Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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     Born July 8, 1870 in Scott County, Iowa, Herman Kruse was the son of Ernest and Bertha Klatt Kruse, natives of Meeklenburg, Schwerne, Germany. The parents were married at Davenport in 1867 and migrated to Montgomery County in the early 1880’s.

     Minnie (1868), Herman (1870), Ernest (1872), Albert (1874), Rudolph (1877), Charles (1880), were all born in Scott County; Edith (1882), and William (1884) in Montgomery County.

     Herman married Flora M. Reynolds (b. Jan. 19, 1870) daughter of R. H. and Sallie Reynolds, June 23, 1897 and they lived on the Reynolds family farm most of their married life. They first lived in western Nebraska where Herman was in US Army service and was a slide trombonist in the army band. After a short time working in the RR roundhouse at Sidney, Neb., they returned to Elliott.

     Six years were spent farming in Minnesota and six on farms west of Elliott. Their children—Esther (1898-1954) m. Clair Sandal; Theo (1899-1961) w. Lillian; Russell (1900); Doris (1901); Merrill (1903-1976) m. Fred Pierson; Charles (1904) m. Janice Braden; Robert (1910) m. Lena Crockett.

     Russell is the current owner and with his sister, Doris, lives on the former Reynolds farm 1˝ miles south of Elliott. Herman died there in 1939 and Flora in 1950. They were both affiliated with Church of Christ, Elliott, and he for many years was a deacon there.

- Grethel Petty