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THE SUN, Red Oak, Iowa, Friday, June 1, 1917


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Commencement Exercises Were Held at Beardsley Theater

Yesterday (Thursday) Evening


Last Class To Graduate From Old High School Building








Joseph V. Axelson

Fay R. Foster

Eva A. Meyer

Mary Isabelle Brown

Ruth Martelle Harris

Helen Hall Jackson

Mae E. Lund

Gladys Esther Morgan*

Ervilla Pearl McKenzie

Neva E. Replogle

Edward Smith

Mary Frances Schadel

Ivan J. F. Wieland



Marion R. Campbell

A. Richard Clements

Paul E. Culver

Paul Denlinger

Glendon L. Danbom

Grant C. Falk

Grace Leola Hewitt

Floyd L. Falk

Maurice M. Foote

Max Kerrihard

Kitty E. Karnes

C. Volney Nelson

Paul R. Olson

L. Manoff Planteen

Laura Josephine Beeson

Lloyd Welch Pogue

O. Smith Reiley

Russell W. Shields

Ray W. Lary

Virgil D. Woods*



Arthur Ahlstrand

Earl O. Butler

George C. Crawford

G. Harl Hawkins

Russell L. Hull

Francis H. Peterson

Russell W. Perkins

C. Russell Peterson



Doris L. Allen

Mary Isabelle Brown

Margaret L. Burdick

Clint Cozad

Lelia A. Gilmore

Ellen S. Honett

Leah C. Jackson

Veda V. Kampe

Mayme M. Lamb

S. Maxine McClure

Effie Eleanor Nelson

Zella Marie Rice

Margaret Rhodes

Adina A. Vidstedt

Vera M. Waldron

Ruth G. Wyckoff

Martha M. Wyckoff

Ruby Mae Zaelke

                              (Note: * "After graduation" information. Information at the bottom of this announcement.)


      The class of 1917, which will, no doubt be the last class to graduate from the old high school building, will become members of the Alumni association tonight, all the other events of commencement week having been held previously.

      The first of the graduating class events was the Junior-Senior reception held some time ago. Then came the annual sermon to the class, which was delivered Sunday evening, May 27, in the Methodist church by Rev. F. N. Willis, D. D.

      Wednesday evening, May 30, was class night, and the play, "The Fortune Hunter," was rendered at the Beadsley theater. Following is the cast of characters of the play: Nathaniel Duncan, "Nat," The Fortune Hunter, Welch Pogue; Henry Kellogg "Harry," a rising young financier, Russell Shields; George Burnham, a promoter, Manoff Planteen; James Long, “Jim,” Lawrence Miller, “Larry,” two Wall street young men, Arthur Ahlstrand, Earl Butler; Willie Baretlett, a millionaire’s son, Paul Olson; Robbins, Kellogg’s butler, George Crawford. Village characters—Sam Graham, the druggist, Francis Peterson; Mr. Lockwood, “Blinky Lockwood,” the banker, Russell Hull; Roland Barnett, the bank clerk, Russell Peterson; Tracy Tanner, the liveryman’s son, Edward Smith; Pete Willing, the sheriff, Virgil Woods; “Watty,” “Hi,” “Cy,” three old inhabitants, Grant Falk, Joseph Axelson, Volney Nelson; Herman, the errand boy, Russell Perkins; Betty Graham, the druggist’s daughter, Frances Schadel; Josephine Lockwood, the banker’s daughter, Mae Lund; Angie, the friend of Josie, Mary Brown; Miss Sperry, the saleslady, Eva Meyer. Girls of the village—Hulda Larson, Gladys Morgan; Frances Wilson, Ruth Harris; Pearl McKenzie, Grace Hewitt; Zella Rice, Neva Replogle.


Commencement Night

      Two plays are included in the program given last night when the commencement exercises were given. The first of these was “A Pot of Rogue,” a play written by Miss Elizabeth Canaday, one of the high school faculty. Following is the cast: Prologue, Neva Replogle; Pendelton Wythering, a wealthy manufacturer, Maurice Foote; Doctor Hotchkiss Pepperill, who is something of a ladies man, Glendon Danbom; John Pepperill, his son, newly possessed of a sheepskin, Russell Shields; Perk Umpleby, a hail-fellow-well-met, Edward Smith; Moldy Jim, a cracked-brained protege of Pendleton Wythering, Max Kerrihard; Ethiope, a servant in the Wythering house hold, a dark-town cavalier, Paul Olson; Foreman of the Workmen, Volney Nelson; Second Workman, Floyd Falk; Third Workman, Russell Perkins; Irma Garden, a maker of ties, Effie Peterson; Gwendy, the girl from home, Ruby Zaelke; Joanne Wythering, a niece of Pendleton Wythering, Helen Jackson; Myndalia Wythering, a maiden sister of Pendleton Wythering, Veda Kampe; Tinsel Danby, possessed of an unholy interest in her neighbor's affairs, Laura Beeson; Vain Brewster, her echo, Vera Waldron; Cindy, a maid also of chocolate complexion, Margaret Rhodes.

       The second play given last night was "The Gentle Jury," and the cast of characters was as follows: Cyrus Hockett, sheriff, Manoff Planteen; Mrs. Dingley, foreman, Maxine McClure; Mrs. Blake, Margaret Burdick; Mrs. Fritz, Effie Nelson; Mrs. Dyer, Doris Allen; Mrs. Small, Adina Vidstedt; Mrs. Fairly, Kitty Karnes; Mrs. Jones, Mayme Lamb; Mrs. Fort, Martha Wyckoff; Miss Skinner, Leah Jackson; Miss Sharp, Ruth Wyckoff; Miss Jellyson, Lelia Gilmore; Miss Smith, Ellen Honett.

     Both plays were well rendered and the attendance at the program was large.


Officers of the Class.

     Officers of the graduating class of 1917 are Gladys E. Morgan, president, Fay R. Foster, vice president, Lloyd Welsh Pogue, secretary and treasurer. The class colors are pink and green, the motto “Creation’s Heir, the World: the World is Mine,” and the class flower the pink rose.


Several are Soldiers.

     Several members of the graduating class have already enlisted in the cause of their country and will soon be in active service. They are Marion Campbell, Paul Culver, Paul Denlinger, Geo. Hawkins, Ray W. Lary, Oliver Reiley and Altis Clements. The latter has been assigned to the quartermaster’s department.


A Good Glee Club.

     A pleasing part of the graduating exercises was the music furnished by a glee club composed of Neva Replogle, Zella Rice, Ruth Harris, Margaret Rhodes, Gladys Morgan, Grace Hewitt, Russell Shields, Clint Cozad, Fay Foster, and Francis Peterson.



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"After Graduation" Individual Information


Virgil D. Woods and Gladys Esther Morgan:


     Virgil David Woods attended Ames College for one semester after graduation, where he was a very good football player, but left to enlist in the 20th Balloon Company at Omaha, Nebraska, during the First World War. He was stationed at Norfolk, Virginia and then at Bordeaux, France, where he arrived three days before the Armistice. He remained there six months, digging and filling ditches, and playing on the championship football team of that area. He returned home in May, 1919 and was married June 11, 1919 to Gladys Esther Morgan. They farmed near Elliott, Iowa for 37 years before moving to California, where he was employed as a machinist in the aerospace industry at Douglas Aircraft.
    Virgil died suddenly, June 14, 1967, after a heart attack at the home of a sister-in-law, Mrs. Dorothy Morgan at Elliott. They had been here visiting friends and relatives for three weeks and had attended the 50-year reunion of their 1917 Red Oak High School graduating class, June 10, and celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary, June 11. Gladys returned to California and died there March 21, 1990, in a nursing home near their son, James Clark Woods, at Vista, California, their only living child. Two sons died in infancy. Both Virgil and Gladys Woods are buried in the Center Ridge Cemetery, north of Red Oak.


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