Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee


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    L. J. Dalrymple, (Col., as he was called) was born in Ohio in 1854, and came to Iowa in a covered wagon when a small boy, with his parents and two sisters. They settled in the northern part of Iowa. His father was a farmer and carpenter for years.  Then they moved to Rowen, Iowa and ran the postoffice in their house. Alice Braden Dalrymple was born in Franklin County, Iowa in 1860. Col. and Alice were married in 1879. They  moved to Elliott in 1903. They farmed awhile and he was a carpenter for many years. He helped build the round barn on the Maxell farm.  There were six children in the family, all have passed away except Mrs. Ben Cimmers.  She and her daughter Betty still live in Elliott.



-Mrs. Ben Cimmers