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                                  George Washington Higgins   


    George Washington Higgins was born in Port William, Clinton County, Ohio on August 6,1834 and died September 27,1915 in Villisca, Iowa.  His parents were William and Elizabeth Moorman Higgins. At the age of 12 years he was left an orphan and lived with his grandmother Catherine Moorman until his marriage.


   On September 2,1858 he was married to Harriet Helen Powers, the daughter of William Powers and Mary Emily Higgins.  They were second cousins. To this union were born nine children, seven sons and two daughters. They were Thomas William, Lewis Henry who married Martha Lodema Willett, Asa Benson who married Elizabell Mackey, Charles Alexander who married Mary Nancy Beery, George Harvey, Lilly Belle who married George Neely, James Oscar who married Ella Gerhart, Edwin Sherman and Mabel Clare who married Joseph Elvin Beavers.


 In 1861, while living in Adams County, Ohio, Mr. Higgins enlisted as a soldier in the Civil War and served three years and five months in company D, 11th Ohio Cavalry under Colonel Collins and Captain Van

  Winkle.   He served with the soldiers who built Fort Collins, Colorado.  At the close of war he moved with his family, in 1872, to North Henderson, Mercer County, Illinois. In the fall of 1880 they moved to Villisca, Montgomery County, Iowa.


[Submitter's Note: George Washington Higgins is a third cousin to Mark Twain]



~ transcribed and submitted by Ardith Earl