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I've "rescued" two old photographs belonging to the MCINTOSH and GARDNER Families of Iowa. The first is a photograph of Johnston, Anna, Jimmy, and Harry MCINTOSH which was taken at the O. H. Park Studio in Clarinda, IA. The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1880's or 1890's with the parents appearing to be in their 40's and the two boys about 8 - early teens. In addition to their names, someone has written "Uncle and Aunt".

The second photograph is one of Maude GARDNER, Jessie MCINTOSH, and Nellie GARDNER and was taken at the W. Brown Studio in Cresco, IA. This photograph appears to have been taken in the 1890's with the three girls in their teens at the time. Based on limited research I was able to gather the following information regarding these families:

Johnston MCINTOSH was b. 12 Feb 1843 in OH to Mr. & Mrs. James MCINTOSH (b. born Scotland). Johnston died 4 Apr 1930 in Villisca, IA.

James M. MCINTOSH was b. 8 Sept 1875 in Stanton, IA to parents Johnston M. MCINTOSH and Annie MCINTOSH. James married Bertha Pearl DIRRIM on 17 Aug 1904 in Bethesda, IA. James died 5 Mar 1946.

Harry Alexander MCINTOSH as b. 25 May 1881 in Page Co. IA to parents Johnston M. MCINTOSH and Annie MCINTOSH. Harry married Maude or Maud Ethel WEIMER (b. 4 Apr 1888 in Massena or Villisca, IA) on 11 Jul 1917 in Massena, IA and together they had a daughter, Florence Estelle MCINTOSH b. 29 Jul 1918 in Villisca, IA. Harry died in Villisca, IA on 5 Mar 1962.

Maude GARDNER was b. 16 Jun 1886 and died in Howard, IA in April 1971.

Census information provides the following:

1860 census of Winneshiek Co. IA:

Johnson MCINTOSH, age 17, b. 1843, born OH

1880 census of Douglas, IA:

Johston MCINTOSH, age 36, born OH, a Farmer, parents born Scotland/OH
Anna MCINTOSH, wife, age 28, born OH, Keeping House, parents born Scotland/OH
James M. MCINTOSH, son, age 4, born IA
Daniel G. MCINTOSH, son, age 1, born IA

1885 census of Douglas, IA:

Johnstone MCINTOSH, age 42
Anna MCINTOSH, age 33
James W. MCINTOSH, age 9
Harry A. MCINTOSH, age 3
Nels P. NELSON, age 29

1900 census of Douglas Township, IA:

Johnson MCINTOSH, age 57, born Feb 1843, married 25 years, born OH, parents born Scotland/OH, a Farmer
Annie MCINTOSH, wife, age 47, born Dec 1852, married 25 years, 3 children/2 living, born OH, parents born Scotland/OH
James M. MCINTOSH, son, age 23, born Sept 1876, born IA, a Farmer
Harry A. MCINTOSH, son, age 19, born May 1881, born IA, a Farmer

1900 census of Cresco City, IA:

Alexander MCINTOSH, age 62, born Sept 1837, married 34 years, born OH, parents born Scotland/OH
Charlotte MCINTOSH, wife, age 54, born Oct 1845, married 34 years, 10 children/5 living, born Ireland, parents born Ireland
Jessie M. MCINTOSH, dau, age 15, born Nov 1884, born IA, at School

1910 census of Villisca, IA:

Johnson MCINTOSH, age 67
Anna MCINTOSH, age 58
Alma WAGNER, age 27

1910 census of Massena, IA:


1920 census of Montgomery Co. IA:

Harry A. MCINTOSH, age 38
Maude E. MCINTOSH, age 31
Florence MCINTOSH, age 1
Donald H. MCINTOSH, age 1 month

1920 census of Cass Co. IA:

James M. MCINTOSH, age 44
Ruth P. MCINTOSH, age 44
Myrtle G. MCINTOSH, age 12

1930 census of Jackson, IA:

Harry A. MCINTOSH, age 48
Maude E. MCINTOSH, age 42
Florence E. MCINTOSH, age 11
Donald H. MCINTOSH, age 10
Arthur J. MCINTOSH, age 9
Clarence F. MCINTOSH, age 7
Lois A. MCINTOSH, age 4
Nettie BURK, age 59

1930 census of Cresco, IA:

Maude GARDNER, age 44, born IA, parents born ME/IA

I am hoping to locate someone from these families so that the photographs can be returned to the care of the family. If you are a member of one of these families, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.


~ Contributor Shelley Cardiel