Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

Page 120 - 121




     Ambrose and Orvilla Hartman bought a farm 3/4 mile south of Elliott in 1884, moving there with two daughters, Edna and Clara.  In 1886, Ira S. Hartman was born, 1889 Frank, and in 1892 Don B. The Hartman children were all graduated from E. H. S. Edna died in her teens from Mountain fever, contracted in Colo. Being the oldest, Ira took over management of the family farm when his father was killed by a horse. In 1918, Ira bought the farm from the other heirs, with Frank and Don using their money to attend college. Ira (Ike) married Stella Howard, and they stayed on the farm and made a success of it. They had no children. Ike attained respect in his community, serving on the school board and the church board. They passed away in 1970.

    Clara was married to E. C. McCarthy and their biography is contained elsewhere in this book.

    Frank graduated from Knox College, Galesburg, Ill., and played football there, being team captain. He went on to medical school and John Hopkins University, and was an intern in the Navy during World War I. For 35 years he was associated with Henry Ford Hosp. in Detroit as a pathologist. He became a nationally known authority in his field, later serving with the F. D. A. in Wash. D. C. He is now in his nineties in a nursing home and remembers very little.

    Don graduated from Knox College, Galesburg, Ill., where he also played football. Don tried his hand at teaching school and several small businesses and then settled in the lumber business in Canada. He is now living happily in a retirement home in the State of Wash. with his third wife, the former two having died.



~ Russell McCarthy