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1850's Ancient Free and Accepted Masons


No. 76, Albia Lodge, Albia, Monroe Co., Iowa
Stated Meetings: Friday before Full Moon
Grand Lodge Dues, $30.50
Dispensation granted June 1855
Chartered June 4th, 1856
Number of current members: 21


Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for the Monroe co. IAGenWeb, Sept. 2005

Bone [Bowe], John, 1855-56 officer: WM; an original founder of Albia Lodge

Gossage [Gassage], Samuel, 1855-56 officer: SW; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden); an original founder of Albia Lodge

Hatton, W.C., 1855-56 officer: JW; an original founder of Albia Lodge

Hartness, R.M, 1855-56 officer: Treas

Knight, J.M., 1855-56 officer: Sec

Mercer, Wm, 1855-56 officer: SD

Saunders, Henry, 1855-56 officer: JD

Zanona, Joseph, 1855-56 officer: Tyler

Bill [Bills], E.M., master mason; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)

Collins, Jas M., master mason

Craig, Thos, master mason

Detar, M.S., entered apprentice

Driese, Samuel, entered apprentice

Ingham, Rowland, master mason

Jones, J.S., master mason

Kenworthy, Thos, master mason

Lambert, P.T., master mason; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)

Lower, W.M., master mason

Mohler, T.D., entered apprentice

Moore, J.E.L., master mason

Past, Thos H., master mason

Smiley, William, past member

Townsend, John S., master mason

Waugh, Wm E., master mason

Waynick, W.D., master mason

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (AF & AM) source:

Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Iowa at the Thirteenth Grand Annual Communication, Held in the City of Oskaloosa on Tuesday, June 2D, A.D. 1856, A.L. 5856; T.S. Parvin, Muscatine, Grand Secretary; Printed by Raymond, Foote & Eystra, Faust Printing House, 1856.


  • WM - worshipful master
  • GM - grand master
  • PGM - past grand master
  • DGM - deputy grand master
  • GSW - grand senior warden
  • GJW - grand junior warden
  • SW - senior warden
  • JW - junior warden
  • SD - senior deacon
  • JD - junior deacon
  • GT - grand treasurer
  • GS - grand secretary
  • Treas - treasurer
  • Sec - secretary
  • non-affiliated - definition not given
  • U.D. - under dispensation

Transcribers Notes:

-Transcription disclaimer: - researchers should always consult original records for additional information or to verify the information in this data-base. I've made every attempt to transcribe accurately, but there may be errors.