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DELANY, WILLIAM B., farmer, section 10, P. O., Villisca; born in Delaware County, Indiana, April 21, 1830, and at the age of twelve years his parents emigrated to Andrew County, Missouri. Was married to Miss Nancy J. McBrien, May, 1851, by David Sleeth, J. P., of Andrew County, Missouri. Mrs. Delany was born near Nashville, Tennessee, May 6, 1831, emigrated to Montgomery County, Iowa, in October, 1853, and located on the west Nodawa, where he lived for some time; moved into Villisca where he lived for twelve years, then moved to where he now lives. He came to this county when there were but twenty-seven persons in the county, and was present at the organization of the county. Have eight children: John H., Charles M., Isaac N., James W., Beda A., Lydia M., Emma J. and Sarah E. Owns a nice little farm of which he is making a fruit farm.

DENISON, WILLIAM M., miller, P. O. Villisca; born in Preble county, Ohio, October 7, 1842; resided with his parents till twenty-two years old; learning the milling trade with his father while yet at home. Enlisted in company A, Sixty-fifth regiment Ohio volunteer infantry, October, 1861, and was assigned to the army of the Tennessee, and participated in the battles of Lexington, Kentucky, and Richmond, and was taken prisoner; was paroled and went home to Ohio, and was married to Miss Mary Brubaker, December 18, 1861, by the Rev. David Winters, of the German Reformed church, of Dayton, Ohio. The fragments of the Sixty-fifth regiment were exchanged and consolidated with the Sixteenth regiment Indiana volunteer infantry, and was taken to Missouri, but was soon detached and placed in the commissary department, where he remained until March, 1862, when his time of service expired and he was discharged and returned home. Mrs. Denison was the daughter of Abraham and Martha Brubaker, natives of Ohio. In 1878 Mr. Denison emigrated to Montgomery County, Iowa, and lived a short time in Villisca, then moved to Honady's Mills where he has rented the mill; has so repaired the mill that its manufacture of flour is second to none in the county. Has three children: James M., William H. and Mattie.

FARLIN, T. J., farmer, section 4, P. O. Villisca; born in Athens County, Ohio, February 2, 1819. Resided there until June, 1865, when he emigrated to Montgomery County, where he has since lived. Has always followed stock-raising and farming, taught school when a young man, received a good education in Athens County, Ohio, and was married to Miss Ruth Gabriel, October 3, 1843. She was a native of Athens County, Ohio, where they were married by D. C. Toppings. They have ten children: Horace, born March 11, 1845; Walter, born June 17, 1847, Louis, born January 25, 1852; Albert, born March 8, 1855; Martha, born March 16, 1857; Henry, born January 23, 1859; Charles, born February 24, 1861; Nettie, born December 24, 1863; Eli, born November 24, 1867; Viola, December 10, 1869, and one deceased, Frank, born July 25, 1851. He owns 344 acres of land, 150 acres under cultivation, and the balance in timber and pasture. Land well improved with good buildings and a good orchard of bearing trees. Has given his children 240 acres of land. He served one term on the board of supervisors of the county, and has filled the office of township trustee.

FINDLEY, WILLIAM H., farmer, section 14, P. O. Villisca; born in Jackson County, Indiana, April 5, 1835, and at the age of seventeen years his father emigrated to Montgomery County, Iowa. In the year 1858 he was married to Elizabeth Thompson, June 17, 1858, by the Rev. W. C. Means, of the C. P. church of this county. Mrs. Findley was born in Jackson County, Indiana, July 9, 1839, and a daughter of Joseph and Nancy Thompson, who were natives of Ohio. They have nine children: Francis M., Joseph W., Winfield S., Charles M., George O., Ada Genopha, Martha J. and Leona M. Mr. Findley now resides upon the farm that his father bought and located when he came to this county. Has a beautiful grove of timber, consisting of black oak, black walnut and hickory. In the early settlement the people had to go to Marysville and to St. Joe for their supplies, taking six to seven days to accomplish the trip.

MEANS, THOMAS C., farmer, section 12, P. O. Villisca; born in Clinton County, Missouri, September 15, 1855. When quite young his parents moved to Andrew County, Missouri, where they lived until Thomas was 16 years old, when his parents emigrated to Montgomery County, Iowa, where he has since resided, and received a limited education. Was married to Miss Minerva Findley, in 1853, by the Rev. W. C. Means of this county. Mrs. Means died March 17, 1872. Mr. Means again married to Anna C. Meyers, July 1872, and she died March 17, 1879, and for the second time he was left to fight the battles of life alone; but feeling it was not good for man to be alone, he again was married to Miss Minerva E. Greenlee, July 31, 1879, by the Rev. Frank O. Ballard of the Presbyterian church of Corning, Iowa. Mr. Means has six children: Stephen D., Thomas F., Emma A., Mary L., Elva E. and Flora B. Mr. Means owns 148 acres of land, with good improvements, and 200 apple trees. He and his wife are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian church and he has held some important offices in the gift of the people of his township.

MORITZ, PETER M., farmer, section --; he was born February 9, 1821, in Adams County, Pennsylvania, remained in same county with his parents until he was twenty-four years old. In 1845 went to Wayne County, Indiana, then to Grant County, and in 1856, came to Montgomery County, Iowa. His wife died in this county in 1859. In the fall of 1861 he enlisted in company under Capt. Rumbaugh, and joined Major Berghers' brigade of cavalry at St. Joseph; was transferred as escort to Peabody's infantry; first engagement was at Lexington, Missouri, received two slight wounds; re-enlisted in company F, Twenty-third Iowa infantry, was in six regular battles; was at the siege of Vicksburg; was made first duty sergeant in first enlistment, refused any promotions in the second company; was discharged at Duvall's Bluffs October 28, 1864, on account of having his eyes injured by being over-heated at Vicksburg. He returned from the army to this county and has been engaged in farming ever since. In December, 1844, was married to Miss Pamela Janes, who died February 28, 1859; have had six children, only two living: John C., born in 1851; Samuel M. in 1853. There were but five families in Jackson township when he came here; they were the Dunns, Rosses, Harrises and Rodgers.

RAINS, ISAAC F., farmer and millwright, P. O. Villisca; born in Highland County, Ohio, October 15, 1829, and at the age of twenty-one years, having learned the millwright trade with his father, who was a millwright by trade, went to work in a mill in Ross County, Ohio; was married to Miss Mary Rains, March 3, 1851, by the Rev. James McGee, J. P., of Vinton County, Ohio. Mrs. Rains was the daughter of Benjamin and Susan Rains, natives of North Carolina. Mr. Rains was engaged in buying and selling land; was in the state militia and assisted in the capture of John Morgan while on his raid in Ohio. in November, 1864, emigrated to Montgomery County, Iowa, and his family followed in the spring of 1865; he owned the farm where Nodawa town now is, in Adams County. He made many changes in his location and is finally located on section 21. Have nine children: Benjamin F., John W., Edward D., Thomas, Emma, Rebecca A., Ida, Minnie, and Lavina.

WASHBURN, WILLIAM, farmer, section 3, P. O. Villisca; born in Cattaraugus County, New York, January 11, 1817; was employed upon the farm, and at the age of twenty-five years was married to Miss Emeline Warner, March, 1842. Enlisted in company C, 105th regiment New York volunteer infantry, February 7, 1862, and was assigned to the army of the Potomac, and participated in the battles of Cedar Mountains, second Bull Run, Chantilla, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg and was wounded by the bursting of a shell from which he did not recover for one year. Then went to City Point and Petersburg and was at the capture of the Weldon railroad, and at the battle of Hatches' Run; was discharged March 8, 1865; and returned home to New York. In 1858, Mrs. Washburn died. In the year 1865 he was again married to Miss Mary Ethe, May 27, 1865, by Mr. Milo Berry, of Cattaraugus County, New York, and one year later emigrated to Ottawa County, Michigan, where he resided for nine years; he then emigrated to Montgomery County in the year 1875, and located where he now resides. They have three children: Evenly, born May 6, '67; Willie, born November 21, '70; Elsie M., born March 26, '74.


~ source: History of Montgomery County, Iowa, Illustrated. Des Moines, Iowa Historical an Biographical Co., 1881, Page 590-593.

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