Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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    James Henry Moore was born 20 April 1847 at Montgomery, New York; died at Elliott 13 May 1910 and is buried at Hillside, Elliott. He married Ella 20 Aug. 1871. She the eldest daughter of Dr. George S. DeWitt and Sarah Eliza Stanclift was born 13 May 1853 at Colesburg, Iowa. She died 16 March 1932 and is also buried at Hillside.

    At the age of seven, he came with his parents to Dubuque Co., Ia. He with his brother John L. came to the Elliott community in May 1868.

    Ella, Sherman Township's first school teacher, between 1868-1871 taught a country school south of Elliott. They lived on a farm in Sherman Twp. from 1880 until 1905 when his health failed and they moved to Elliott.

    Ella was first a member of the German Evangelical Church; later of the Congregational Church, and when that disbanded, she joined the Elliott Christian Church. Her religious faith sustained her through many difficult years and formed the keystone of her calm, charitable personality. James joined the German Evangelical Church in 1872 at a meeting held in the Powell School House.

    They had seven children:

    Ernest, born 30 May 1872, died 5 Sept. 1875, buried at Hillside.

    Herbert Eugene (Gene) born 23 Aug. 1873. He lived at Woodbine. His children were Ernest, Ted and Martha. Ernest married Helen Tupper 19 March 1926. Their children were Clyde Wesley and Gale Wendell.

    Ethel born 19 Dec. 1873, died 28 March 1928, buried at Hillside. She married Jay Schuyler Brown 15 June 1907. Their son Horace married Doris Bowman and their son Everett married Millicent S____. Horace had two children, Donald and Sandra.

    Lettie Irene born 3 Feb. 1878, died 29 Dec. 1952, buried at Hillside. She lived with and supported her mother as a clerk at the Vogel, Myers and Osborn grocery stores.

    Mabel born 8 June 1880, married 5 Sept. 1905 to William Jamison Jack, who was born 20 Dec. 1874 at Andes, New York.  She died 29 Dec. 1925 and with her husband and son Harold, soldier of W. W. II (he died at Bensonville, Illinois) are buried at Elliott. Their son James, married Agnes Bruce and is buried at Red Oak. Their children are Kenneth and Karen. Mabel and William's daughter, Mildred Jack, married Carey Bass and was living in Fredericksburg, Virginia at the time of her death, 7 July 1941. Their children were Sharon and William.

    James Clifford born 25 June ____, married Minnie Hornby. He died 13 May 1917. Their son Ross Louis died young and their daughter Ruth married Roy Lowman and their son George, soldier of W. W. II, died at McClaskey General Hospital, Templer, Texas.

    Fredrick DeWitt Moore born 20 Sept. 1889; married first Antoinette Hungerford, an R.N., in Aug. 1910. He died in California 19 Aug. 1943.  Their son James (Jim) Sea Bee in W.W. II, came to Elliott after the war; made his home with his Aunt Irene and now owns his grandmother's old Elliott home. Their other son Charles died in Oct. 1917.

   Ella, well known for her beautiful flowers and hand work, and Irene with the same talents, somehow always found time to prepare items for their Church Bazaar, and gifts for their many friends.




~ Dorothy DeWitt Wilkinson