Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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     Chester M. and Dora S. Clark were married in Boone Co., Iowa in 1871. In 1873, they purchased 80 acres, at $10.00 per acre, in Sec. 34, Waveland Twp., Pott. Co., three miles northwest of Elliott.  Their first home, a sod house, was destroyed by a cyclone the same year. By 1882, the Clarks had added an adjoining 80 acres and 70 acres in Sec. 4, Sherman Twp., Mont. Co., and later purchased 160 acres in Sec. 33, Wav. Twp., bringing the total to 390 acres.

     Chester Merrill (b.1845-d.1919)  was born in Peacham, Vt., the fourth of eight children, of Gideon (b.1805-d.1893) and Harriett Watts (b.1823-d.1899) Clark.  He moved his family to Clinton Co., Iowa in 1857.  Nine years later the family moved to Boone Co.

     Dora S. (named Scerophina Isador Kinkead) (b.1847-d.1929) was born in Rose Hill, Ohio. She was the second of six children of William Davis (b.1819 in Belmont Co., Ohio,-d.1903)  and Emily Ross (b.1820 in Ohio-d.1901) Kinkead. Dora came with her parents, and her father's parents and family, by covered wagon in 1852, settling near Morning Sun.  Six years later, the William Kinkead family moved to Boonesboro (now Boone), Iowa. In 1862, William enlisted in the 16th Ia. Infantry and served in the Civil War. He was a prisoner in Andersonville, Ga. for two months and was granted a pension of $12 a month in 1889.  In 1879, the Wm. Kinkeads moved to Kansas and in 1899, returned to spend their remaining days with their only surviving child, Dora Clark.

    Chester and Dora Clark were the parents of a daughter Jennie (Genevieve) (b.1872-d.1904). Jennie graduated from Drake Univ. in Des Moines, Iowa. She taught in the country schools and also taught music and art.  In 1900, Jennie married Curtis Bernard Hamilton (b.1876-d.1950), the son of Rev. and Mrs. George Hamilton of Des Moines, Iowa. Curtis attended Grinell College, Drake and Des Moines Univ., and was a noted athlete and coach.  He later attended Creighton Univ. in Omaha, Nebr., where he graduated with a Doctor of Dentistry degree and practiced that profession in Cripple Creek, Colo., until his death. Curtis and Jennie Hamilton became parents of a daughter, Genevieve Myrlee (b.1900-d.1968) in Des Moines, Iowa. When Jennie passed away in 1904, Myrlee came to live with her grandparents, Chester and Dora Clark.

    Myrlee was united in marriage to Donald Dwight Pierson (b.1900-d.1955) in 1919, and they continued the farming operation established by her grandparents. Chester Clark died soon after their marriage and Dora continued to make her home with them until her death in 1929. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Clark, daughter, Jennie Hamilton and Dora Clark's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kinkead are buried in the Wav. Cemetery, Pott. Co., Iowa.  (refer to Donald Pierson biography)




~ Margene Petty