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Submitted by Zeta Wilson Peterson.

Descendants of George Christoph Baumbach

George Christoph Baumbach born 10/26/1772 Weberstedt, Kingdom of Saxony
       Johann Georg Baumbach born 7/4/1803 Weberstedt, Kingdom of Saxony
            George Frederich Wilhelm Baumbach born 6/11/1834 in Webersted, Kingdom of Saxony
                  William George Frederich Baumbach born 11/26/1865 Stratford, Ontario, Canada                        
Family information begins George Christoph Baumbach, born 1772, and comes from Parish Register
of Weberstedt, Kingdom of Saxony. 
Ancestry:  Helmerich 1330-1369, Lord of the Castle Of Rothenburg
                  on the Fulda River a few miles south of Kassel Hesse.
Ancestoral Branch:  Reinhard
Bough:  Nentershausen (village below Tannenberg)
The descendants of the Baumbach family left Sachsen, moving to Canada via Hamburg in 1851.

They were reformed, Lutheran Hessian, of original Nobility with the parent house of the same name (now a village) near Rothenburg on the Fulda River which is first documented with her degnus de Baumbach knight 66 in 1246 (stored in the state archives of Marburg cf also dr landau the Hessian knightly castles and their owners kassel. )  Family roots are linked with Helmericus de Baumbach, knight of the castle in Rothenburg, 1295-1316.  The issue belongs to the old-Hessian knighthood coat-of-arms, etc. 

The family Baumbach association was founded on July 5, 1903 and conducts an annual reunion at Kassel.

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