Biographies of Elliott Residents

Elliott Centennial History, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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    George Dille DeWitt was born Jan. 19, 1890 near Elliott, Iowa in Montgomery Co. He was the son of John Franklin and Lyda Dille DeWitt. He attended Plowman school near his home, then in Elliott. He grew to manhood and lived all his life within 5 miles from where he was born.

    On Jan. 24, 1912 he was married to Crissie Neva Moore, daughter of John L. and Clara Thomas Moore, of Elliott, Iowa.

    Crissie was born Dec. 27, 1889 near Elliott. She attended the DeWitt school near her home, then in Red Oak.

    George and Crissie resided on a farm in Pilot Grove Twp., for 36 years, when he retired and moved to Elliott to the home that Crissie still resides in.

    George died July 1, 1975 and is buried at Hillside, Elliott.

    To this union was born three children: Cleo, Dale and Doris.

    1-Cleo Hope was born Jan. 1, 1914 near Elliott. She went to school at Pilot Grove #5, near her home, then High School in Elliott, graduating in 1931.

    On July 8, 1933, she was married to Harold LeRoy Petty, son of Roy and Sarah Petty. They were the parents of three children:

    Delores Jean was born Oct. 26, 1939. On Nov. 29, 1958 she was married to Dale Royce Schrier and they are the parents of five children. They are: Howard 17, Dwight 15, David 13, Ranae 11, and Dennis 7 years.

    George LeRoy was born Nov. 29, 1944. On June 25, 1965 he was married to Diana Lynn Lewis and they are the parents of four children. They are Lisa 13, William (Bill) 11, Jodi 8 and Sarah 3 months.

    Duane Arthur was born Nov. 6, 1946. On Feb 25, 1968 he was married to Diane Kay Orstad and they are the parents of three sons. They are: Dent 8, Darrin 5, and Dustin 7 months.

    2- George Dale was born Feb. 12, 1917. He attended Pilot Grove #5, then Elliott. On Jan. 14, 1939 he was married to Bette Jane Kasch, daughter of Elmer and Flora Kasch, and they are the parents of two sons:

    Gregory Dale was born Aug. 14, 1941. On Sept. 8, 1961 he was married to Karen Bair and they are the parents of two sons, Michael 16, and Douglas 13. Later he was married to Dixie Flanning and they have a daughter Nichole, 5 years old.

    James Franklin was born Aug. 23, 1944. On Mar. 20, 1964 he was married to Avis Brownsberger and they are parents of three children Shelly 14, Curtis 13, and Dan 11. He also has a stepdaughter Angie 16. Later he was married to Frances Slater and they have a daughter Kristin, 7 months, and 2 stepsons, Riney and Tyler.

    Bette Jane passed away Sept. 22, 1978 and is buried at Pilot Grove.

    3 Doris Deane was born April 19, 1925. She attended Pilot Grove #5 and then graduated from Elliott in 1942. On May 23, 1942 she was married to Ross Wesley Sandquist, son of David and Rena Sandquist and they are the parents of four children.

    Diane Marie was born Nov. 16, 1944. On Sept. 8, 1963 she was married to Vinson Davidson and they have two sons, Jeff 12, and Joel 8.

    Dale Wesley was born Feb. 7, 1948. On Sept. 8, 1968 he was married to Pamela Harrison and they have two children, Brent 6, and Jill 1 year.

    Darlene Louise was born Oct. 25, 1950. On July 30, 1972 she was married to Denny Howard and they have two children, Douglas 3, and Dawn 8 months.

    Debra Sue was born Dec. 17, 1957. She is employed in Omaha.

    Ross Wesley passed away Jan. 12, 1975 and is buried at Emerson.

                                                                                                                    ~Cleo Petty