Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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   Grant and Court Braden with their father, Nathaniel, came down the Ohio River on a flat boat in the middle 1800's, and settled in the Coburg, Iowa area.

   Court Braden married Effie Belle Shields at Frankfort, Montgomery Co., Iowa Feb. 29, 1888. They lived near Coburg where three children; Harry, Elsie, and Frank were born. In 1896 they moved to a farm two miles west of Elliott where a fourth child, Clifford, was born in Nov. 1898. Janice Pierson, a grand niece of Mrs. Braden came to the Bradens at the age of fourteen months, where she was raised as a foster daughter.

    Mr. Braden died in 1925. Mrs. Braden moved to Elliott, where she died in 1952. Both are buried in Elliott Hillside Cemetery.

    Harry Braden married Minnie Pogue in Red Oak Jan. 28, 1911. They had three sons, Glen, Moyne, and Stanley. On Sept. 12, 1936 Glen married Eleanor Scott. They had two children, Jim and Judy (Jarrett). Both live in Visalia, Calif. Moyne married Cloreene Burgin Dec. 25, 1937. They lived many years in Hawaii and returned to the states in 1978 and now are located in Little Rock, Ark. Their son, Jim lives in Little Rock and their daughter, Marcia (Fergrison) lives in Harbor Henderson, N. Y. Stanley married Bonnie Berg Feb. 26, 1943. They live in Griswold, Iowa; Nancy (Sills) in Leachville, Ark.; and Mary Beth who is a junior at Griswold High School.

    Frank married Annie Graves and to them were born to sons, William (Bill) and Clyde Edward, a daughter Carol Ann (Mrs. Elden Heuer). Bill and Clyde  were killed in the Battle of the Bulge in World War II within the same week. Bill left a daughter Barbara Joan Braden and his wife Noreen, now Mrs. John Duggan of Griswold. Clyde was not married. Frank and his sons are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Red Oak, Iowa. Carol and Elden are parents of Joe, Jim, Lois and Robert. Robert now lives and farms the original Court Braden farm west of Elliott.

    Elsie Rae Braden married Philip Ray Johnson Dec. 23, 1913. Their children were Carl O. of Red Oak, Marjorie (died as an infant), Effie Belle (Bowen) of California, Dan B. of Red Oak, Josephine (Parker) of Texas, Milo R. of Blair Nebr., and Win C. of Virginia Beach, Vir. Elsie died in 1954 and is buried in Hillside Cemetery.

    Clifford N. married Mary Margaret Smith. To them were born Betty Marie (Mrs. Charles Welsch of Elliott), Barbara Jean (Mrs. Delbert Henke) of Sacramento, Calif., and Courtland R. of Citrus Heights, Calif. who is a retired Lt. Col. of the U. S. Air Force. Margaret died in 1933 and is buried in Elliott Hillside Cemetery. In 1937 Clifford married Dorothy Powers Danielson of Villisca, Iowa. She was mother by a former marriage, to Leonard Danielson of Villisca and Elain D. Nelson Kelley of Northridge, Calif. Betty and Charles Welsch have one daughter Candace (Mrs. John Tischer) of Red Oak and a grandson, Christopher John Tischer. The Welschs live on the Welsch home farm a mile west of Elliott. Barbara and Delbert Henke have three children David, Deborah, and Michael all of Calif. Court married Janet Hinemeyer of Elliott and they are parents of Terry Gene (born in England) and Cynthia. 



~ Betty Welsch