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Updated on:  Thursday, 12 January 2017

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Montgomery County Newspapers

Past and Present

 Newspapers on Microfilm

Dates given for each newspaper represent the time span the paper was published.  You may find gaps in the dates when the papers were not published.

If you live in the area of Montgomery County, check with your local public library reference desk to see if they have the microfilm for these newspapers. If you live out of the area, your public library can order on inter-library loan a film of the newspaper for you.  You can also locate these newspapers on microfilm through the Iowa State Historical Library.

      The Elliott Enterprise, (1880)
        The Elliott Graphic, (1893-1942)
        The Grant Chief, (1911-1921)
Red Oak
        The Red Oak Express, (1874-1996)
        The Red Oak Record, (5 Jun 1871-1876)

        The Red Oak Democrat, (1879-1881)
        The Red Oak Daily Record, (1882)
        The Peopleďż˝s Telephone, (1880)
        The Montgomery Co. Independent, (22-Sept 1887 -  

                                                                                                mid 1894)
        The Red Oak Independent, (1890-1894)
        The Red Oak Republican, (1900-1904)
        The Sun, (1915-1955)
      The Stanton Call, (1911-1937)
        Stanton Zephyr, (1949)
        Villisca Review and Stanton Viking, (1977-1985)

    Villisca Journal, (Spring 1869 -1870)
     The Weekly Iowa Mercury, (1871)
      Villisca Weekly Review, (1872-1878)
      Villisca Review, (1878-1915), (1949-1996)
      The Villisca Review and Villisca Letter, (1915-1949)
      Villisca Review and Stanton Viking, (1977-1985)


News Library

News Items  time period ending prior 1960,

collected by Dessie Bollier

Submitted by David Herrington



Pioneer Days in Washington Township

Submitted by Dixie Laire


More Newspaper Information

       The earliest news of Montgomery County appeared in the Corning Sentinel (not available), published at Corning, Adams County, Iowa from about 1859. Elaine Artlip has graciously provided much of the following information, some from memory, so double-check specific dates. Where indicated, early Montgomery County newspapers have been filmed and are available at the State Historical Society in Des Moines. Some might be found at the Iowa City Branch, or the Red Oak Public Library. They may be available through Interlibrary Loan. Some of the early Montgomery County Newspapers:

1. Red Oak Express, publication began March 28, 1868. Film available for 1874-79, Dec 1883, and 1884-present. All extant copies are at Express office, most also at Red Oak Library on film.

2. Weekly Iowa Mercury, (Villisca) publication began July 14, 1871, became Villisca Review (at Review office in Villisca)

3. Villisca Review, publication under this name began March 7, 1872. Filmed to present (at Review office in Villisca, up to mid 1906 on film at Red Oak Library).

4. New Era, (Red Oak) published February 1876 - Fall 1877, consolidated with People's Telephone. Not filmed

5. The People's Telephone, (Red Oak) publication began September 7, 1877. Filmed to about Aug 1884 (at Red Oak Library)

6. Villisca Montgomery County Independent ,publication began in 1879. Not filmed

7. Red Oak Sun, Filmed from about Aug 1884 to 24 Feb 1955 (at Red Oak Library)

8. Grant Courier, Not filmed

9. Milford Herald, Not filmed

10. Stanton Call, Filmed 16 Feb 1911 to 29 Dec 1949. Earlier years are at Iowa State Historical Society Library in Des Moines. Stanton Library collection may start later.

11. Red Oak Republican, Filmed 17 Aug 1900 to 16 Nov 1904 (at Red Oak Library)

12. Elliott Graphic, Filmed: few single issues before 1900, 3 July 1903 to 3 Sept 1943 (many missing esp. 1920's due to water damage.  Elliott library has film and originals)

13. Grant Chief, Filmed 6 Apr 1911 to 22 Dec 1921 (film at Elliott Library).