Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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   William Ellis came from Covington, Kentucky when he was a young man and purchased land west of Elliott.  His wife was Amanda Murrah. They had four children: Henry, Minnie (Lantis), Clara (Reed) and Fred. Mr. and Mrs. William Ellis lived on the farm until their death.

   Henry Howard Ellis was born Oct. 4, 1881 at Elliott, Iowa. He married Ellen Ebert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Ebert of rural Red Oak in 1904. They had two children; Lyle and Velva. Henry farmed part of his father's farm and raised livestock until 1944, when they moved to Red Oak.  Henry died in 1962, Ellen died in 1971.

   1. Lyle married Helen McKibban August 10, 1930.  They farmed after their marriage, and still live on the . They had three children. Richard lives in Red Oak, where he and his wife Vivian both are employed at Good Sameratian. Mary jean Ellis married Carl Woolridge and lives in Dallas, Texas. James Ellia lives in Kansas City and teaches in the Kansas City Schools.

   2. Velva Ellis married Theodore Schmidt in 1933, and they started farming the Ellis farm in 1944, and lived their until Mr. Schmidt's death in 1965.

    Fred Ellis married Ruth Welsch, who was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Welsch, on Jan. 22, 1914.  There were two children, Clem and Myrle.  Mr. and Mrs. Clem Ellis live in Lemon Grove, Calif. He is retired from the U. S. Navy, and is self employed. They have two children, Edward and Barbara. Myrle, who is now Mrs. Charles Sauerman of Des Moines, has been an instructor in the Des Moines Schools until 1978. They have a daughter Sherri who is a student at Drake University. Fred Ellis passed away July 12, 1961, and his wife Ruth is in the Griswold Care center recovering from a bone surgery..

~ Velva Schmidt