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Class Day Exercises June—Graduating Exercises June 2


There are 32 in the Red Oak high school graduating class of 1909. The class includes 18 girls and 14 boys. The members of the class are Lester Andrews, Edna Ashby, Belle Bamford, Chester Beaver, Sadie Beeson, Hazel Bunker, Homer Carmichael, Francis Casey, Clark Collard, Grace Conlon, Ruby Damuth, George Dillon, Hazel Donohue, Will Fenton, Ellen Gustafson, Lawrence Gilmore, Viola Heilman, Adrian Illingworth, Clarence Isaac, Edna Johnson, Ethel Johnson, Walton Kampe, Mary Laughford, Mary Liljeberg, Anna Malnburg, Laurel McKown, Margaret Oaks, Bernard O’Rourke, Bernice Rundlett, Lucian Rush, Guy Spry and Cecile Tracey.

The sermon to the graduating class will be given by Rev. G. E. Ladd, of the Congregational church, on Sunday evening, May 30, in the M. E. church.

The class day exercises, which will include “As You Like It” as the class play, will be given in the Beardsley theater Tuesday evening, June 1.

The graduating exercises also will be given in the Beardsley theater, on Wednesday evening, June 2, and will include orations by the class, presentation of diplomas and special music.

The admission fee for the class day exercises will be 25 cents for the gallery and 35 cents for the lower floor. The same rates will be charged for admission to the graduating exercises. For neither the class day exercises or the graduating exercises will admission tickets be sold beyond the seating capacity of the theater.

There will be an exhibit of schoolwork on Thursday and Friday, June 3 and 4. The place where the exhibit will be given will be announced later.

The reception and banquet by the Junior class to the Senior class will be given at the Hotel Johnson on Friday evening, May 28.

On the following Friday evening, June 4, the annual reception and banquet of the Alumni society will be given. Mrs. Nora Kretchmer Collard is president of the Alumni society, Mrs. Edna Henry Gregory vice-president, Miss Harriet Black secretary and treasurer. They with Mrs. Lena Reifel Ellwood, Miss Laura Ellett, Thomas Harp and Howard Bass, constitute the executive committee.

THE SUN, Red Oak, Iowa, Friday May 14, 1909.