Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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   Robert G. and Amelia (Rassner) Bishop traded a Kansas homestead for a farm southeast of Elliott in 1886 and came to Pilot Grove Twp. with children, Irene, Will and Sumner. Two more sons, Ben and "Bird" were born in Iowa.

   Both R. G. and Amelia died in Long Beach, California, Amelia in 1930, R. G. in 1933. Both are buried at Hillside  Elliott.

   One son, W. R. (Will) survives,. 1979.

   Grandchildren residing in Iowa, 1979; Marie Bishop, Ames; Jenelia Bishop Copenhaver, Griswold; Lois Bishop Griffiths, Council Bluffs; Lyra Bishop Peterson and Morris Reed, Red Oak; Amelia Bishop Menke, Elliott.

   Ira Sumner Bishop, born 10 March 1885, Sumner County, Kansas; attended rural schools east of Elliott and E.H.S. Married Grace E. Fate 6 Jan. 1909 at her parents' home northwest of Red Oak. Grace, daughter of Jesse N. and Cassie (Watson) Fate, born 26 July 1887 near Stennett; 1904 graduate of E.H.S.; taught three years before marriage. Lived on farm southeast of Elliott until retirement to Red Oak in 1945. Sumner died 7 Aug. 1965 in Red Oak; Grace 24 Dec. 1976 in Griswold. Both buried at Hillside, Elliott.

   Children of I.S. and Grace Bishop, all born near Elliott, all graduates of Elliott High School.

   Amelia (see below).

   Agnes, born 3 Jan. 1911; B.A., I.S.T.C., Cedar Falls; taught in Iowa. Employed in California at Lockheed Aircraft Corp., Pasadena, Post Office, IRS in Los Angeles. Married Richard J. Hannafin 15 April 1950. Home in Buena Park, Calif., one daughter.

   Elvin, born 27 March 1912. Aeronautics school, Lincoln, Nebr. Service in Air Force. Married Mylda Kleege 5 Oct. 1941. Employed with supervisory personnel at missile sites at Missouri Valley, Ia., Mead, Nebr., others; small parts factory in Tulsa, Okla. Died 15 July 1976, buried Tulsa. Two daughters (one deceased), one son, Elvin, Jr., makes personal appearances and on national TV with his musical group as lead guitariast  and composer. 

   Margie, born 24 Oct. 1913; attended I.S.T.C., Cedar Falls, and U.C.L.A.., Los Angeles. Employed in Personnel in federal employment offices, Washington, D. C. Died 1 March 1949, in Red Oak, Iowa; buried in the Hillside, Elliott.

   Charlene, born 8 Sept. 1917; B.S., I.S.T.C., Cedar Falls; Masters, University of Wisconsin, Madison; taught in Iowa and Wisconsin: supervisor of cadet teachers, University of Washington, Seattle. Married James A. Martin 8 Aug. 1959. Home in Bellevue, Washington. Two adopted sons.

   Glen, born 20 May 1920; B.S., I.S.U., Ames. Service in Marines. Employed in Bell Telephone laboratories; instrumental in development of long distance direct dialing.  Married Anne Porter 30 May 1953. Home in St. Charles, Ill. Two sons, one daughter.

   Verne, born 7 July 1922. Aeronautics school, Lincoln, Nebr. Service in Air Force. Married Eleanore Scott 11 April 1942. Mechanic at airports in Tulsa, Lincoln, Omaha; now in Union Pacific shops, Omaha. Home, Omaha, Nebr. Two sons, three daughters.

   Amelia, born 4 Oct 1909; B.A., I.S.T.C., Cedar Falls; taught in Elliott and Primghar, Iowa. Married Vernon Menke of Primghar 24 Febr. 1940; lived in Oregon one year, then on farm southeast of Elliott until 1970. Vernon employed at Union Carbide, Red Oak, 1952 -1975. Home in Elliott.


     Patricia, born 12 Jan 1943; Elliott High School, 1960; C. E. School of Commerce, Omaha. Employed in Offices in Ames, 1961-1965. Married Armando Bonilla of Bogota, Columbia, S. A., 24 April 1965. Home in Bogota. Two sons.

    Jana, born 16 Oct. 1945; Griswold High School 1963, B.S., I.S.U., Ames, 1967. Married Wayne Singleton of Morengo, Iowa, 19 March 1966. Home in Renwick, Iowa. One son, one daughter.

    Linda, born 10 June 1947. Griswold High School, 1965. C.E. School of Commerce, Omaha. Employed at Farmers Mercantile, Red Oak, 1965-1972. Married David Clark of Oelwein, Iowa, 4 April 1970. Home in Red Oak. One son, twin daughters.

    Margaret, born 15 Sept. 1949; Griswold High School, 1967. C. E. School of Commerce, Omaha. Employed in Union Pacific offices, Omaha. 1967-1977. Married Lawrence Reeder of Shelton, Nebr., 6 may 1972. Home in Bellevue, Nebr. Two sons.   



~ Amelia Bishop Menke