Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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   A. A. Harding was born Sept 13, 1876, south of Red Oak, near Coburg, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Harding. He married Carrie M. Johnson, (born March 21, 1882) daughter of H. L. and Flora Heckert Johnson; March 11, 1903. Mr. Johnson's father, P. P. Johnson was one of the early owners of Hotel Johnson in Red Oak, Iowa.

    Andy farmed in the Elliott vicinity, except for 3 years on a ranch at Buffalo, Wyo. He retired  and moved to Elliott in 1929. He passed away Feb. 24, 1935. Mrs. Harding passed away Sept. 19, 1969. Both are buried at Griswold cemetery.

   They were the parents of four daughters: Mrs. Harold Buckner (Pearl), Mrs. Bertram Wilson (Marie), Mrs. Leo Casey (Nina), and Mrs. Orville Laird (Mary). Mrs. Casey was living in Garden Grove, California when she passed away in 1975, and is buried at Pleasant Township Cemetery, just south of Griswold. The other three girls make their home in Elliott. They all taught school before they married, and Mrs. Laird was substitute clerk at the Elliott Post Office until 1971.

    There are six living grandchildren, fifteen great grandchildren. Laird's daughter, Nancy Moss, her husband Tom, children Carrie and Michael live in the same house that her grandparents lived in 50 years ago, in Elliott 




~ Mary Laird