Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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   Glendon Thomas, son of Thomas Morgan and Florence Margaret Hughes Morgan, was born 1 Sept. 1900 in Pottawattamie County. As a young boy, he had many ties with Elliott.

    The ties became closer while William Thomas, son of Glendon and Beth Imrie Morgan, was a teacher and coach in the Elliott Consolidated High School in 1949-1952. Tom resigned in 1952 to join the F. B. I. Marilyn, daughter of Glendon and Beth, had lived with the Virgil Woods family near Elliott following her mother's death and attended Elliott Elementary school.

    In 1953 the family moved southeast of Elliott where Glendon and Robert James, son of Glendon and Beth, farmed in partnership. The youngest children, Marjorie Dee and Margaret Anne, daughters of Glendon and Dorothy Bristow, attended Elliott Elementary school.

    In 1958 the family moved to the former Harry Carson home in Elliott. Glendon bought the Ralph Viner insurance business. He became secretary of the Elliott School Board and held that position until the reorganization with Griswold July 1962. He also served as Elliott town clerk and continued in that position until he became ill in March 1963. He died 25 July 1963.

    Bob purchased the insurance business, which he has operated since 1964. At that time he became town clerk, a position which he still holds.

    In January 1966 Dorothy was hired to organized the Junior High school library and continued in that position until retirement in 1973. She was elected treasurer of Elliott in November 1973 and is now serving her third term. Following the retirement of Effie Williams July 1976, Dorothy became town librarian and still serves in that position.

    William Thomas married Shirley Carver of Zearing, Iowa in June 1951. Children (twins) Cynthis (Mrs. Terry Furr) Miami, Florida; Sandra (Mrs. Jack Moore) Champaign, Illinois; Stephanie, Champaign, Illinois. Tom has been with the University of Illinois for nearly 25 years now serving as assistant to the Vice President of the University. Shirley is an elementary school teacher.

    Robert James married Shirley Garrett, Webster, in February 1966. Children Julie and Jayne. Shirley is active in 4-H and civic affairs.

    Marilyn married Albert W. Johnson, Council Bluffs, November 1966. They live in Council Bluffs. Al works in Omaha and Marilyn is an elementary teacher.

   Marjorie Dee married Roger Eshelman, son of Albert and Ruth Askey Eshelman, Elliott, December 1961. Children Anita, Alan and Carol. They live in College Springs, Iowa. Marjorie teaches in South Page elementary school and Roger teaches in Clarinda.

    Margaret Anne married Dennis Sapp, son of James and Elizabeth Howard Sapp, Red Oak, August 1968. Children Dee Anne and James Thomas (J. T.). Anne is a teacher's aide. Dennis, formerly a Navy Blue Angel, is now with a commercial air line. They live in Trustin, California.



~ Dorothy Morgan