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Baker's Cut Cemetery [Baker Cemetery]

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Near Villisca

East Twp., Section 35


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BAKER Anna   06 Sept 1862 3y 7m 7d d/o Andrew Jackson and Joanna Baker; Andrew Jackson Baker s/o Samuel and Rachel Baker.
BAKER Clotilda   28 Aug 1863 1y 7m 3d s/o Andrew Jackson and Joanna Baker
BAKER Harry   12 Sept 1862 1y 11m 29d s/o Andrew Jackson and Joanna Baker
BAKER James   25 Mar 1865 24 d  
BAKER Joanna   04 Oct 1873 35y w/o Andrew Jackson; d/o Rev. William Carroll Means
BAKER Rachel   01 Dec 1874 65y 7d Maiden name Davison; w/ Samuel L. Baker; On other side of stone is Samuel L. Baker, d. 1875 age 73ys
BAKER Samuel   26 Mar 1875 73y 7m 23d h/o Rachel Davison Baker
BOSTON Rachel 1858 1868    
HARLOW mes W. Mar 1866 16 Aug 1867 18m s/o Bolivar Walker Harlow & Lydia Adelaine Kelly; Bolivar Walker Harlow Lydia Adelaine Kelly, both buri. at Walnut Grove Cemetery, Corning, Iowa.
MEANS A. R.   15 Oct 1863 30y 2m 15d h/o M. L. Means; Maiden name is Irwin; b/o Rev. William Carroll Means
MEANS Anna   13 Jan 1857 39y 3m 26d Maiden name is Irwin
MEANS Charles H.   26 Jan 1873 1y 2m 4d s/o Adam Henry & Pauline (mre) Means;
MEANS Elizabeth   02 May 1867 72y w/o Ahijah Means; Maiden name is Livingston; mher of Rev. William Carroll Mean, R. F. Means and Adam Henry Means
MEANS John H.   30 Sept 1875 1y 5m 26d s/o Adam Henry & Pauline (mre) Means;
MEANS Robert   10 Nov 1874 3y  11m 26d R. F. is a b/o Rev. William Carroll Means. Adam Henry Means is alaso b/o Rev. William Carroll Means
M. W. H. no names   no dates   Foot marker only
POSTON Rachel 1858 1968   d/o I. N. & E. Poston; Elizabeth Baker d/o Samuel L. Baker
ROSS Daniel M. 02 Jul 1801 02 Jul 1862 60y 11m 8d  
THAYER Rachel E.   13 May 1872 28y 0m 11d w/o W. E. Thayer; d/o Samuel L. Baker
THAYER Thomas   26 Feb 1869 1y 3m 17d s/o Charles Henry & Missouri A. Thayer; Charles Henry Thayer married Missouri A. Baker d/o Samuel L. Baker first Judge of Adam and Montgomery Counties
TICE Alexander   03 Oct 1871 2y 11d  
TICE Rachel J.   09 Aug 1872 21y 6m w/o J. Tice
TRAVIS A. J. 20 Aug 1835 29 Nov 1902   Sixth row from East


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