Thomas Calvin, moved to Iowa from Indiana. They also settled in the Pilot Grove area.

    William M. brought his wife Rhoda Isenhaur, who he had married in Indiana in 1861, and also his two sons, George McClelland, and William R., who were both born in Indiana. William McKinley was born Jan. 14, 1831 in Winston-Salem, N. C., and he passed away Jan. 30, 1914 at Red Oak. His wife Rhoda passed away May 13, 1918. They are both buried in the Red Oak Cemetery, along with their two sons, William R. who was killed by lightening, July 27, 1898; and George McClelland who died July 24, 1947.

    Thomas Calvin, also brought his wife Susan John, who he married in Indiana, Aug. 31, 1862, and also two daughters, Elnora and Mary Alice. Thomas and Susan were the parents of ten girls. They are: Mrs. John W. Dodd, (Elnora); Mrs. James W. Dodd (Mary Alice); Mrs. Charles W. Bennington, (Susan Elizabeth); Mrs. Angus T. Jefferson (Lucy Emma); Mrs. Lew Ernie Barnett (Jennie Mabel); Mrs. Fred C. Mason (Clara A.); Mrs. Edward A. Penner (Bertha Bell); and Mrs. Amos L. Lawshe (Atlanta Lee). Two girls died as infants.

    Thomas and Susan lived in the Pilot Grove area until moving to Red Oak in 1908. Susan passed away Jan. 4, 1916, and Thomas, who was born Sept. 29, 1839 in Indiana, passed away Jan. 27, 1924 at Red Oak. Mr. and Mrs. Penry are both buried in the Red Oak Cemetery. When Thomas passed away, all eight of his daughters were still living, and all were able to attend the funeral.     



~ Jeri O'Dell