News of the Day!

The Villisca Review, Villisca, Iowa, August 9 1888


Following are the resolutions adopted by Wm. Lundy Post 271, G. A. R. at the meeting last evening:
WHEREAS, Another of those great spirits who led the armies of freedom to victory, has met and been vanquished by the invincible warrior -- Death.
RESOLVED, That we receive the sad tidings of General Sheridan's departure to "Fame's eternal fields of glory" with a sorrow that only comrades in the old war days can feel, and our hearts are sore with the sense of this loss to the Nation, to the G. A. R. and to his family.
RESOLVED, That these resolutions be spread upon the records of this Post and a copy handed to the city papers for publication.
          C. N. Preston, Comm.
          M. M. Stoddard, Comm.
          J. M. Patton, Comm.


F. M. Whitney is visiting his parents.
Mrs. Hobson spent two days in Red Oak with her daughter, last week.
Haying and harvesting are finished and the hum of the threshing machine is heard.
Mr. Newlin is enjoying a visit from his son William, who is a resident of Wisconsin.

  Died at Red Oak, August 1, George Ferguson, aged 46 years.

  The Deceased was a brother of Mrs. Long. He has been a great sufferer from spinal disease for the past two years, and had tried every thing that medical skill could suggest. His trial was borne with Christian fortitude. In his loss the family have the sincere sympathies of all. The funeral services were held Wednesday at 11 A. M. at the family residence, Rev.
Austin officiating. The remains were interred in the Sciola Cemetery.
                                 Rose Bud.



Corn is king this time.
Raw hides!

Thos. Gourley brought out his new thresher, Saturday. It is a fine one and we hope that he will do well with it.

The Republican meeting here Friday night, as you are aware no doubt, just  fairly attended. You also noticed how the opening song by the Misses Welch was rendered and enthusiastically received.

  That the speech delivered by Mr. Ed. Davis contained some very good advice to young voters and many good political pointers.

~ submitted by Bill Smith