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Cemetery Historic Location

Near Villisca, Sec. 32 Washington Twp.

Bakers Cut

Bolt Family Burying Ground   Washington Twp.

Buckner / Pleasant Grove

Center Ridge   Lincoln Twp
David Farm   Red Oak Twp.
Douglas Township    
Elliott Hillside   Pilot Grove Twp.
Evergreen   Red Oak Twp
Findley   East Twp.
Frankfort   Frankfort Twp.
Gomer   LincolnTwp.
Grant [Milford] East   Douglas Twp.
Hillside   Pilot Grove &Sherman Twps.
Indian Burial Ground   Douglas Twp.
Indian Graveyard   Red Oak Twp.
L. Laire Property   Sherman Twp.
Mamre   South Twp.
Mamrelund   South Twp.
Memorial   Douglas Twp.
Mission   Frankfort Twp.
Morton Mills   Douglas Twp.
Mrs. Frank Hacffich & Infant Grave   Red Oak Twp.
Old East   Grant Twp.
Pilot Grove Center   Pilot Grove Twp.
Pilot Grove Presbyterian   Pilot Grove Twp
Pleasant Grove   East Twp.
Red Oak 1854 Red Oak, Red Oak Twp.
Red Oak Junction   Red Oak Twp.
Robertson Historical Douglas Twp.
Rosehill   East Twp.
Saint Clair   Red Oak Twp.
St. Mary's Catholic   Red Oak Twp
Salem   West Twp.
Sciola Baptist   Washington Twp
Shank / Stover   Red Oak Twp.
Hewitt / South   Grant Twp
Lowe / St Claire   Red Oak Twp
Tabor   Frankfort Twp.
Villisca   East Twp.
Walnut Creek / Haskell   West twp.
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