Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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   Lucie Marie Lowman, daughter of Emery A. Lowman and Mae Patterson Lowman was born Dec. 11, 1896, in Pleasant Twp., Cass Co., Iowa. She went to grade school in a country school at the southeast corner of Swede Street and Ridge Road; graduating from the eight grade at the age of 16 years in 1912. At the age of 15 she sold subscriptions for the Elliott Graphic. She won 3rd prize (a gold watch) in an essay contest and later wrote an essay of six chapters for the paper. Editor McCarthy said the same stick-to-it-iveness that won for her the watch will make her a place high in journalism before she is many years older. She graduated from Elliott High School in 1916.

   She was married to Ernest A. Smith, son of Edward William and Marie Lewis Smith, March 13, 1918. To this union four children were born: Ernest Merle, Phylis Kinser, Dorothy McCullough, and a son who died in infancy. They farmed until their retirement to town in 1955. Ernest passed away Dec. 23, 1966, and Lucie Dec. 8, 1977.

   Ernest Merle Smith son of Ernest A. Smith and Lucie Marie Lowman Smith was born Dec. 28, 1919 in Pleasant Twp., Cass Co., Iowa. He went to grade school at Swede Street School, District #8, Pleasant Twp., and graduated from Griswold High School in 1938. He stayed at home and worked with his parents on the farm until the age of 21.

   He was united in marriage to Della Anna Riepe on Jan. 5, 1941. They began farming for themselves and lived on three different farms in the community. In 1955 they built a new home on the home place which has been in the family since 1918. They lived there until Dec. 1977 when the eldest son bought the home and they moved to Atlantic, Iowa.

    They are the parents of five children: Ernest Larry, Barbara Ann, Robert Lee (deceased), Carolyn Marie and Edward Merle.

    Ernest Larry Smith, son of Ernest Merle Smith and Della Anna Riepe Smith was born June 15, 1941 at the Red Oak Hospital. He weighed 3 lbs. 1/2 oz. and dropped to 2 lbs. 13 oz. and was the smallest baby ever to live, at that time, on record in this locality. He graduated from Griswold High School in 1960.

    He was married to Barbara Jo Wagler, daughter of Dwight and Mary Starr Wagler of Griswold, on Nov. 18, 1962. He is engaged in farming and living on the home place. They have four children: Diane Lynne (June 26, 1964); Elaine Marie (April 25, 1966); Ernest David (June 25, 1970); Michael Dwight (Feb. 12, 1972).

    Barbara Ann Smith Schuler, was born Oct. 7, 1942, daughter of Ernest Merle Smith and Della Anna Riepe Smith, at Red Oak, Iowa. She graduated from Griswold High School in 1960.

    She was married to Larry Max Schuler, son of Max and Linda Hiscock Schuler, on Sept. 18, 1960. They engaged in farming northeast of Grant, Iowa. They are the parents of four daughters: Laurie Kay (Aug. 17, 1961); Patty Jo (July 8, 1964); Jeanna Marie (Oct. 31, 1973); Angie Ranae (Nov. 6, 1976).

    Caroyn Marie Smith Rossell, daughter of Ernest Merle Smith and Della Anna Riepe Smith, was born Aug. 17, 1945 and graduated from Griswold High School in 1963.

    She married Marlin Rossell, son of Austin and Virginia Mueller Rossell, Sept. 15, 1963. They are engaged in farming in Cass Twp., Cass Co. They have two sons: Douglas Hugh (Aug. 25, 1964); and Daniel Paul (April 28, 1969).

    Edward Merle Smith was born June 29, 1950 at Red Oak, Iowa, the son of Ernest Merle Smith and Della Anna Riepe Smith. He attended Griswold High School, graduating in 1968. He then received his B.S. in Agri-Business in 1973. He married Denise Louise Heaton, daughter of Edwin Lewis Heaton and Naida Louise Williams, at Cedar Rapids, Ia., on Aug. 18, 1973. They lived in Onalaska, Wisconsin where he managed a swine confinement operation until the fall of 1979, when he returned to Griswold, Iowa to start farming.

    Their children are: Shannon Louise (June 28, 1976); and Ryan Edward (May 25, 1978); both born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. 



~ Merle Smith