Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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    Odgen Sherwood , son of Charles Alpheus and Eliza Amanda Kipp, was born Lexington, New York, October 29, 1839. At the age of 17, he went to Tonica, Illinois to reside and in 1860 he went to California. While in California, he became associated with the Dutch Flat Mining Company, a gold mining operation owned by his father Charles A. Kipp, who went "West" in the gold rush of 1849.

    Odgen Kipp returned to Elliott, Iowa some 20 years later. He and his brothers, H. R. and E. B. Kipp were engaged in the lumber and grain business in Griswold and Elliott. The business in Griswold closed and they then added a hardware store in their businesses.  In 1982 the businesses were sold and Odgen retired.

    Odgen S. Kipp and Elizabeth L. Gibson were married on Jan. 16, 1890 and were residents of Elliott until their deaths.

    Elizabeth L. Gibson Kipp was born in Bloomfield, Iowa in 1861, and in 1883 she and her parents moved to Griswold.

    Three sons were born to Odgen and Elizabeth Kipp: Rosco Conkling, born March 19 1892; Adelbert Romain, born Dec. 5, 1896; and Newton Sherwood, born November 19, 1898.

    Odgen Kipp died in 1899 at the age of 60, and Mrs. Kipp died in 1901 at the age of 39.  Mrs. Gibson, mother of Mrs. Kipp, raised the family in Elliott.

    Rosco Conkling Kipp was married to Vesta Winifred Smith, June 9, 1917. Vesta Kipp was born in Elliott on April 22, 1891. They had two children, Winifred Annette and Sherwood Roger.

    Mr. Kipp was active in the Kipp Bros. Elevator, dealing in grain, feed, seeds, coal, insurance and loans, and was also in the banking business in Elliott for many years. He died Jan. 10, 1968. Vesta died in 1978.

     Adelbert Romain Kipp was married to Bertha Mabel West, July 1, 1919. They had two daughters, Margie Marie and Sharon Lee. Margie now Mrs. Roy DeWitt, lives in Griswold. Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt have one daughter, Diane. Sharon, now Mrs. Gale Eshelman, lives in rural Elliott. Mr. and Mrs. Eshelman have two children, Lynn and David.

     Adelbert Kipp  - better known as Dell, graduated from Elliott High School in 1915, and attended the State University of Iowa for 2 years. He was employed in the Elliott Savings bank from 1917, until he entered the Army in Sept. 1918, and was discharged in Dec. 1918. He again worked at the Bank until 1921 when he purchased a Jewelry Store in Elliott, which he operated until 1924. He was employed by Roscoe Kipp until 1931.  From 1931 until 1941 Dell operated an insurance agency. In 1941, Dell and Roscoe formed Kipp Brothers, Inc.  The elevator was sold in 1948, and Dell operated an insurance agency until he retired. D. R. Kipp served as treasurer of the Elliott School Board for over 32 years. He was also treasurer of the Town of Elliott for 48 years, 1925-1973.

    Both Mr. and Mrs. Kipp were associated with the Order of the Eastern Star and the Summit Lodge of Elliott. Both were over 50 year members.  They were both members of the Methodist Church, where Mrs. Kipp served as pianist for over 40 years and Mr. Kipp served on the Church Board for a number of years. Mr. Kipp was also active and   served on the Elliott Telephone Exchange and Griswold Co-Operative Telephone Co. Bertha died in 1873, Dell in 1976.

    Newton Sherwood Kipp was married to Katherine Irene Fellows of Griswold on Feb. 4, 1920. They have one daughter, Kay, Mrs. James Harris of Atlantic, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Harris have four children. Mr. N. S. Kipp was a jeweler in Griswold for a number of years, before moving to the farm. Mr. Kipp died Sept. 10, 1959




~ Sharon Eshelman