Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

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   Patrick Jennings left his family in Ireland during the potato famine and immigrated to America where he worked on the railroad out of Massena, Iowa. Before he could bring his family to America, his wife passed away and one son, Patrick, was killed in a Rugby Game. He brought three sons - Thomas, Edmund and Lawrence, who was 16 yrs. old at the time, and one daughter, Bezy, to America. Lawrence and his sister Bezy rode horseback around the countryside putting on exhibitions of Irish dances. While traveling on one of these tours Bezy fell from her horse, developed gangrene and later died.

    Lawrence Joseph Jennings (born Oct. 15, 1880 at Currie, Ireland-Sligo County) married Elizabeth Cecelia Anstey (born Aug.21, 1884 in Cass County, Iowa) on Feb. 15, 1904. They moved to Maple River, Iowa - Carroll County - where a daughter, Ada, was born May 3, 1905. Later they moved to Gage, Oklahoma; homesteaded and lived in a sod house. Lawrence's brother Edmund and his father, Patrick, stayed on the homestead while Lawrence moved to Kansas City to go to Veterinary College, taking his wife Elizabeth and daughter, Ada, with him. While living in Kansas City, a daughter Florence was born in 1906. After graduating from Veterinary College the family moved to Elliott in 1908, where Dr. Jennings began his veterinary practice.  After moving to Elliott - Gregory, Lloyd, Charles, Phyllis, Richard and Patricia were born.

    Elizabeth passed away Aug. 14, 1937. Dr. L. J. Jennings passed away Dec. 12, 1961, after practicing veterinary medicine in the Elliott-Griswold vicinity until several years before his death.  



~ Barbara Wilson