Dwain M. Narigon

15 Feb 1920 - 31 Jul 2001


Awarded Distinguished Service Cross, WWII




Dwain M. Narigon, 02046323, 1st Lieutenant, Infantry, Company G, 133rd Infantry Regiment, for extraordinary heroism in action against the enemy on May 28, 1944, near Lanuveo, Italy.  Commanding a platoon of Company G, 133rd Infantry Regiment, First Lieutenant Narigon, displaying outstanding tactical ability, leadership and courage, led his men against a numerically superior enemy, which was well concealed and entrenched.  Effectively deploying his platoon, he advanced to within a short distance of the German positions when the enemy opened fire wounding two and killing another of his men.  Seizing a rifle and at the same time calling to his men to engage one position, he moved forward, and without regard for his own personal safety, single handed destroyed another position, killing the three enemy soldiers who manned it.  Reorganizing his platoon, he again relentlessly pursued the attack destroying seven more enemy positions.  Upon seeing a portion of his unit pinned down by sniper and machine gun fire, 1st Lt. Narigon, in the face of intense fire charged the German snipers, killing two of them.  Turning his attention to the enemy machine gun position, which was located in a building, he ran across open ground to an advantageous position alongside the house and threw a hand grenade inside.  Realizing that the explosion had not killed all the men in the building and seeing two of the enemy attempting to escape by means of a tunnel, he quickly took up a post and as the two Germans emerged, shot and killed them both.  He was gathering the remainder of his force together in preparation for the continuation of the attack when he was ordered to hold the position that he had just secured.  By his fearless and courageous actions, his exceptional leadership and tactical knowledge, 1st Lt. Narigon not only successfully completed his mission, but was an inspiration to all who saw him, thereby, reflecting great credit upon himself and exemplifying the finest traditions of the Army of the United States.  He entered service from Iowa.




When WWII broke out, Dwain M. Narigon joined the Army

Villisca, Iowa, 168th Infantry, Company F.


 Contributed by Nicky Eickerman in Loving Memory of her Father Dwain M. Narigon

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