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Foote School Album

Submitted by Leniegh Miller Schrinar

Foote School in Montgomery Co. Iowa.
The land was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Foote.
This was the last school my grandmother, Sarah Olive West, attended before her marriage to Harry Richardson, who was also a student at this school. Sarah was 15 when they married August 20, 1906.

Photo (circa May 1906) where Sarah Olive WEST went to school at Foote School, Montgomery Co. Iowa.
Back row: second boy from left is George RICHARDSON, 3rd boy from left Roy RICHARDSON tallest male in back row is the teacher, boy looking back at teacher is, Raymond WEST.
Front row: 1st boy on left Bud WEST, girl with dark ribbon on right side of her head is Gertie RICHARDSON. The arm around Gertie belongs to Sarah Olive WEST who is in the second row.

Foot School was on land owned by Mr. and Mrs. Foote. LEFT: Sarah Olive WEST, age 15, dressed as man for this photo. Her teacher dressed as a woman using Sarah's mother's hair that she had saved. The teacher boarded with the John Jefferson WEST and Eura Ann (STEPHENS) family. The WEST family lived 3 miles west of Grant, Montgomery Co. Iowa. Teacher's name is unknown.

First desk on the right seat is Bud WEST, third desk on the right is Raymond WEST Left side: fourth desk left side is: Sarah Olive WEST, my mother's mother.


Sarah Olive WEST's friends and family at her house one Sunday before she was married August 20, 1906.
The West's lived 3 miles west of Grant, Montgomery Co. Iowa. Sarah, age 15 and called Ollie, is the first girl on the left in the plaid blouse. The boy looking down with the hat in the middle is her brother Raymond WEST.
The boy standing in front in the bib overalls is another brother, Bud WEST. The first boy in the back row with the cap on is 20 year old Harry RICHARDSON whom Sarah Olive WEST married August 20, 1906.