Civil War Soldiers Buried in Montgomery County 

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Name Rank Unit Birth Information Death Information Burial Place Misc
Abbott, Alexander Musician 2nd IA Inf Band   04 May 1898 Red Oak
Addy, Samuel Pvt 51st OH Inf Co H 20 Jun 1843 15 May 1913 Evergreen  
Alger, William Shaw Pvt 115th NY Inf Co B 20 Apr 1837 24 Jun 1922 Villisca Mustered in 26 Aug 1862. Was a prisoner of war and wounded but remained in service until war ended. Ended service as member of 64th Co 2nd Battalion VRC (made up of men unfit for active field service but fit for light duty) and mustered out as a Corporal.
Allen, James Pvt 34th PA Inf Co K 1840 1916 Evergreen This regiment was originally the 5th Regt, PA Reserve Infantry. He was wounded at Gaines's Mill 27 June 1862. Discharged for disability, date unknown.
Anderson, Isaac Corp 183rd PA Inf Co D 1833 1911 Evergreen Also served in Co B, 26th PA Infantry from 27 May 1861 to 22 Dec 1862. Discharged for disability. According to Widow's pension, filed 18 Jan 1911, he used alias of William Walters.
Andrew, William Henry Pvt 79th OH Inf Co I 14 Sep 1842 11 Feb 1914 Villisca Mustered out in Washington D.C.
Ashmore, John Wesley Pvt 11th OH Cav Co G 11 Mar 1846 11 Jan 1910 Villisca Mustered out Fort Leavenworth, KS. Lived over 35 years in Villisca, Iowa. Died from heart failure.
Askey, Samuel Corp 46th IL Inf Co B 05 Jul 1842 22 Aug 1916 Evergreen  
Baker, James Davidson Pvt 4th IA Inf Co H 07 Nov 1835 01 Sep 1894 Villisca Born in IN. Wounded 1863 @ Look Out Mountain and leg was amputated. Mustered out St. Louis, MO after having served his 3 years of enlistment.
Bane, Seneca McNeill Pvt 7th NY Cav Co A 04 Feb 1830 22 Feb 1918 Villisca Enlisted Salem, NY. Mustered in 28 Oct 1861. Mustered out Wash DC. Actual name is Seneca McNeill Bane (on headstone). CW records have McBain and McBrain. Died at Soldier's Home in Marshalltown, IA.
Banes, William S Pvt 124th IL Inf Co A 1832 06 Mar 1912 Villisca Born PA. Resident of Kewanee IL when enlisted. Mustered in 10 Sep 1862. Mustered out Camp Douglas, Chicago IL.
Barcroft, Jeremiah A Pvt 143rd OH Inf Co G 07 Jul 1833 20 Sep 1910 Evergreen This was a 100 day regiment that served from 12 May 1864 to 13 Sept 1864.
Binns, Isaac M Pvt 4th IA Inf Co K 21 Aug 1826 18 Mar 1899 Evergreen Wounded severely in thigh 7 Mar 1862, Pea Ridge, Ark. Discharged for wounds.
Bird, Miles R Sgt 100th IL Inf Co E   02 Apr 1887 Barn  
Bishop, Joseph B Sgt 79th IN Inf Co E 10 Dec 1843 09 Sep 1926 Evergreen  
Blackstone, Gideon Pvt 24th Indpt Batt OH Lgt Artillery 15 Feb 1845 30 Sep 1916 Evergreen  
Bliss, Julian V Corp 78th NY Inf Co D 31 Aug 1835 01 Jul 1899 Evergreen Discharged for disability.
Bolt, Ira W Pvt 1st NE Cav Co F     Red Oak  
Boyer, Gideon Pvt 75th IL Inf Co H 25 May 1839 24 Jan 1922 Walnut/Hascall  
Brees, Israel Pvt 25th WI Inf Co A 1836 21 Dec 1931 Evergreen Discharged for disability.
Brown, Nathan Pvt 8th IA Inf Co A 1847 1922 Evergreen  
Bryan, Benjamin F Pvt 9th IA Inf Co K 22 Mar 1841 22 Feb 1926 Evergreen  
Buel, Hiram Sgt 21st IA Inf Co A 22 Feb 1835 18 Dec 1874 Evergreen Wounded and arm amputated 13 June 1863, Vicksburg, Miss. Discharged for wounds 18 Sept 1863. Served again Co I, 21st Iowa Infantry as 2nd Lt. from 7 March 1864 until he resigned 24 Oct 1864.
Burnison, Peter J Pvt 151st IL Inf Co E 25 Mar 1843 15 Nov 1903 Hewitt  
Byrkit, Francis M Pvt 19th IA Inf Co B Oct 1842 27 Jan 1916 Evergreen Discharged for promotion to Paymaster's Clerk 30 Sept 1863.
Campbell, Elisha A Sgt 83rd IL Inf Co E 23 Aug 1824 16 Mar 1891 Evergreen  
Canfield, Lewis Benjamin Pvt 146th IL Inf Co C Jun 1827 1903 Villisca Born Ohio.
Carey, Joel Corp 18th CT Inf Co C 1835 1919 Evergreen Captured 5 June 1864 at Piedmont, VA. Listed as an Andersonville POW. Widow's pension filed 27 Sept 1919.
Colbert, Andrew J Corp 56th IL Inf Co C Mar 1841 1903 Evergreen Widow's pension filed 8 June 1903. It also lists service in Co. F 15th Kentucky Cavalry but no further information found.
Combs, Aaron B Bugler 7th MO Cav Co B 1842 1914 Evergreen Was originally in Black Hawk Cavalry but this was consolidated into the 7th Missouri Cavalry. Was taken prisoner at Independence, Missouri and held 22 days.
Cooper, James E Pvt 58th IN Inf Co A     Evergreen Resident of Owensville, IN, at time of enlistment. Mustered out at Louisville, KY.
Cozad William Sgt 4th IA Inf Co K 11 Aug 1843 28 Mar 1913 Hewitt Re-enlisted and re-mustered 25 Jan 1864.
Crowder, Joseph E Pvt 8th MO Inf Co G 1835 06 Aug 1882 Evergreen  
Davis William Franklin Farriet 11th IL Cav Co H 13 Feb 1839 12 Apr 1923 Walnut/Hascal Re-enlisted 1864.
Diederiks, Gerrat J Pvt 4th MO Inf Co K 17 Sep 1824 18 Dec 1898 Evergreen Served in a 3 month regiment in 1861 that included action at Wilson's Creek.
Dillon, Robert Pvt 39th OH Inf Co G 1835   Evergreen  
Dodds, William A Pvt 74th OH Inf Co D 17 Sep 1846 21 Feb 1920 Evergreen  
Douglass, Francis M Pvt 6th MI Inf Co C 06 Aug 1844 26 Feb 1917 Evergreen Name spelled Douglas on military records. The 6th Mich Infantry was designated the 6th Mich Heavy Artillery after the siege of Pt Hudson.
Edmonds, Robert J Pvt 150th PA Inf Co I 21 Mar 1844 25 Nov 1925 Evergreen  
Edwards, John R Pvt 18th US Fed Colored Troops INF Co B     Evergreen On African American CW Memorial - plaque B-35
Epperson, Squire A Capt 7th IL Cav Co L 10 Oct 1837 11 Feb 1882 Evergreen  
Everhart, Benjamin F Sgt 60th US Fed IA Colored Troops INF Co E 1840   Evergreen Military records list name as Everheart.
Ewing, John Pvt 4th IA Inf Co K 31 Oct 1842 14 Jan 1864 Walnut b. Perry Co, IN. Mustered in 31 Aug 1861. Wounded at Pea Ridge, Arkansas 7 Mar 1862. Died of disease (chronic dysentery) as a POW on 14 Jan 1864 Richmond, Virginia.
Ewing, Samuel Corp 84th IL Inf Co K 17 Nov 1831 22 Dec 1922 Walnut b. Perry Co, IN and d. Woodbury Co, IA. Mustered in 1 Sep 1862. Enlisted as a PVT and promoted to Corporal 14 Mar 1864. Mustered out TN.
Ferguson, George W Pvt 53rd IL Inf Co G 1841   Evergreen Originally in 41st Illinios Infantry - transferred to the 53rd on 23 Dec 1864. No date of death found - did file for a disability pension in 1908.
Figg, William T Pvt 16th IL Inf Co F 03 Apr 1835 12 Sep 1914 Evergreen Transferred to Co A, 60th Illinois Infantry on 1 Jan 1864 - final discharge date not known.
Finley, Hiram Corp 14th IA Inf Co A Jun 1841 25 Mar 1943 Evergreen He was the last living Civil War Soldier in Montgomery County and one of the last in the State of Iowa.
Flood, James H Pvt 4th IA Inf Co K 15 Mar 1833 18 May 1912 Evergreen  
Garvin, John C Pvt 5th IA Cav Co C 27 Nov 1834 23 Oct 1919 Evergreen Re-enlisted and re-mustered 14 Jan 1864.
Gassner, Wilbur F Pvt 19th IA Inf Co B 09 Feb 1845 29 Oct 1926 Evergreen Born in Ohio. Transferred to Co. A 29th Iowa Infantry.
Gohagen, Thomas Pvt 5th NH Inf Co A 26 Sep 1839 23 Nov 1930 Evergreen  
Goodrich, Joseph Pvt 1st MD Cav Co D 05 Jul 1845 13 Nov 1921 Evergreen This unit is the 1st Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland Cavalry.
Gourley, Joseph Pvt 23rd IA Inf Co F Aug 1838 09 Mar 1921 Arlington promoted 8th Cpl 29 Sept 1864...7th Cpl 29 May 1865...5th Cpl 1 July 1865
Green, John Wesley Pvt 203rd PA Inf Co C 12 Jun 1845 04 Feb 1913 Villisca  
Harding, Augustus W Pvt 114th IL Inf Co D May 1844 07 Sep 1933 Evergreen  
Harding, Thomas A Pvt 23rd IA Inf Co F 1844 1887 Red Oak Junction promoted 8th Cpl 29 May 1865...6th Cpl 1 July 1865
Hardwick, Robert Sgt 18th IN Inf Co B Mar 1831 1911 Hewitt Widow's pension filed 28 Oct 1911.
Harwood, George W Pvt 1st IA Lgt Artillery 1843 29 Feb 1892 Evergreen  
Hersman, John J Pvt 137th IL Inf Co A Apr 1846 23 Jul 1909 Evergreen This was a 100 day regiment. Also served in Co G 149th Illinois Infantry from 8 Feb 1865 to 27 Jan 1866.
Hiatt, John W Pvt 4th IA Cav Co A 1844 1901 Evergreen Also served in Co D 5th Missouri State Militia Cavalry.
Hieronymus, John B Pvt 6th MO Cav Co C     Evergreen  
Hoar, William S Pvt 125th PA Inf Co D 17 Mar 1845 02 Jul 1895 Evergreen Wounded at Antietam. Also served in Co. B, 177th Ohio Infantry from 23 Sept 1864 to 7 June 1865.
Holt, George W Comm Sgt 4th IA Cav Co K 18 Mar 1834 02 Feb 1913 Evergreen Re-entered service in same Regiment 1 Jan 1864. Wounded and taken prisoner 7 June 1864, Ripley Miss. Paroled. Mustered out 7 June 1865.
Huntoon, William R 2nd Lieut 14th IL Cav Co B 1817   Evergreen Started as a Sgt. in Co C - promoted to 2nd Lt. in Co B 8 Oct 1864. Also a Mexican War Veteran. No date of death found - was listed in 1900 Census.
Ingalls, Jeremiah Pvt 79th PA Inf Co F 19 Jun 1846 06 May 1926 Red Oak Junction  
Jennings, William R Pvt 51st OH Inf Co H Feb 1823 26 May 1911 Evergreen Transferred to VRC 24 Mar 1865.
Kellenbarger, Charles W Sgt 79th IN Inf Co B 12 Jan 1838 02 Jan 1924 Walnut/Hascall  
Kerriahard, Henry C Corp 13th US Fed Inf Co D 05 Feb 1843 21 Apr 1908 Evergreen  
Kikendall, John J Pvt 114th IL Inf Co D Aug 1842 20 Apr 1922 Evergreen Paroled Prisoner of War.
Kimmell, Oliver P Wagoneer 64th IL Inf Co B 1837   Evergreen Deserted 18 Aug 1862. Returned and re-enlisted as a Veteran 1 Jan 1864. Earlier served in Co H, 12th Illinois Infantry 19 Apr 1861 to 1 Aug 1861 - this was a 3 month regiment.
Langley, Wilson S Pvt 2nd MI Cav Co E     Red Oak Junction ENL Huntsville, AL; POW 30 Oct 1864 Florence, AL; PAR; SURVIVED EXPLOSION Steamer Sultana Memphis, TN
Lawrance, Horace Drummer 24th IA Inf Co A 10 Aug 1829 25 Jul 1912 Evergreen  
Leech, David J Pvt 124th IL Inf Co F 20 Jan 1838 24 Apr 1921 Evergreen  
Liddick, George W Corp 77th PA Inf Co C 10 Apr 1843 27 Jan 1932 Evergreen  
Lindell, John A Pvt 43rd IL Inf Co A 01 May 1840 07 Sep 1918 Evergreen This is the Consolidated Illinois 43rd.
Malony, William N Pvt 132nd IL Inf Co E 13 Sep 1846 04 Mar 1918 Evergreen This was a 100 day regiment. He mustered in on 1 June 1864.
McCray, Addison 1st Sgt 2nd IA Cav Co K 07 Nov 1842 01 Apr 1913 Evergreen Re-enlisted and re-mustered 1 March 1864. Entered service as a Private - promoted to 1st Sergeant 1 April 1865.
McCullough, James W Sgt Mjr 145th OH Inf 1840 1913 Evergreen Enlisted Co. D, Ohio 20th 21 Sept 1861. Then served in Co. C, Ohio 121th - then as Sgt Major of Ohio 145th.
McGimsey, William W Pvt 15th IN Inf Co H 30 Apr 1842 18 Mar 1924 Evergreen Transferred to Co B, 17th Indiana on 11 June 1864. Final discharge date not known.
McIntyre, Robert W Pvt 126th PA Inf Co G Jul 1841 1928 Evergreen Wounded at Fredericksburg, Va. 13 Dec 1862. Term of enlistment was 9 months.
McKibben, James H Pvt 46th IL Inf Co K 27 Apr 1833 07 Apr 1912 Evergreen  
Moore, Henry N Capt 17th IA Inf Co I 08 Jan 1837   Evergreen  
Moore, William A Pvt 114th IL Inf Co D 22 Dec 1842 06 Oct 1905 Evergreen  
Moritz, Peter M Pvt 23rd IA Inf Co F 09 Feb 1821 07 Feb 1889 Arlington  
Murphy, Edwin M Pvt 144th NY Inf Co E 19 Jan 1845 11 Dec 1930 Evergreen  
Myers, Angello A Sgt 10th IA Inf Co C 19 Nov 1834 28 Nov 1908 Evergreen Wounded in action 8 Jan 1862 near Charleston, Mo. Discharged for disability 25 Jul 1862. Enlisted 15 Sept 1862 Co F, 6th Iowa Cavalry. Discharged for disability 25 July 1864.
Neudeck, Edward Sgt 2nd Indpt Btty WI Lgt Artillery Nov 1838 1913 Evergreen Widow's pension filed 26 July 1913.
Nicoll, David W   NY Veteran Reserve Corps 22 Feb 1841 05 Oct 1929 Evergreen Knapp's Battery, PA Battery, Company E, Pvt. than transferred to Veteran Corps, N.Y., Assigned to Army of Potomac in battles of Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wahatchie; gunshot wound in right shoulder.
Noonan, Patrick Pvt 153rd NY Inf Co D 1842 09 Feb 1899 Hewitt  
Painter, William Pvt 29th IA Inf Co H 02 Apr 1821 01 Jan 1886 Evergreen  
Palmer, Thomas K Pvt 134th IL Inf Co G 08 Oct 1843 19 Mar 1905 Evergreen This was a 100 day regiment.
Patterson, Arthur Asst Surgeon 11th IL Inf Co A 1831 02 May 1898 Evergreen On 17 Mar 1864 was discharged to receive promotion to Asst. Surgeon of 48th USCT. Resigned 21 Jume 1864. He then joined Co. E, 147th Illinois as a Private on 8 Feb 1865 and served until 20 Jan, 1866.
Pegram, Hardin Pvt 2nd IL Lgt Artillery Co L 23 Mar 1847 09 Feb 1888 Evergreen Served in Co I, 139th Illinois Infantry - then transferred to 2nd Illinois LA on 15 Oct 1864.
Penry, William M Pvt 20th Battery IN Lgt Artillery 14 Jan 1831 30 Jan 1914 Evergreen  
Perry, Henry C Pvt 92nd IL Inf Co C 1825 15 Dec 1871 Evergreen  
Pierce, George W Pvt 51st MO Inf Co F 1839 1924 Walnut  
Pilkington, James H 1st Lieut 133rd PA Inf Co K 07 Oct 1843 21 Apr 1884 Evergreen Regiment service was 9 months.
Pogue, John W Pvt 10th IL Inf Co E 01 Mar 1839 16 Feb 1917 Evergreen  
Porter, Benjmain S Lieut Col 49th OH Inf 26 Jan 1828 18 Mar 1905 Evergreen  
Post, Henry Pvt 10th IL Inf Co E 1827   Evergreen Re-enlisted 6 Jan 1864. Headstone shows him in 10th Illinois Cavalry but he actually was in the 10th Illinois Infantry.
Powers, Jesse W Pvt 1st OR Cav Co C 1841 1887 Evergreen Widow's pension filed 27 May 1887.
Powers, William George Pvt 60th OH Inf Co F 18 Aug 1842 29 Oct 1902 Villisca William's term of enlistment was for one year. His regiment was involved in the unfortunate affair at Harper's Ferry where the entire membership of the 60th became prisoners of war. They were paroled and mustered out of service on 10 Nov 1882.
Pratt, Arthur R Pvt 7th IL Cav Co B Aug 1849 1923 Evergreen Age 14 at enlistment. Widow's pension filed 23 Oct 1923.
Rager, John C Pvt 8th IA Inf Co B Sep 1820   Evergreen Missing in action and taken prisoner 6 April 1862, Shiloh, Tenn. Discharged 16 Feb 1863 for disability.
Redmon, William Pvt 15th IA Inf Co D Sep 1839 1916 Evergreen Re-enlisted and re-mustered 8 March 1864. Name also spelled as Redman. Widow's pension filed 29 May 1916.
Renardin, Charles Sgt 1st MI Sharp Shooters Co G 1831   Hewitt RES & ENL Jackso Co, MI; PROM SGT; WIFE-Eliza Jane
Roberts, Rueben M Pvt 2nd IA Inf Co B 02 Mar 1845   Evergreen Wounded in left hip 3 Oct 1862, Corinth Miss. Transferred to Invalid Corps 1 Sept 1863.
Roberts, William 2nd Lieut 47th IA Inf Co I 22 Aug 1831 17 Aug 1921 Evergreen This was a 100 day regiment.
Rosecrants, Jacob Thomas Sgt 81st IN Inf Co K 21 Jul 1823 05 Dec 1901 Pilot Grove Presbyterian Wounded at Battle of Chickamauga. Saw action at Stones River and served in Sherman's march through Georgia.
Sautbin, Jesse W Sgt 15th IL Inf Co K 12 Oct 1836 23 Sep 1904 Evergreen  
Shearer, Jonathan Pvt 25th PA Inf Co A Feb 1839 21 Dec 1935 Evergreen This was a 3 month regiment. Was originally in the Ringgold Light Artillery which was consolidated into the 25th. His name is listed on Civil War Memorial in City Park in Reading, PA. Was the last survivor of the Ringgold Light Artillery at age 96.
Shields, Charles R Pvt 151st IL Inf Co D 28 Jan 1833 18 Dec 1913 Evergreen  
Smith, W R Pvt 1st WI Heavy Artillery Co F 1846 1924 Walnut  
Smith, William Pvt 85th IN Inf Co F 14 Nov 1844   Evergreen Transferred to 1st Engineers, Regular Army 30 Aug 1864.
Soliday, Solomon D Corp 90th OH Inf Co D 1845   Evergreen  
Spicer, John W Corp 27th Wi Inf Co G 29 Mar 1839 22 May 1920 Evergreen  
Stennett, Charles H Pvt 13th US Fed Inf Co B Mar 1840 18 Sep 1920 Evergreen  
Stewart, John Gregg Pvt 4th IA Cav Co D 16 Oct 1840 19 Feb 1938 Villisca  
Stinson, Archibald D Capt 30th IN Inf Co I 21 Dec 1833 08 Apr 1912 Evergreen  
Stocksleger, Abraham F Corp 21st PA Cav Co B 14 Mar 1837 04 May 1889 Evergreen Also served in Co K, 165th PA Infantry.
Stocksleger, Isaac J Pvt 9th PA Cav Co I 14 Mar 1837 28 Dec 1905 Evergreen Previously served in Co B, 21st PA Cavalry, rank Corporal.
Suffa, George Pvt 11th IL Cav Co E Jun 1822 1907 Evergreen Re-enlisted as a Veteran 20 Dec 1863.
Sweger,  Henry F Corp 208th PA Inf Co I Nov 1846 1932 Evergreen Wounded at Fort Stedman, Va. 25 March 1865.
Taylor, George H Pvt 6th IA Cav Co B 30 Apr 1841 20 Mar 1912 Evrgreen  
Taylor, Robert Pvt 39th IA Inf Co D 1824   Hewittt Discharged for disability.
Thomason, George W Pvt 23rd IA Inf Co F   02 Jun 1880 Arlington  
Thompson, Isaac Pvt 102nd IL Inf Co K Aug 1834 1923 Evergreen  
Trussell, George Pvt 14th PA Cav Co H     Evergreen The 14th Cavalry was also known as the 159th Volunteers.
Tupper, Joshua A Pvt 6th MN Inf Co C 1833 1901 Walnut  
Tupper Nathaniel W Pvt 6th MN Inf Co F 1836 1895 Walnut  
Turner, Herculess Sgt 3rd IA Inf Co G 20 Mar 1835 10 Jan 1923 Evergreen  
Waldron, Samuel J Pvt 7th IA Cav Co I 23 Jan 1838 15 Aug 1911 Evergreen Enlisted in Co B, 14th Iowa Infantry - then transferred to Co. B, 41st Iowa Inf - then transferred to the 7th Cavalry on 25 Apr 1863.
Warren, Hiram O Capt 123rd NY Inf Co K 14 Jun 1834 25 Oct 1903 Evergreen Entered as a 1st Lt. in Co K. Promoted to Captain of Co C 21 April 1864.
Watson, Abraham W Sgt 35th IN Inf Co F 14 May 1834 11 Jul 1911 Evergreen Transferred to Co. K, 19th Veteran Reserve Corps.
Whitbeck, Robert H Pvt 16th IA Inf Co I Dec 1832 13 Dec 1901 Evergreen  
Whitney, Edward Pvt 52nd IL Inf Co F 07 Aug 1829 17 Aug 1909 Evergreen  
Whittier, Oscar P   Berry's Bat'n MO Cav Co C 25 Jul 1843 11 Aug 1882 Evergreen This was a militia unit that served in North Missouri from June 1861 to Feb 1862.
Wickham, Marion Pvt 29th IA Inf Co D 24 Aug 1848 07 Feb 1879 Evergreen Age 15 at enlistment.
Wilson, William   Navy Ship Oneida 20 Sep 1840 20 Jul 1898 Evergreen  
Windle, Francis B Pvt 119th IL Inf Co K 08 Nov 1838 22 Dec 1892 Evergreen Discharged for disability.
Withrow, Robert N 2nd Lieut 118th IL Inf Co A 26 Apr 1841 20 May 1914 Evergreen  
Woodin, Chauncey S Corp 15th IL Inf Co K 14 Jan 1836 21 Aug 1912 Evergreen  
Wright, John G Pvt 2nd IA Cav Co M 1842   Evergreen  
Yeik, William Bugler 2nd WI Lgt Artillery   1896 Evergreen His unit named 2nd Independent Battery, Wis. Light Artillery. Widow's pension filed 9 Jan 1896.

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