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AIKEN, SIMON A., section 12, P. O. Red Oak. Was born February 7, 1842, in Rutland County, Vermont; parents' names Simon and Margaret. He remained with his parents until 1868, farming; then went to Minnesota and engaged in carpentering for three years. He was married March 9, 1871, to Mary J. McLaughlin, who was born March 21, 1851, in Washington County, New York. Her parents' names were John and Mary E. They have had four children, three living: Marietta, born March 23, '72,; James H., August 16, '75; John S., October 8, '79. Mr. Aiken came with his family to Red Oak, October 10, 1871, and located on his present farm the following year. Mr. Aiken was not admitted into the army on account of deafness. He has 200 acres of land, and is engaged in farming and stock raising.

COOPER, GEORGE T., farmer, section 11, P. O. Red Oak. Was born April 22, 1847, in Marshall County, West Virginia. His father was Hanford W. Cooper, and his mother's name was Susan; but his parents died while he was quite young, and he was raised by his grandfather, Hagerman, until fifteen years of age; worked on a farm five years; then was in the army seven months under the command of Gen. Rosecrans. After being discharged remained in West Virginia one year; then went to Warren County, Illinois, remaining there as a farmer seven years; during this time he was married to Miss Jane Creswell. They have had five children, four still living: Ralph E., Fannie M., Frank B. and George H. After being married Mr. C. lived on a rented farm three years; then came to Iowa onto his present farm, his house being on the northeast quarter of northeast quarter of section 11. He is engaged in farming and stock raising.

DAVIS, SAMUEL S., section 15, P. O. Red Oak. Was born January 1, 1855, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. His parents' names are Samuel and Margaret; moved from Pittsburg, when but one year old, to Pomeroy, Ohio, living there nine years; from there moved to Coal Valley, Illinois; from there to Johnson, Iowa, remaining there until 1870, when he moved to this county. His father was the first to locate in the Welch settlement. He was married February 22, 1877, to Libbie Roberts, who was born July 16, 1858, in Utica, New York. Her parents' names were Wm. D. and Elizabeth. They are the parents of two children: Maggie and Mabel. There were but three or four families when Mr. Davis, Sr., came, Mr. Davis and Mr. Woods being the first of the Welsh settlement. Mr. S. Davis is a member of the Congregational church.

DAVIES, DAVID M., section 23, P. O. Red Oak. Was born in Montgomeryshire, North Wales, August 24, 1845. Mr. Davies was one of ten children; his parents' names were David and Ann; began work for himself at the age of thirteen years, on the farm and in the slate mines. In 1869 came to America, landing at New York; then to Wisconsin; then to Coal Valley; then to Louisa County, Iowa, and in 1875 to Montgomery County. He was married March 2, 1872, to Miss Ann Owens, who was born June, 1844, in Wales. Her parents' names were Richard and Margaret. Mrs. Davies was one of seven children. They have six children, two boys and four girls, only four living: Annie, John, Margaret E., and Grace. Mr. Davies is engaged in farming, and is a member of the Congregational church.

DAVIS, WILLIAM J., P. O. Emerson, Mills County. Mr. William Davis was born in Dodgeville, Iowa County, Wisconsin. His father John M. Davis, was born in 1827 in Wales and came to this country in 1847. Mrs. Jane Davis, mother of William, was born in 1838, in Wales. Died in this township in 1873. She was buried in the Welsh cemetery. Mr. William Jones moved with his parents to Pecatonica and from there, in 1871, to this county. Mr. Davis is one of ten children, seven living: Annie, Wm. J., John, Mary E., Katie, Sarah and Ellen. Mr. Davis returned to Wisconsin for a time, and worked in the lead mines; then returned to this county and engaged as a laborer on a farm.

EDWARDS, WILLIAM T., farmer, P. O. Red Oak; Mr. Edwards was born April 14, 1835, at Holly Head, Englishire, Wales. His father's name was William and his mother's Catharine. He left home at the age of ten years and went on ship-board and followed the sea until he was eighteen years old. Abandoning sailor life he came to America, landing at San Francisco, and worked as a stevedore. Then went into the gold mines of Southern California and remained in the mines nineteen years. During this time he married Miss Elizabeth Thomas. Was married May 5, 1855. Left the mines in April, 1869. Took steamer to San Francisco, crossed the Isthmus by rail and then sailed to New York. From there he went to Scranton, Pennsylvania, and remained there about nine months. During that time he visited his native land. Returned to Scranton, and then moved to Rock Island, Illinois, and was there one year. Then he moved to his present home in the spring of 1870.

HEWITT, JOSEPH M. Was born in Ohio, January 15, 1817. His parents' names were Joseph and Elizabeth. He was one of eleven children. From Ohio, Mr. Hewitt moved with his parents to Shelby County, Indiana, in an early day. He lived with his parents until the 20th day of September 1838, when he was married to Miss Sarah Harris. After his marriage he moved to Jasper County, Indiana, living there about six years. Then he went to Henry County, Iowa, then to Warren County, and from Warren to this county, locating near Red Oak, in the spring of 1859. Mr. Hewitt was the father of eleven children, seven sons and four daughters: Moses H., Joseph W. and Thomas are living, and Frances, Margaret, Mary and Sarah. Mr. Hewitt was elected justice of the peace at an early day, being among the first that held that office. He served as justice of the peace two terms. Mr. Hewitt was a member of the M. E. church, having joined when quite young. He was the superintendent of the first Sunday school ever organized in Red Oak township. The school was held in the old school house in Red Oak. They had about sixteen scholars. He was also the first class leader in the M. E. church of Red Oak. Mr. H. sold part of his farm and purchased the Zuber Hotel, which was the first hotel in Red Oak. After running it for two years then leased it to Dr. Purcell and returned to his farm. Again, after twelve years, he sold out and returned to Red Oak. Lived there one year, sold his property, and visited Kansas. Bought two small farms and built a mill near the town of Oxford, Sumner County, when the health of himself and family became impaired and he returned to Red Oak. Mr. Hewitt died in February, 1877, of cancer of the stomach. Was buried in the Hewitt cemetery. His last resting place is marked by a beautiful marble shaft, which was erected at a cost of $75.

HEWITT, SARAH, relict of Joseph M. Hewitt, section 35, P. O. Red Oak; Mrs. Hewitt was born November 5, 1821, at Brookville, Franklin County, Indiana. Her parents' names were Benjamin and Ruth Harris; they were natives of Virginia; she was one of eleven children; remained with her parents, at Franklin County, ten years, and moved to Shelby County, at which place she was married to Mr. Hewitt, September 20, 1838. Mr. Hewitt died at Red Oak, February, 1877. They have had eleven children - seven boys and four girls, seven living: Moses, Joseph Warren, Thomas W., Francis, Margaret A., Mary E., Sarah M. Moved to Henry County, Iowa, in 1855; was there one year; then moved to Warren County, Iowa; then to Montgomery County, in 1858, and located one and one-half miles south of Red Oak, at a place called Hickory Grove. In 1864 sold one farm and made a trip to Kansas; returned and located in Red Oak where Mr. Hewitt died. Moved on to the present farm in the spring of 1879. Mrs. Hewitt remembers hearing her parents relate that when they moved from Virginia they came on pack horses. They had at that time two children. Their parents were owners of slaves. Mr. Hewitt's great grandfather became insane on account of the loss of property and slaves. Thomas W. Hewitt was born May 3, 1862, near Red Oak; was one year in Kansas and with that exception has always lived in this county.

HAAG, THEODORE G., section 29, P. O. Red Oak; Mr. Haag was born July 18, 1845, in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania; his father's name was Jacob, and his mother's name Susan. he remained with his parents in Lehigh County, sixteen years, and moved with them to Stephenson County, Illinois. Lived on farm for two years. Enlisted in company B, 26th Illinois regiment, in 1864, under Captain Davis, 4th division, 15th army corps, under command of General John A. Logan. Was in the engagement at Resaca, Georgia, and was there wounded, being shot in both legs. Was sent back to headquarters under the care of Doctor Shuts. After partially recovering was employed as clerk in the hospital and was discharged on a certificate of disability from Dr. Shuts, who says Mr. Haag was a faithful soldier and performed his clerical duties well, and deserves the confidence of his country. He was discharged November 22, 1864. At the age of 22 years he married Miss Anna Woodring, who was born November 10, 1845, in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Have had five children - three boys and two girls: Victor D., Susan M., Alta E., Oscar W. and George. Moved from Illinois in 1872 and came to Montgomery County. Lived at Hawthorn two years; then came to their present home and engaged in farming and stock raising, and especially the raising and training of thoroughbreds.

JAMES, JOHN W., P. O. Wheeler's Grove, Pottawattamie County, sec. 4; Mr. James was born May 25, 1848, in New York. After he was about sixteen years old he worked on a farm. In 1876 came to Red Oak and in the same year on to his present farm. On the fourth of July, 1870 was married to Miss Maggie Davis. She was born May 11, 1852, in North Wales, and came to this country in 1857. Her parents' names were Edward and Jane. They have had thee children, two boys and a girl; tow living: William H., born September 14, 1872; Edward D., September 5, 1875. Mrs. James is a member of the Welsh Methodist Church.

JAMES, WILLIAM M., was born February 22, 1855, in the State of New York, and came to Iowa with his brother John, in 1876. Mr. James, at the age of thirteen years, attended the Westwinfield Seminary; and in the spring of 1873 graduated and received his diploma. He taught school for two terms in New York, and ten terms in Iowa; seven of which he taught in Montgomery County.

JENKINS, JENKIN D., P. O. Red Oak; sec. 22. Was born May 9, 1812, in South Wales; his parents' names are Samuel and Rachel; remained with his parents' until twenty-five years of age. Was married February, 1841, to Miss Elizabeth Evans who was born January 7, 1841, in Wales; her parents names were David and Hannah. Have had ten children, five boys and five girls, seven living: Rachel, born in Wales; Lewis, Mary A., Evan, William, Hannah E., Jennett. In 1842 Mr. Jenkins came to America, landing at New York; from there went to Greenville, Ohio; remained there twelve years; from there he moved to Illinois; then to Louisa County, Iowa. In 1875 he moved to his present farm. Evan Jenkins lives with his parents, and was born January 27, 1850, in Ohio; and on the thirtieth day of January, 1878, was married to Jennie S. Jones, who was born January 15, 1859. Her parents' names were Samuel and Elizabeth. Have had two boys: David and Samuel. Mr. Evan Jenkins belongs to the order of I. O. O. F., also the Congregational Church. Mr. Jenkin D. Jenkins is also a member of the Congregational Church.

JONES, ANNIE, P. O. Red Oak; born December, 1830, in Conway, Carnarvon, Wales; her parents' names were David and Ellen; left Wales in 1871, landing in New York; then to Louisa County, Iowa. Remaining there about three years, then moved to Montgomery County. Mrs. Jones was married to Wm. E. Jones, in 1852, in Wales. Have had eight boys and two girls, nine living: David, Evan, Moses, Matthias, Owen, Margaret Ellen, Annie, Samuel and William Elias. Mr. Wm. Jones was born September, 1829, in Wales, died at Council Bluffs November, 1877; and was buried in the Welsh graveyard.

JONES, LEWIS, P. O. Emerson, Mills County, sec. 20; was born January 4, 1836, in South Wales. His parents' names were Daniel and Mary. Mr. Jones lived with his parents until he was about twenty-fie years of age. He came to America in 1857, landing at Boston. He made his way to Rock Island, Illinois, and remained there about four years. In 1861 he moved to California and remained until 1871, when he returned to Philadelphia, coming by the way of Utah. On the seventh of March, 1872, was married to Miss Ellen Curtis, who was born Marhc 1, 1844, in Wales; her parents' names were John and Ellen. Mr. and Mrs. Jones are the parents of five children, but two living: Jennie and Daniel. Mr. Jones has been a member of the Latter Day Saints Church.

JONES, HUGH W., P. O. Red Oak; lives on section 35; born May, 1824, Angleshire, North Wales. His parents' names were William and Elizabeth; left home at an early age and engaged in farming; married Ellinor Rowlands, who was born May, 1824; was married in 1845 and moved to America in 1858; landed in New York, remained at Rome, New York, then came to Des Moines County, Iowa, and came to Montgomery County in March, 1875; have had eleven children, seven living, six boys and five girls: John W., William H., Hugh H., Henry H., Richard H., Thoms D., Elizabeth E., and three grand-children.

JONES, WILLIAM E., P. O. Red Oak; resides on section 33; was born December 15, 1844, in Clark County, Indiana. His parents' names were Robert E. and Catherine; he lived with his parents until he was twenty-one years old. He enlisted in company D, fourth Indiana cavalry in 1862, under captain Nugen; was in General Rosecras' army. His first fight was in Kentucky; was in the advance nearly all the time, acted as scout; was mustered out in 1865, returned to Indiana and engaged in the sawmill business for two years, then went to Kankakee County, Illinois, and engaged in farming; was married September 17, 1872, to Mrs. Ashbery, formerly Miss Carrie Jones, who was born May 1, 1841; her parents names were James and Susannah. Mrs. Jones had four children by her first husband, three girls and one boy: Robert Ashbery and Annie Ashbery, are still living, and two children by the second marriage: Katie V., and Maggie F. Mr. Jones came to Red Oak in 1872 and moved on his farm of eighty acres in 1875.

JONES, SAMUEL REV., P. O. Red Oak; lives on section 11; was born January 13, 1829, in Carnarvonshire, W. Wales. His parents' names were John and Elizabeth. Mr. Jones remained at home with his parents until he was twenty-two years old. He was married may 1, 1852, in Wales, to Miss Elizabeth Owens; she was born November, 1827; they have had ten children, two boys and eight girls, four living: Lizzie, born February 9, 1853, Jane, January 13, 1859, Samuel D., June 11, 1865, Prudence A., April 27, 1867. Mr. Jones came to America in 1864, landed at New York, making the first stop in Washington County, New York; remained there for eight years, then came to Louisa County, Iowa, staying there three years, then in 1875 came to his present farm and also took charge of the Welsh Congregational church of this place, and remained in charge of that for five years; in 1880, in March, resigned his charge. Mr. Jones is a self-made and self-educated man, never having attended school; he reads and writes both Welsh and English; he preaches altogether in the Welsh tongue. The first year they held their meeting in the school-house; the first service held in the church was a funeral service by Mr. Jones.

NAUERTC, MATHEW J., P. O. Red Oak; was born June 4, 1831, in Vintrich, Prussia; parents' names Christian and Elizabeth. When fifteen years of age started with his parents to America. This was in the year 1844, and during the voyage was shipwrecked on the Island of St. Michael for six months. The ship was ready to sink and they had to work the pumps day and night for two weeks. Were finally saved by a Spanish fisherman, who towed us to the harbor; finished our journey by taking an American ship to Boston; landed in September, 1844, going to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and remaining there for a short time, then bought a farm eight miles form the city, living on that for three years. Moved from there to Winnebago County, Illinois, living there about fifteen years. During that time he married Miss Melissa Johnson; had four children by this marriage, three girls and one boy: Elizabeth, Julia, Ella, and Benjamin F. Moved from there to Pottawattamie County, Iowa, and remained there for two years, then came to Red Oak, and was married to Miss Faith Hornby, March 14, 1874. Miss Hornby was born June 31, 1850. Her parents' names were James and Minerva. By this marriage he has thee children, two boys and one girl: Charles J., Harry G., and Marietta. Moved on to the present farm in 1877. Mr. Nauertc enlisted in the army August 31, 1864, and was detailed to work on hospital No. 2 as carpenter. Was taken sick, and during the latter part of September was discharged for disability and went home October 4, the same year. During the time of his employ he was detailed to repair the barracks, and while thus engaged was badly ruptured, and was cut on rations and suffered for want of food; this was at Nashville, Tennessee. His discharge was signed by Aaron Lewis, surgeon.

OWENTS, REV. OWEN, section 10, P. O. Red Oak; Mr. Owens was born in Carnarvonshire, West Wales; parents' names, Morris and Mary. He lived with his parents until he was eighteen years of age, then attended an English school in Wales for two years, and at the same time began preaching for the Welsh Congregational church; he received his ordination and license December 21, 1842. He was placed in charge of the Gelynas chapel in Brekenshire, South Wales; remained there in charge for five and one-half years, then removed to Brymmenyn, South Wales; was in charge of that parish for eighteen years on a salary of $240 per annum. Came to America in f1865, landing at New York, then located at Pittston, Pennsylvania, remained there one year; from there he went to Coal Valley, Illinois, then to Columbus City, Iowa, then Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; at each of these places he was engaged in preaching. In 1877 he came to this place, having bought land here two years previously; February 14, 1844, was married to Miss Sarah Evans, who was born in 1824, in South Wales. They are the parents of seven children: Mary A., born February 8, 1845; John, November 6, 1847; Elizabeth, April 27, 1850; Sarah, July 18, 1852; Owen, May 15, 1854; William, October 6, 1859; Margaret J., August 30, 1864. Mrs Sarah Owens died September 6, 1864, in Wales. Mr. Owens was a widower for about two years; was married the second time to Miss Catherine Edwards, May 30, 1866; she was born in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Owens speaks both English and Welsh fluently; by this second marriage they have had four children, one living: William E., born June 18, 1867, at Coal Valley, Illinois. Mr. Owens while preaching in Wales, used to preach three times on Sabbath day; walking fourteen miles; climbing the mountains; he also preached ten years in Bethel, without any apparent success on account of the Darwinian theory; but Mr. Owens eventually succeeded, and before he left had large accessions to his church.

OWENS, ROBERT L., section 8, P. O. Henderson, Mills County; Mr. Owens was born September 14, 1848, in Henderson County, Illinois; his parents' names were Jackson and Margaret. Mr. Jackson Owens was born in the state of Kentucky, in 1819; he came to Iowa in 1858, but remained but a short time, moved then to Henderson County, Illinois; at which place he died September 1, 1875. Mrs. Margaret Owens was born June 15, 1823, in South Carolina, and was married to Mr. Owens June 25, 1847. They had fourteen children of whom eight are living; James R., born December 16, 1840; Sarah J., March 6, '43; Robert L., September 14, '48; Samuel E., September 24, '50; William N., February 19, '52; Elizabeth C., October 19, '54; Eliza F., April 4, '56; John, March 24, '58. Mrs. Margaret Owens died March 19, 1880, in this county and was buried in Farm Creek cemetery. Mr. R. L. Owens remained with his parents until he was of age; worked by the month in Illinois until 1876, when he came to Mills County, Iowa; then in 1880 moved into Montgomery County.

PITTENGER, THOMAS H., section 13, P. O. Red Oak; Mr. Pittenger was born in Delaware County, Indiana, April 1, 1835. He is one of twelve children. His parents' names are John and Mary. He was raised by his uncle Thomas Humphreys and remained on the farm with him until he was of age. Was married October 2, 1856, to Miss Minerva J. Taylor, who was born July 30, 1839, in Jefferson County, Indiana. Her parents' names are Joseph and Jane. She was one of nine children. Mr. and Mrs. Pittenger are the parents of ten children, seven living, five girls: Ida M., born March 11, '60; Gurney K, January 10, '62; Ared D., March 2, '64; Albert F., June 17 '66; Mary E., October 19, '68; John L., October 6, '70; Olive A., November 27, '74. Mr. P. left Delaware County, Indiana, in 1854; then moved to Hardin County, Iowa, where he was married. In 1875 came to this county. After 1st of March will be on a farm northeast of Red Oak, about three miles.

PETERSON, NEAL, section 14, P. O. Red Oak; he was born August 2, 1837, in Kalmar, Sweden. Remained with parents until he was fourteen years of age; after that learned the trade of stone mason. Came to America in 1869; located at Boston Massachusetts. Worked on railroad for a short time, and in 1870 came to Red Oak and bought in partnership with two of his brothers. August 7, 1879, was married to Miss Matilda Nelson, who was born July 8, 1852, in Sweden. They have had one child, Nellie O., born July 26, 1880. In 1879 moved on to his present farm and built his house. Mr. Peterson is a member of the Swedish Lutheran church. His parents' names were Peter and Mary.

ROBERTS, JOHN H., section 25, P. O. Red Oak; was born in 1822, in Angleshire Worth, Wales. Mr. Roberts worked with his father at the stone business until he was eighteen years of age, when he went to Liverpool about four years; returning home he remained there until 1854, when he came to America landing at New York city; going to Wisconsin for a short time, and from there to Detroit, Michigan, living there only one year, then moving to Iowa County, Iowa, in 1863, remaining there until 1871, when he came to Montgomery County, locating on section 25, and has since been engaged in farming and stock raising. There was only one school house in the township when Mr. Roberts came. He was married to Miss Jane Jones, who was born July 16, 1830, in Wales; parents' names, William and Ellen. Was married December 18, 1856. Have had three children - two girls and one boy, all living; Annie, John, and Ellen. They are members of the Methodist Calvinistic church.

ROBERTS, D. W., section 21, P. O. Red Oak; was born June 15, 1827, in North Wales. Parents' names are David and Elizabeth. He lived with his parents until he was twelve years of age, then hired out to do farm work. He came to America in 1849, landing at New York, and went from there to Utica, New York, and remained there about twenty years. Came to Des Moines County in 1870, and to Montgomery County in 1874. Mr. Roberts was married to Miss Elizabeth Roberts in August, 1857. She was born August 14, 1841 in Wales. Her parents' names are William D. and Elizabeth. Have had six children, four boys and two girls - four are living: Elizabeth, David W., Everett, and Mary E. For thirteen years he followed clerking in a store, and the remainder of the time has followed farming. He owns a farm of eighty acres. David W. Roberts, Jr., was born October 14, 1860, in Utica, New York, living with his parents on a farm. He is a member of the Congregational church, and is a very exemplary young man, highly respected by all who know him.

THOMAS, JOHN L., section 22, P. O. Red Oak; was born September 10, 1831, in Cormorthinshire, Wales. Names of parents, William and Margaret. His parents died when he was quite young. He lived with his brother-in-law until he became of age. Came to this country in 1843, has made several trips across the ocean, finally locating in Licking County, Ohio. Moved to Louisa County, Iowa, in 1855, and married Miss Rachel Jenkins, who was born December 25, 1836, in Wales. Her parents' names were Jenkin and Elizabeth. Have had five children, three boys and two girls - four living: William, Elizabeth, David and Jennett. From Louisa County he moved to Montgomery County in 1876. Mr. Thomas is a member of the Congregational church. He has followed farming all his life.

THOMAS, W., section 34, P. O. Red Oak; Mr. Thomas was born July 18, 1858, in Louisa County, Iowa. Removed with his parents to this township in 1876. He was married to Miss Mary A. Hughes, January 14, 1880, by Rev. S. S. Jones. She was born September 19, 1857, in Wales. She came with her parents, Lot and Mary Hughes, to America in 1869, and located in this township. They have one child, Frederick, born October 30, 1880. Mr. Thomas has a farm of 160 acres.

THOMAS, GRIFFITH, P. O. Henderson, Mills County, lives on section 9, Lincoln township. Mr. Thomas was born November 12, 1843, in South Wales. Emigrated to this country in 1858, making his first stop in Burlington, Iowa, staying there one and a half years, then moved to Louisa County, remaining there until 1862, when he enlisted in company F, Twenty-fifth Iowa volunteer infantry, under Capt. Allen, serving under Grant. His first battle was at Vicksburg, and had to retreat; and was also in five or six other battles in that vicinity. He was in the army one year and ten months, and was mustered out in 1864, and returned home to Louisa County, in the spring of 1871, when he came to Montgomery County and bought land; after three months boarding he joined himself in matrimony, on the 12th of February, 1879, to Miss Jennie Hughes, who was born July 27, 1855, in North Wales. She came to America with her parents, Lot and Mary Hughes, in 1869. Mr. Thomas has a fine farm of 120 acres.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM A., P. O. Henderson, Mills County; lives on section 9, Lincoln township, Montgomery County; was born September 9, 1819, in Breckenshire, South Wales. Mr. Williams' father died when he was quite young, and his mother married again to a Mr. Edwards, with whom he lived until he was twenty years of age. After this Mr. Williams went to mining, and on the 17th of February, 1844, he was married to Miss Elizabeth Risser, who was born March 8, 1821, in Monmouthshire, Wales. They have had ten children, five living: Rebecca, born July 24, '45, Elizabeth, born October 27, '49, Thomas R., born March 23, '52, Walter A., May 17, '58, Margaret J., August 12, '62. Mr. Williams came to America in 1860, stopping in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, for one year, then came to Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, then to Coal Valley, Illinois, then to Henry County, Illinois, then returned to Coal Valley, and in 1876 to his present farm here; has 240 acres of land.

WOODS, RICHARD, P. O. Red Oak; lives on section 1, Lincoln township. He was born September 15, 1847, in Warren County, Illinois. Parents' names, John and Nancy. He remained with his parents until he was twenty-four years of age, living on a farm. February 9, 1871, Mr. Woods was married to Ada Adair. She was born July 3, 1852, in Mercer County, Illinois. They have had three children, two living, one boy and two girls: Allie, born February 9, '73, Mabel, born December 21, '77. Mr. Woods remained in Warren County until 1876, when he came to his present home. He has 240 acres of land, all improved.


~ source: History of Montgomery County, Iowa, Illustrated. Des Moines, Iowa Historical an Biographical Co., 1881, Page 618-629.

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