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ANDERSON, ALEXANDER, P. O. Stanton; lives on section 23 of Frankfort township. Was born in Sweden, December 1, 1817; emigrated to America in 1868, and located first in Jefferson County, Iowa, where he farmed until 1876, when he moved to this county. He has been renting land since coming here and doing well. He was married, in Sweden, May 9, 1840, to Miss Anna S. Peterson; she was born in October 1817. They are old, but are well cared for by their son Axel O., born October 14, 1860. They have three children married and five dead: Josephine, Huldah, Sophia, Axel, Albertine. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are members of the Swedish Church. He owns eighty acres of land in Nebraska.

ANDERSON, JOHN S., farmer, P. O. Stanton; resides on section 35. He was born in Sweden, May 11, 1851, and remained with his parents until he was twenty-five years old, and emigrated with them to this country in 1864, bought a farm for himself; and October 21, 1876, was married to Miss Helen Swenson, born in Sweden, December 6, 1850. They have one child, Alhur, born March 27, 1879. They are both members of the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church.

ANDERSON, SAMUEL, farmer, P. O. Stanton; lives on section 35. He was born in Sweden in the province of Westergothland, June 6, 1823. He was a miller owning his own mill. He was married to Anna M. Johnson in 1848; by this marriage they have seven children: Anna M., died in this county; John T., born in Sweden, now married; Emma, Ida S., Hermon, Wilhelmina, Hilma, now deceased. The mother of these children died in October, 1865. In 1864 Mr. Anderson emigrated to this country, locating first in Shelby County, Illinois, until 1869, was the second time married to Miss Stin Rydberg. She had one daughter, Augusta M., born May 1, 1857. Mr. Anderson came to this county in 1869, and worked for a time for the C. B. & Q. R. R., then bought and began the improvement of his farm. He was one of the first Swedes that settled in this township. Mr. Anderson now has a well improved farm. Herman, his youngest son, works the farm, but owns a farm of his own in section34. They are all members of the Church and are highly respected by their neighbors.

ANDERSON, CHARLES H., farmer, section 35, P. O. Stanton. He was born in Sweden, in the province of Westergothland, October 12, 1834, and followed farming. Came to America in 1864, stopping first in Shelby County, Illinois, there worked as a common laborer. He came to Stanton in 1869, where he first worked for the railroad company for about one year; then moved on ot his farm. Mr. Anderson suffered many hardships before his farm was paid for and improved; but he now owns a fine farm well improved. He was married to Miss Sarah Anderson in 1861. She was born in Sweden, August 16, 1832. They have four children living: John A., born Oct. 21, 1865; Edward, born March 4, 1868; Claes L., March 12, 1871; Alvin July 17, 1874; two dead: Silma, aged two days and Alfred, aged nine days. They are members of the Swedish Church.

BOND, AMASA, farmer, section 20, P. O. Red Oak; born June 2, 1847, in Hamilton County, Indiana, where he was raised. In 1856 he came with his father to Montgomery County, Iowa, and settled on the place where he now lives, where he has received a good common school education, and has followed the occupation of farmer all his life on the same farm, with the exception of two years, when he lived southeast of Red Oak. Was married February 25, 1869, to Miss Laura E. Murray, of Frankfort township, a native of Jefferson County, Indiana. By this union they have three children living; Maud L., born January 25, 1870; Clarence B., born Dec. 5, 1871; Effie B., born Feb. 2, 1874. When Mr. B. came to this county he was in limited circumstances, his father being the first practicing physician in the county, and one of its first officials; pay being small he died comparatively poor; but we find the son making his mark.

BJORKLUND, NELS J., farmer, section 34, P. O. Stanton. Was born in Skane, Sweden, Nov. 28, 1849; at the age of fifteen years he began to solve the problem of life, and hired to a farmer, with whom he remained four years, and then engaged in a mill for two years; then served in the military for three years, after which he worked in a distillery in winter and carpentering in the summer. In 1875 he emigrated to America and landed at Red Oak, May 31, and worked on a farm for two and a half years, and then for one and one-half years worked for the C., B. & Q. railroad company, after which he returned to Sweden on the 16th day of June, 1879, from Stanton, making a short stop in England and Denmark, and arriving at his old home July 15th. He remained in Sweden until April 7, 1880, when he returned to Stanton, and again engaged to work for the railroad company, but afterward rented the land on which he now lives, and where he is waiting for some one to share the joys and sorrows of life with him.

CARLSON, ANDREW, farmer, section 36, P. O. Stanton. He was born in Sweden, in the province of Smaland in 1812. He farmed until he came to this country in 1851; lived in Chicago one year; then came to Andover, Henry County, Illinois. In 1852 he bought 120 acres of land and partially improved it. In 1875 he sold out and came to Montgomery County, Iowa. He was married in Sweden in 1833, to Lisa Stina Hakanson. They are the parents of six children; Per J., married; Johanna M., Sophie, married; Klaes W., Skellotta, and Franc Oscar, who is staying at home. He was born February, 1857. He remains at home and takes care of his father and mother. They are all members of the church.

CRAM, ISABELLA, relict of Frederick Cram, section 30, P. O. Red Oak, Mr. Cram was born in Waldo County, Maine, June 2, 1818. He remained on the farm until he was twenty-two years of age, when he removed to Massachusetts. Was married in 1839 to Miss Isabella Cram. He moved to Montgomery County in 1871, and located on the above named section. He immediately began the improvement of his farm, building himself a fine residence and also a large barn. In April, 1876, Mr. Cram died, and was followed in April, 1879, by his daughter, Anna B. She was born in Massachusetts in May, 1846. Mrs. Cram now has three children at home, one married.

DANBOM, CARL J., section 24. Was born in the province of Ostergothland, Sweden, and worked on a farm with his father. He emigrated to this county in 1867, locating in Jefferson County, Iowa, remaining there for three years. In 1870 he moved to Montgomery County, renting land for the first two years. He then bought a piece of land, paying $400 as part payment and began work on his own farm which he now owns. He was married in 1865, in Sweden, to Miss Emma L. Anderson, who was born December 31, 1842. They have four children: Andrew J., born August 8, 1866; Oscar F., born Nov. 11, 1873; Malcum E., born Feb. 1, 1876; one daughter, Helga.

DANBOM, ANDUS P., section 24, P. O. Stanton; he was born in Sweden in the province of Ostergothland, September 15, 1841, was married in March, 1864, to Helena S. Carlson. She was born March 27, 1839. They emigrated to this country in 1869, stopping at New Sweden, Jefferson County, Iowa, worked at railroading and lost about 1,000 on a contract; came to this county in 1871. He also visited Missouri and Kansas looking for a home, but not finding such land as suited him there, returned and engaged in farming in this county, first on rented land, but soon bought a farm of his own. In 1871 he lost the greater part of his property by fire. He has four children: Milton, born September 16, 1870; Theodore F., October 28, 1873; Anna S., August 19, 1876; Teckla E., December 2, 1878; Caroline S., born July 31, 1865, died June 7, 1869; Carl A., born May 5, 1868, died May 1, 1869; Johan W., born March 1, 1870, died March 28, 1870. He is a member of the Swedish Lutheran church and in high standing in this community.

DOUGLAS, JOHN, section 5, P. O. Red Oak; born in Edinburgh, Scotland, May 8, 1849, lived there until four years of age, then moved to America and settled in the state of New York, and remained there until the spring of 1874, when he moved to Montgomery County, Iowa, and settled where he now lives. Always been a farmer, with common school education. Enlisted in Company G, First U. S. regular volunteer infantry, in the spring of 1868, and served five years. He was stationed at Ft. Porter, at Buffalo, during the entire period. A member of the Presbyterian church. Was a member of the Masonic order at one time, but has not been identified with the order since coming west. Married in February, 1874, to Mrs. Davidson, of Ft. Erie, Canada; Mrs. D. was born at Stratford, Canada, November 28, 1832. Mrs. D. was married first time to John Davidson, who died in 1872. She had three children by this husband; Alexander, John and George. Mr. D. has two children, William and James; the first was born October 31, 1874, the last named April 7, 1877. Has forty acres of improved land.

HULETT, M. Y., farmer and stock raiser, section 15, P. O. Red Oak; born in Cayuga County, N. Y., July 5, 1821, where he resided till eleven years of age, when he moved with his parents to Chautauqua County, in same state, where he remained till about twenty years of age, then moving to another part of same county and lived there some eight or ten years, then moved to Clinton, Rock County, Wisconsin, where he lived till fall of 1863, when he moved to La Salle County, Illinois, and remained there until fall of 1872, when he moved to Iowa, settling in Montgomery County, where he now lives. Married February 15, 1848, to Miss Sarah Jane White, native of N. Y., by which union they have three children: Charles, born September 3, 1850; Sarah Alma, born December 27, 1852; William M., born June 17, 1857. Mr. H. has a farm of 250 acres of well improved land, good house, barn, fine orchard, grove; everything convenient.

JACKSON, GUSTAF, section 23; was born in the province of Smaland, Sweden, October 10, 1841> While in the old country farmed and worked at the carpenter's trade; he emigrated to this country in 1868, locating in Burlington, Iowa, and was employed in a factory. He was married in Burlington, September 29, 1873, to Miss Mary Johnson, who was born January 10, 1850; made a wedding tour to Sweden and remained there until 1875, when he returned to this country, locating in this county on his present homestead of eighty acres, which he has well improved. They have three children: Emma A., born in Sweden, April 24, 1875; Ellen C., October 23, 1879; Cedi J., January 1, 1881. Mr. Jackson is also a good carpenter; he is a member of the church.

JOHNSON, NELS P., farmer, section 25, P. O. Stanton; he was born in Sweden, in the province of Smaland, October 28, 1828. Emigrated to America in 1868. Worked by the day in Indiana for one year, then moved to Bishop Hill, Henry County, Illlinois, remaining there for two years, then came to this county in 1871. He had but little means when he began farming here: he now owns eighty acres of good land with average improvements. Mr. Johnson lost his health some three years since, but his son superintends the farming for his father, in addition to his own farm. Mr. Johnson was married in Sweden to Christina M. Swanson. They have ten children: one married, Christina S.; John C., born February 18, 1859; Ida M., born August 2, 1861; Emma J., born January 9, 1865; Victor A., born June 2, 1867; Edward, born February 29, 1870; Milton, born October 22, 1873; Alice, born September 3, 1876; Alma, August 8, 1878; David A., born October 9,1880. He is a member of the church.

JOHNSON, AUGUST A., farmer, section 26, P. O. Stanton; he was born in Smaland, Sweden, September 17, 1846. He began at an early age to look out for himself. He came to America in 1868, first working on the railroad, then moved to Henry County, Illinois, remaining there two years, then to Cedar County, Iowa, then to Clinton County, where he lived six years, and then came to this county in 1877. He has eighty acres of well improved land. In 1880 he sent for his old parents and sister to the old country. Their named are John P. Peterson and Mary A. Peterson. His sisters' names are Anna L. Peterson and Clara O. He is one of the prominent members of the Swedish Missionary Church, being trustee and secretary.

LAWRENS, JOHN H., farmer, P. O. Morton's Mills; born in Monmouth County, New Jersey, November 21, 1815, where he was raised till fourteen years of age, when his parents moved to Wayne County, New York, where he grew to manhood and received his education, and then went on public works in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio for twelve or fourteen years as foreman, and in April, 1855, landed in Montgomery County, Iowa, a very poor man, and has lived here ever since, and now owns one of the very best farms in this county, of 290 acres, well improved, good barn, house and orchard. He now is one of the wealthiest farmers in the county, and is well liked by all who know him. Married, September 19, 1838, in Macedonia, New York, by A. D. Gage, to Miss Ellen T. Anthony, a native of Ulster County, New York. They are second cousins, and are the seventh generation of John Anthony Lawrens, who came from Hampshire, England, in 1639, and settled on Rhode Island, now the state of Rhode Island.

NYBERG, CARL J., P. O., Red Oak, lives on section 31, Frankfort township; was born in the province of Smaland, Sweden, the 16th of April, 1825; learned the shoemaker's trade when a small boy. When he became of age he engaged in the mill business and worked as a miller in his own mill while he remained in Sweden. In 1851 he was married to Helena C. Lundstrom; in 1866 emigrated to this country, leaving his family to come afterward. He located in Burlington, Iowa, and engaged in the shoemaking business. In 1867 he brought his family over, and in April, 1873, moved to this county; was one of the first settlers in that part of the township. He now has a nice farm, well improved. His oldest son, John A. Nyberg, was born January 24th, 1852; he is a carpenter by trade, learned his trade well; worked several years in a planing mill in Burlington, Iowa. He is now working with his father on the farm, having also an interest in the farm. The two younger brothers, Goran L., and Gustaf M., twins, were born July 28th, 1862. They have two children dead, both died in the old country. They are all members of the Swedish church.

NICHOLAS, HENRY M., farmer, section 18, P. O. Red Oak; born in White County, Tennessee, October 8, 1840, and at the age of sixteen came to Henderson County, Illinois, with his parents, and lived here twelve years; then in 1868 he moved to Montgomery County, Iowa, settling near Sciola, and lived here a short time, thn moved to Kansas, where he lived four years, then removed back to Iowa, settling where he now lives, and has followed farming through life for a business, except while in the service of his country; when on the 6th of August, 1862, he enlisted in Eighty-fourth Illinois volunteer infantry; was in the battle of Perrysville, Kentucky; his regiment was engaged in the battle of Murfreesboro, but he was away in the hospital with measles at that time. After two months he rejoined his regiment and then went into the Chattanooga campaign; was in the battles of Chicamauga, Buzzard's Roost, Resaca, and Dallas, Georgia, and Pumpkinvine creek. He was wounded in the left breast by a piece of shell at Chicamauga, September 19, 1863, and was wounded in the left leg at Lost Mountain, June 13, 1864. In the October following he was transferred to the Veteran Reserve corps, where he remained until the close of the war. August 15, 1860, Mr. Nicholas was married to Miss Mary Barnett, in Henderson county, Illinois. Mrs. Nicholas was born January 2, 1840. They have had five children: Emma, born August 3, 1861; Artemisia, born December 12, 1866; Sarah C., born December 11, 1870; Lucy G., born March 25, 1873; Lizzie A., born November 28, 1875. Mr. Nicholas has eighty acres all under cultivation.

NELSON, L. P., farmer, section 25, P. O. Stanton; he was born in Smaland, Sweden, May 24, 1825. Worked by the month until he was married in 1855 to Sophia Fagerstrom. He emigrated to America in 1866. In New York he lost his wife, and Charles G., nine months old. He then went to Andover, Henry County, Illinois, and married his second wife, in 1868, Louisa Peterson, a native of Sweden, born in 1825. He came to this county in 1871; was one of the first settlers in that neighborhood. He had but little money when he came, but fortune has smiled upon him and he now owns a good farm, well improved. They have five children: Emily, born April 20, 1856; John, March 5, 1858; Oscar, October 3, 1862; Selma O., March 24, 1869; Charles, February 22, 1872. They are both members of the church.

PETERSON, JOHN X., section 23; was born in Sweden, January 1, 1851. Came with his parents to this country in 1868. He lived for a time in Wapello County, Iowa. In 1873 came to this county. He was married in 1877 to Miss Sophia Swanson, a native of Sweden, born in 1857. They have one child, Bertha, born September 7, 1878.

PLANCK, THEOPHILE, farmer, section 14, P. O., Stanton; was born in Sweden, in the province of Ostergothland, July 31, 1852, and was educated in the common schools. He emigrated to America in 1871, and came to Chicago the same night of the great fire in that city. He remained there for a short time, being engaged as a sailor; then to La Salle County, Illinois, where he worked on a farm for wages; then engaged in farming on his own account, following that for four years. In 1878 he came to this county, where he has followed the occupation of farmer, ever since. He is a young man of good habits and commands the respect of all who know him. He is in a state of "single blessedness," but would, no doubt, that it were otherwise. He is a member of the church.

ROSS, AUGUSTUS, section 32; was born February 15, 1847, in Norfold County, Mass. His parents died while quite young, leaving him to care for himself. He first learned the shoemaker's trade, and after a few years made a trip through Kansas and Missouri to look out a home; finding none that suited in those States, came to Montgomery County, locating first in 1870 in Walnut township, afterward in 1874, in Frankfort township. He now owns a fine farm well stocked, which he values at $8,000. He was married June 22, 1874, to Nellie G. Cram. She was born in Massachusetts, October 20, 1849. They have one adopted child, Ida, born in 1871. Mr. Ross is a member of the Masonic Order of Red Oak Lodge 162.

SAMPLE, JEREMIAH, section 9, P. O. Red Oak; born in Adams County, Pennsylvania, December 25, 1829. Left there at the age of five years, and moved to Path Valley, Franklin County, in the same State. He lived there until nine years of age, and moved near Chambersburg in the same county, where he remained until he was twenty-two years of age. From there he left his parents and came to Carroll County, Illinois, where he settled and remained until the spring of 1871, when he moved to Montgomery County, Iowa, where he now resides. He was married February 21, 1856, to Nancy J. Seller, of Carroll County. Mrs. Sample was born in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, February 22, 1837; has had nine children, viz.: John Wesley, born July 25, 1858; Albert, November 18, 1860; Walter, born July 4, 1864; Minnie, born January 5, 1866; Mary L., born March 1, 1873; Margaret L., born June 18, 1874; Franklin, born March 4, 1877; Irvine, born August 25, 1879; one deceased, Wm. S., born December 15, 1856; died June 29, 1880. Has one hundred acres of improved land; was raw land when he moved onto it. Has a nice young orchard of 130 trees.


~ source: History of Montgomery County, Iowa, Illustrated. Des Moines, Iowa Historical an Biographical Co., 1881, Page 568-575.

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