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BATES, ORRIN C., P. O. Elliott; he was born in Warren County, Pennsylvania, August 12, 1830, and there grew to manhood. At the age of nineteen he edited the Youngsville Express, and a year after, purchased a half interest in the Warren Mail, and conducted this for eight months; then sold out and came to Iowa, locating at Camanche, Clinton County; purchased the Camanche Chief, removed the office to DeWitt, and established the DeWitt Clintonian, and continued this until 1858. Mr. Bates was the first man to bring the name of Judge Dillon before the people in connection with the important office he now holds. Mr. Bates afterwards established the DeWitt Standard, a radical republican paper, and continued the publication of this until 1860; then, by reason of ill health, sold out and retired from the business. After the election of Abraham Lincoln, he was made postmaster of DeWitt. In 1862, the party who succeeded Mr. Bates on the Standard went to the war and the paper suspended. Mr. Bates then leased the material, and established the DeWitt Signal, and conducted that for one year; at the close of the lease, the owner, Henry Shoemaker established the DeWitt Observer; in 1865 he went to Boonsboro and established the Boon County Advocate, and in 1866 sold out; in 1867 went to Emmett County, Iowa, and in 1868 he established the Northern Vindicator in connection with E. B. Northrup; continued in this printing office over a year, then sold out and practiced law for eighteen months. Next he bought the Southwest printing office at Blue Earth City, Minnesota, and removed it to Emmettsburg, Palo Alto County, Iowa; continued to publish a paper there for a year, then sold out to a joint stock company, but lived there a year longer, then came to Red Oak, Montgomery County, Iowa. In 1876 he stumped this county for Peter Cooper, the greenback candidate for president; and in 1878 was concerned in starting the People's Telephone, the greenback organ at Red Oak; in six months retired from that, and with two other parties started the Red Oak Day Gleaner; in 1879 sold that to a joint stock company, and moved to Elliott, where he is now editing the Elliott Enterprise.

BAXTER, E. O., physician, P. O., Elliott; was born July 20, 1829, in Addison County, Vermont; was educated in the academy at Brownsburg, Orleans County, Vermont. His father moved to Essex County, New York, when he was eighteen years of age and here he studied medicine with his brother for eleven years, then went to Castleton Medical college, Vermont, two terms and graduated. He practiced with his brother two years in New York, and then moved to Wisconsin, where he practiced for four years. He was married to Miss Minerva Perkins, a niece of Preston Perkins, in 1852, by his father, Rev. E. B. Baxter, who died September, 1874, at ninety-two years of age, who graduated at Yale college and the Theological college of New England, and was a minister of the Congregational church fifty-five years. He then moved to McHenry County, Illinois, where he lost his wife, she being twenty-two years of age. He was married the second time to Miss Melinda Gleason, by which union they have three children: Ella H., Nina, and Fred. He moved to Grant County, Wisconsin, and practiced medicine there three years, then moved to Rochester County, Minnesota, and stayed one year. Moved to Emmitt County, Iowa, and lived there two years, then to Dickinson County, where he lived till 1875, when he moved to Red Oak; practiced there five years, then moved to Elliott, where he is now practicing with good success, in company with his son Fred. Dr. Baxter is a brother to J. B. G. Baxter, who has lately been appointed surgeon general of the United States, the highest medical honor in the land.

BAXTER, FRED E., physician, P. O. Elliott; he was born in Ogle County, Illinois, in 1860. He moved to La Crosse County, Wisconsin, and there attended district school. Then moved to Dickinson County, Iowa, living there six years, and from there to Red Oak, Montgomery County, and there attended the graded school. He then studied medicine with his father (Dr. Baxter) at Red Oak, and attended lectures at the Bennett Medical college in the winter of 1879 and 1880. He will graduate after another term. The Bennett Medical college is of the eclectic school and one of the best in the United States. While attending the medical school in Chicago, he performed the operation for lenticular cataract successfully, and made quite a reputation as a venereal doctor. He is now practicing with his father in Elliott.

BECKNELL, A., farmer and shipper of stock, section 34, P. O. Stennett; was born in Washington County, Indiana, January 20, 1839, where he resided until nine years of age, when he moved with his parents to Scott County, Iowa, on a farm; there he lived until he moved to Montgomery County, Iowa, in August, 1854, where he has lived ever since on a farm of 190 acres of well improved land, with a good house and barn, good orchard of 200 trees and good running water. He was married February 12, 1861, to Miss Nancy Stennett, daughter of Daniel and Mary Stennett, who now live in Villisca. His father's name was William and his mother's name was Mary Becknell. His mother is deceased and his father lives with his children. They are the parents of six children: Josephine, Henry M., Maggie J., Anna May, Edwin E., and Ida Viola, all living at home. Mr. Becknell is one of the foremost and most reliable men of his township, and is liked and respected by all who know him.

BINDER, ANTHONY, P. O. Elliott; he was born in France, June 13, 1828; lived there until twenty-five years old. In 1853 emigrated to this country, and arrived in New York, stopping there for about one year, then going to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and from there to Ohio, making short stops at the above named places; then to Michigan and engaged in mason work, remaining there about one year; then went to Chicago and was employed as stone mason until July, 1856, when he took out his first papers with a view of becoming a citizen. From Chicago moved to Boone County, Iowa, and from there in 1858 to Montgomery County, and located first on section 21; afterwards buying a farm in section 11. He was married in April, 1859, in Lee County, Iowa, to Hannah Gebbers, who was born September 28, 1842. They have five children living: John, Charles, Mary, Joseph, Amelia; deceased: George.

CLAYMAN, CHARLES W., section 16, P. O. Red Oak; born in Morrow County, Delaware, November 29, 1838; lived there seventeen years; then moved with his parents to Elkhart County, Indiana, remaining there a year or two, then to Clark County, Iowa; after two years went to Nebraska, then to California in 1859; engaged in mining in Shasta and Trinity Counties; was in the mines 7 years. In 1867 he came to Montgomery County, Iowa. In 1870 bought a farm of 200 acres of land. Was married in the city of Red Oak, in 1872, to Miss Charity A. Maskal. They have two children: Lizzie J., aged seven years, and Georgia W., aged three years. Mr. Clayman has been township clerk, road supervisor, township treasurer, and at present fills the office of school director. Mr. Clayman is largely engaged in stock raising and feeding, principally hogs and cattle. Mr. Clayman's father's name was Benjamin, who came from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

CONLEY, PAT, P. O. Elliott; he was born in Ireland, June 9, 1843, and emigrated to Canada in 1845, and lived there until 1872. Then moved to Clinton County, Iowa, and engaged in farming there for two years, and then came to Montgomery County, stopping for a short time in the city of Red Oak; then bought his present farm in Sherman township, on section 9. In 1874 had his house burned and everything in it. He was married November 28, 1877, to Miss Hattie Pidlow, who was born December 12, 1858, in Canada. They have had two children: Harvey M., born September 30, 1878; John Sherman, August 5, 1880. His father died in Ireland. His mother died in Clinton County, Iowa, soon after arriving there. Her parents live in the northwestern part of Canada, being the first settlers in that country. He belongs to the Christian church of Sherman Center, and is a teacher in the Sunday school. Mrs. Conley is a member of the same church and was admitted at the same time Mr. Conley was.

DEVOSS, JOSEPH W., P. O. Elliott; Mr. Devoss was born in Indiana, April 14, 1851; when five years old his parents moved to Warren County, Illinois, and in 1865 he came to Pottawattamie County, Iowa, and engaged in farming. When he became of age he farmed and taught school, and on October 29, 1872, he was married to Miss Edith C. Collins of Vermont, aged eighteen years. They have three children: Blanche E., born September12, 1873; Warren, born March 11, 1877; and Lillie C., March 13, 1879. They came to Elliott March 1, 1880, where he now lives and carries on a general store and millinery business. His father was born February 25, 1816, in Camden, New Jersey, where he was married in 1843. Her father was born in Vermont in 1823 and lived there until 1870, when he moved to Pottawattamie County, Iowa. His father died August 11, 1878. His mother died March 17, 1879. His brother Winfield died October 17, 1877. He was a student of West Point and failing on an examination, educated himself at the agricultural college in Story County, where he graduated with honors, when he was taken sick and died at the age of 24. Resolutions of respect were published in the Red Oak Democrat in the last week of 1877. Mr. Devoss is a member of the Christian church of Elliott, of which he has been a member of 9 years. Mrs. Devoss has been a member for thirteen years. He holds the office of deacon in that society. He was also assistant treasurer of the Nishnabotna Agricultural Society. In 1875 Mr. Devoss made a trip to California, remaining only about six weeks, when he returned home.

ELLETT, THOMAS E., section 18, P. O. Red Oak; was born in Henderson County, Illinois, in March, 1838. His father died in 1843, after which his mother moved to Richmond, Virginia, in October, 1843, remaining there until 1849, when they came back to their old home in Illinois; where he lived until October, 1873, then moved to his present home in Montgomery County. Mr. Ellett married Miss Caroline E. Bake, at the home of her mother in Henderson County, Illinois, on the 15th of January, 1863, he being at that time in his twenty-fourth year and she in her nineteenth year. They were married by L. S. Wallace. They are the parents of six children: LeRoy B., Frank L., Albert R., M. A., Clyde E. and Baby. Mr. Ellett has a splendid farm of 250 acres all in cultivation; good house, and a fine orchard of six acres.

GEBBERS, CHARLES, P. O. Elliott; was born January 6, 1838, in the Kingdom of Hanover of Germany, and grew to manhood there; emigrated to this country in 1857, locating in Lee County, Iowa, first, where he followed the stone trade; moved to Knox County, Missouri, in 1860, and in 1861 enlisted in the army in company E, twenty-first Missouri infantry; served three years; then re-enlisted in the tenth Missouri cavalry, company D; he took part in numerous small engagements, and mustered out at St. Louis; returned to Knox County, and then in 1866 removed to Iowa, where he has lived ever since. Mr. Gebbers has a half section of land in section 11. He was married to Adelaide Stubbs, July 9, 1872. They have three children living: Mary, born April 24, '74; Reuben and Margie, twins, born May 15, '79; deceased, Hannah and Harry, twins, died April 1, '72; Theodore, died August 20, 1878. Mrs. Gebbers was born in 1845, July 14,, in Maine. Mr. G.'s father died eight years ago at the age of seventy years, and was buried on his farm. Mr. and Mrs. G. are members of the Evangelical church.

GEBBERS, WILLIAM G., P. O. Elliott; born January 28, 1854, in Germany; came to Knox County, Missouri, in 1860; lived there six years, then moved to Montgomery County, Iowa. In the spring of 1879 he went to San Francisco, California; then to Portland, Oregon. He remained at Portland two weeks, then returned to San Francisco; then back to his home in Iowa. Mr. Gebbers was educated in the common schools of Iowa.

KIMBALL, ALBERT A., section 31, P. O. Red Oak; was born in Jackson County, Iowa, May 1, 1853; lived there twenty-three years, moved to Montgomery County in 1874. Was married on the twenty-eighth day of May, 1878, to Miss Eva Ware; was married in Montgomery County. He is a member of the Congregational church at Red Oak. Mr. Kimball is a thoroughgoing business young man; he owns a fine farm of 150 acres all in cultivation; he also has a good house. Everything about him denotes energy and enterprise.

LOGAN, JOHN P., butcher, P. O. Elliott; was born July 27, 1858, at McConnellsburg, Fulton County, Pennsylvania; lived there until eight years of age; then moved to Scott County, Iowa, in 1866; then to Monroe in 1873, there learned the harness trade, and in 1874, back to Blue Grass, Scott County; here was accidentally shot in the side by a man engaged in a row; then went to Linn County, in 1875, engaged in milling; returned to Scott County, engaged in milling, and in 1880 came to Montgomery County and engaged in butchering business. He was married May 1, 1880, to Miss Ona Hooper of Blue Grass, Iowa. His father was born February 12, 1832, at McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania; then came to Iowa in 1866; died April 1, 1872, in Scott County. He was a member of the Presbyterian church. His mother was born June 20, 1834, in Pottsville, Pennsylvania; she is still living in Scott County, Iowa. His sister, Melinda, died in Scott County April 12, at the age of two years; his brother, F. T. Logan, is a soldier in the regular army, company I, fifth cavalry United States, now stationed at Fort Laramie; he was in the charge under Gen. Mills at the White River massacre. Mrs. Logan was born September 30, 1865, at Blue Grass, Iowa.

MANKER, C. W., M. D., physician and surgeon, P. O. Elliott; born in Highland County, Ohio, August 1, 1850, and remained there until he was two years of age, when he moved with his parents to Crawfordsville, Indiana, where he was raised and educated at Asbury college, and at Green Castle, and studied under J. G. Griffith, a graduate of Miama medical college, for three years; then moved to Fremont County, Iowa, 1871, settling on a farm, and also taught school; he attended lectures at Iowa City medical college two terms, graduating in the spring of 1874; he commenced the practice of medicine at Essex, Page County, Iowa, practicing there about one year, then moved to Farmer City, Fremont County, Iowa, where he practiced until he moved to Elliott, January, 1880, where he has been ever since, with good success. He was married March 18, 1877, to Miss Francis Hurst, a native of Jackson County, Iowa; married at Maquoketa, Iowa; they are the parents of one child, born June 15, 1879, named Emma Y.

MCMILLIN, H. C., mason and plasterer, P. O. Elliott; born in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, October 5, 1853, and at the age of one year moved with his parents to Clinton County, Iowa, on a farm; at the age of thirteen years he started out for himself, and landed first in Winona, Minnesota, where he stopped for two years; he then moved to Floyd County, Iowa, landing there on the fifth day of October, with but seventy-five cents in his pocket; things getting desperate, he started into the mason business; first took a contract to build two chimneys, and had never seen one built, and in buying a mason's trowel he bought a plasterer's instead; but he got his chimneys built, and then took a contract to plaster the same house, with as much difficulty, but finally got the house plastered, and at the end of two months came out all right, with two hundred dollars in cash; and this was his start in life, and in his trade, which finds him to-day one of the best masons and plasterers in Montgomery County; Mr. McMillin has picked up carpenter work the same way. He came to this county in March, 1872, and worked at his trade until 1878; then moved to Audubon Center and lived there one year, then moved to Elliott, where he now lives, working at his trade. He was married June 23, 1877, to Miss Mary E. Frake, a native of Indiana, daughter of Philip and Sarah Frake, both deceased. Mr. McMillin is a member of the I. O. O. F. at Audubon, with two thousand dollars insurance.

MERCER, J. T., farmer, P. O. Elliott; he was born in Bourbon County, April 2, 1854, where he was raised until eleven years of age, when he moved to Pottawattamie County, Iowa, where he settled on a farm near Lewis, Cass County, Iowa, where he was raised and educated in common schools, going to school in winter and working on the farm in summer; he moved to Sherman township, Montgomery County, Iowa, September, 1876, where he has resided ever since. He was married December 15, 1875, to Miss Mary E. DeWitt, daughter of George S. and Eliza DeWitt, born in Delaware County, Iowa; parents live in Pilot Grove township; are the parents of two children: William Leroy, born June 8, '77; George, born November 15, '79. Mr. Mercer belongs to the Christian church, of Elliott.

MILLER, ISAIAH, resides on section 21, P. O. Red Oak; born in Washington County, Maryland, June 4, 1838, and lived there until seven years of age, then moved to Carroll County, Illinois, with his parents, in 1869 moved to Cedar County, living there one year; then to Jasper County, remaining seven years; then moved to Montgomery County in 1875, having bought a farm here in the summer of 1874. Was married in Carroll County, Illinois, in October, 1860, to Miss Isabella J. Moffett. They have eight living children, two deceased: William W., Sarah A., Francis G., Carrie, Nellie F., Emma M., Chas. W. and Gracie N. Was elected township assessor in 1878, and re-elected in 1879, and again in 1880. Is a member of the Christian church; joined in Lanark, Illinois, in 1858, and is connected here with that society, at Sherman Center - pastor in charge, E. J. Stanley. Mr. Miller is engaged in fine stock raising, and has some fine thoroughbreds. He also has a fine farm of 200 acres under good cultivation. He also has a fine dwelling, in fact, everything shows the hand of order, diligence, and industry.

MORGAN, A. A., P. O. Stennett; was born July 4, 1853, in Calhoun County, Michigan; then went to Henry County, Iowa, at the age of six months, and here grew to manhood and followed farming, and in the winter attending school. Mr. Morgan followed farming, milling and school teaching in Henry and Montgomery Counties for a number of years, passing from one to the other. His father died February 16, 1878, at the age of seventy-one years; he was buried in Henry County. Mr. Morgan then came to Montgomery County and farmed for one year; then went to Stanton, and lived there until 1879; then moved to Sherman township, where he now lives. He taught school in this county in the winters of 1874 and '75. He was educated at Mount Pleasant. He was married, January 16, 1879, to Miss Carries A. Aldrich, of Montgomery County.

MOULDER, WILLIAM, P. O. Elliott; was born December 10, 1842, in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He enlisted in 1861, in the Ninth Pennsylvania, for three months, then re-enlisted, in 1862, in company E, 124th Pennsylvania; was mustered in at Harrisburg. Was in the battles of South Mountain, Antietam, Chancellorville; here Mr. Moulder was struck with a piece of shell; crossed the Rappahannock; was two days without food; he was under General Slocum on his march south; he was discharged in May, 1863, at Harrisburg, and in 1865 came to Galesburg, Illinois, and worked at marble cutting three months; then to Indiana and worked at his trade there one year; form there to Washington, D. C.; remained there during 1866-67; heard the famous speech of A. Johnson; from Washington to Baltimore in 1867; then to Franklin County, Pennsylvania, where he was married to Miss Clara A. Johnston, October 31, 1868. They have three children: Catherine M., Franklin C., Eliza E. Mrs. Moulder was born November 26, 1844; in July, 1876, he moved to Creston, Iowa, and October 18, 1880, came to Elliott and engaged in the saloon business. He is a member of Creston lodge, No. 1207, I. O. O. F.

MURER, JOHN, banker and lumber dealer, P. O. Elliott; he was born in Scott County, Iowa, September 29, 1855, and lived there twenty-three years. He was engaged in the lumber business at Buffalo, Iowa. Came to Elliott August, 1879, where he is now engaged in the banking and lumber business. He was married September 1, 1877, to Miss Emma Stevens, of Scott County, aged seventeen. She was born October 26, 1860. Mr. Murer's father was born in Bavaria, Germany, August 1, 1828, and came to Iowa in 1853. His mother is now forty-five years old. Mr. Murer has one child, Grace E., born January 26, 1879.

MURRAY, THOMAS, P. O. Ellliott; he was born November 27, 1853, in Franklin County, Indiana, and moved to Illinois in 1858. In 1871 he went to school at Mount Morris one year, then to the Jennings Seminary and graduated there in the summer of 1873. He then taught school in Lee and Whiteside Counties, Illinois. Then engaged in the grain business in Rock Falls, Illinois; continued one year in that business, and then engaged in farming, and land speculating, and in the fall of 1879 sold out and came to Montgomery County, where he is now engaged in the bank, lumber and grain business. He is a partner in all the banks with Mr. Murer. Mr. Murray has had remarkable success in business, being in debt at the time he left school. His father was born near Lexington, Kentucky, in 1812. His mother was also born in Kentucky in 1812. They are now living in Sterling, Whiteside County, Illinois. His brother Coburn died in 1872, and was buried in Whiteside County, Illinois. His sister Sarah died July 5, 1861. Lorenzo D. Murray enlisted in company D, Seventy-fifth Illinois, and on the march through Kentucky under Buell, gave out on account of rheumatism and was discharged. He then went into the commissary department, and afterward served on the body guard of General G. H. Thomas and remained on that duty until the close of the war.

PETTY, WILLIAM J., proprietor of Elliott House, and farmer, P. O. Elliot; born in Switzerland County, Indiana, October 20, 1828, where he was raised until fifteen years of age, when he moved with his parents to Perry County, Indiana, on a farm, where he was raised and educated; in the fall of 1864 moved to Montgomery County, Iowa, locating on Section 12, Pilot Grove township, on a farm of three hundred and eighty acres of well improved land, good house, nice young orchard, grove and one of the best stock or grain farms in the township; he lived there until the spring o f1880, when he built the Elliot House, in Elliott, and has run hotel ever since. He married Miss Elizabeth Sprinkle, a native of Perry County, Indiana, from which union they have seven children, four living: William F., Joseph H., Jesse J., Sherman J., all living at home. Mr. Petty is a very quiet, unassuming man; well liked by all, and one of the foremost men of Elliott.

POWELL, A. M., farmer, sec. 13, P. O. Elliott; born in Hancock County, Indiana, July 25, 1831, where he was raised and educated, and lived, until he moved to Montgomery County, Iowa, in the spring of 1856; and where he has resided ever since, on a farm of three hundred and fifty acres, well improved, good orchard, well watered with one of the finest springs in the county, and one of the finest glass-sand banks in the west. He was married January 8, 1852, to Miss Mivinda V. Sample, a native of Hancock County, from which union they have five children, four now living: Eliza M., now Mrs. J. W. Springer, of Pilot Grove township; Lincoln D., Mary J., now Mrs. J. W. Rush, of Red Oak township; and Orange Judd. Mr. Powell and wife are members of the Christian church, of Elliott, and are well liked by all who know them.

REYNOLDS, ROBERT H., section 13, P. O. Elliott; was born June 10, 1832 in Lawrence County, Indiana, living there until he became of age, being engaged in farming. Moved first to Madison County, Iowa, then to Montgomery County, and was engaged in milling for two years after coming to this county. He then moved on to his present farm. He was married to Sallie Flinn in December, 1859, at High Point, Decatur County, Iowa. They have ten children: Willie T., George E., Sarah J., Ira B., James M., Henry F., Flora M., Daniel C., Cora M., Charley F. James M. was drowned September 10, 1867, at the age of two years; George E. died October 7, 1876; Sarah J. was married to V. V. Martin July 4, 1879. Mr. Reynolds' father died at the age of eighty-seven years, and was buried in Indiana. His mother died at the age of sixty-seven while emigrating to Iowa. In crossing the Mississippi river at Keokuk the ferry boat was snagged about two miles from shore, the river being very high, but they managed to get all safe on shore. Mr. Reynolds is now engaged in farming and stock-raising, and is now one of the leading shippers in that township. Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds are both members of the Christian church. Their daughter, Mrs. S. J. Martin, is also a member of the same church.

ROONEY, MICHAEL T., farmer, section 25, P. O. Elliott; born in Ireland, September 1, 1825, and emigrated to this country in 1848, landing at New York. He then went to New Jersey and was there four years; then went to Indiana, living there about four years, running an express wagon; then came to Davenport, Iowa; then to Burlington, where he did teaming for twenty years. Then came to Montgomery County, Iowa, and engaged in farming. Was married June 1, 1851, to Bridget Welch, at Burlington, New Jersey. They have had eight children: James F., Mary A., John T., Pat. H., Owens R., Annie E.; two deceased, Ellen and baby. Mr. Rooney has eighty acres of land; sixty improved. He is a member of the Catholic church at Red Oak. In 1864 Mr. Rooney went to Montana, being absent about two years. While mining he had his ankle broken by the roof of the mine falling in upon him, and was confined to his bed for six months. He then engaged in building quartz mills. He then came down the Missouri river by boat as far as Sioux City; was on the boat twenty-seven days. Then overland to Burlington. While traveling by boat he killed a buffalo calf, and while in the mountains was attacked by seven gray mountain wolves. Being without arms, by his presence of mind and courage, succeeded in driving them off.

SMILEY, GEORGE M., was born in Janesville, Wisconsin, August 5, 1846; moved to Peoria, Illinois, in 1850; remained in Peoria until 1871, farming and painting; then came to Lewis, Cass County; then to Page County, Iowa, engaging in farming and in the grain business. In 1879 he moved to Elliott, where he is now engaged in the grain, coal and stock trade. He enlisted in company E, -- Regiment, Illinois volunteers, at Peoria, Illinois; was at the battle of Arkansas Post, went to Fort Donelson; then to Vicksburg where he was discharged for disability by reason of hernia; was discharged June 10, 1863, returned home and engaged in farming. He was married September 26, 1872, at Galva, Illinois, to Miss Isadora Wilkinson. They have three children: Jessie E., born February 24, '74; Will A. March 25, '76; Claude, November 25, '78. Mrs. Smiley was born October, 1850, in Peoria County, Illinois. His father died July 18, 1848. His mother is still living. Mr. S. is one of the leading business men of Elliott.

WIGHT, F. M., farmer, P. O. Elliott; born in Rush County, Indiana, June 7, 1833; when at the age of two years he moved with his parents to Hancock County, Indiana, on a farm, where he lived until seven years of age, when his parents moved to Knox County, Illinois, where he grew to manhood and received his education; and in January, 1864, enlisted in company A, twelfth Iowa infantry as a private, and in June, 1865, was mustered out at the close of the war; was in several skirmishes, but in no regular battles. In the fall of 1855 moved to Madison County, Iowa, and in the spring moved back to Knox County and lived two years; in the spring of 1859 moved to Montgomery County, Iowa, and located in Pilot Grove township, where he resided many years; then moved to Madison County, Iowa, and then moved back to Elliott where we now find him. Married May 25, 1853, to Miss Mary Trout, a native of Indiana, daughter of David and Harriet Trout, died October 18, 1869, leaving four children: James W., Fannie D., now Mrs. Charles Smith; Frank A., Viola A. Married the second time, April 17, 1870, to Miss Rebecca Headly, a native of Illinois. By this union they have one child, Mary.


~ source: History of Montgomery County, Iowa, Illustrated. Des Moines, Iowa Historical an Biographical Co., 1881, Page 706-716.

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