Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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       William Gammell married Helen Crawford, and they came to the United States by boat. Both were born at Ayer, Scotland. They came to Muscatine, Iowa; staying there a few years, then moved to a farm southeast of Elliott.

    They had six children named Jim, Will, Robert, Nellie, George, and John.

     Elijah Young married Sarah E. Stockwell, both born at Killsbourh, Ohio. They and some of their children went to Walla Walla, Wash., in a covered wagon, and stayed two years. They moved back to a farm west of Grant, Iowa; living there with three sons and five daughters until the children were grown. Daughter Cordilia Melvina (Vina) and Robert Gammell were married Feb. 17, 1897 at Red Oak, Ia.

     Robert Gammell went into farming 2 1/2 miles northwest of Elliott, where Lloyd, Nellie and Don were born. Lloyd and Nellie both passed away at 18 months.  The family moved to a farm east of Kemling Store, where Darrell, Vada, Dale, Ray and Vera were born. The children attended Rose Hill School and Church of Christ at Elliott. The family later moved to a farm east of Elliott.

     On Feb. 27, 1924, Don married Leota Mercer, living until the present time in the Stennett and Elliott communities. They have four children: Paul and Earl of the Elliott community, Ruth of Houston, Texas, and Dorothy of Malvern, Iowa. Ten grandchildren have also joined the Gammell clan: Paula and Linda -- Paul's children; Sue Ann, David, Teresa and Donald -- Earl's children; Cathy and Douglas Cates -- Ruth's children; Richard ad Cindy Kelley -- Dorothy's children; also nine great grandchildren.

     The rest of the Robert Gammell family moved to near Red Oak, Elizah and Sarah Young, William and Helen Gammell, Lloyd and Nellie Gammell are all buried in Hillside Cemetery, Elliott.



~ Leota Gammell