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Excerpts from An Illustrated History of Monroe County, Iowa - 1896


Following are the organizations in Monroe County, Iowa, 1896.

The Independent Club Guards.

"January 1, 1844.

    "We, the undersigned, believing it necessary for the better security of our claims, to protect ourselves against foreign as well as domestic aggression, and to settle all disputes between individual claimants, and all right to claims according to our neighborhood or club law, do form ourselves into a club or company known as the 'Independent Club Guards of Kishkekosh County.'

    "Article I. All persons known as claim-holders in this county may become members of this society by subscribing to these articles and the claim laws.

    "Article II. On motion, two members of said company shall be declared viva-voce tellers, to receive the vote of the Club in their choice for Captain, Lieutenant, and Six Best Men.

    "Article III. These officers so elected shall serve one year from the first Monday in April, 1844, to the first day of May, 1845.

    "Article IV. It shall be the duty of the Captain, or, in the absence of the Captain, of the Lieutenant, or, in the absence of both, of the Best Men, to call upon the company to appear at command, and proceed with said officer to hear and decide all rights to claims according to our claim laws, and to put the claimant having the right to said contested claim in full and peaceable possession of the same, and protect him in said possession, fully and effectually.

    "Article V. Any officer who shall refuse to act shall, by a two-thirds vote of the members of said company, be deprived of his office and hold only membership.

    "Article VI. The company shall then proceed to elect officers to fill all vacancies.

    "Article VII. Any claimant whose name is attached to our claim laws may appeal to the Captain of the Guards and state to him his grievances, or, in absence of the Captain, to the other officers, and they shall protect said claimant fully in possession of his claim, without further trouble to said claimant."

Signed, Alexander Kemp, Captain.
James McRoberts, Lieutenant.



Masonic Logo On June 25, 1855, Albia Lodge, No. 76, A. F. and A. M., was organized. at Albia, with 78 charter members. The first officers were John Bone, Worshipful Master; Samuel Gossage, Senior Warden; W. C. Hatton, T. W.; Wm. Mercer, Senior Deacon; Henry Saunders, Junior Deacon; John McKnight, Secretary; R. M. Hartness, Treasurer; Joseph Benone, Tyler [Outer Guard].

This lodge went down finally, and in December, 1889, Astor Lodge, No. 505, was instituted. This lodge at present [1896] contains 70 members. The present officers are: Ed Cooper, Worshipful Master; A. J. Beckett, Senior Warden; W. J. Hastie, Junior Warden; Tom D. Lockman, Treasurer; B. F. Duffy, Secretary; G. W. Hartsock, Senior Deacon; Geo. D. Miller, Junior Deacon; S. H. Hobson, Senior Steward; B. E. Clark, Junior Steward; J. H. Tobey, Tyler.

Royal Arch Masons, Monroe Chapter, U. D., was organized July 20, 1896. Its officers at present are: I. S. Jones, Most Excellent High Priest; J. H. Easter, Most Excellent King; Jonathan Hartsock, M. E. S.; Ed M. Noble, Treasurer; A. J. Beckett, Secretary; Tom D. Lockman, C. H.; J. H. Tobey, P. S.; Geo. D. Miller, R. A. C.; S. D. Love, G. M. 1st Veil; A. R. Jackson, G. M. 2d Veil; J. H. Love, Jr., G. M. 3d Veil; Jerry Willcox, Tyler. This lodge contains 22 members.


Knights of Pythias.

Knights of Pythias logo Troy Lodge, No. 31, was organized July 15, 1875. It organized with 24 charter members. The officers were E. C. Hurlbert, Supreme Chancellor; W. M. Glenny, Chancellor Commander; Val Mendal, Vice-Chancellor; C. P. Cone, Prelate; Jas. Morris, Keeper of Records and Seal; Geo. Coleman, Master of Finance; D. M. Miller, Master of Exchequer; Homer Duncan, Master-at-Arms

The present officers are: Morris Loeb, Chancellor Commander; R. E. Hindman, Vice-Chancellor; H. B. Holesclaw, Prelate; John Grace, Master-at-Arms; Harry Smith, Inner Guard; Jas. Moody, Outer Guard; Fred Mason, Keeper of Records and Seal; L. B. Edwards, Master of Exchequer; Roy Alford, Master of Finance; Lee Rowe, Master of the Work.


The Independent Order of Odd Fellows [I. O. O. F.]

IOOF logo Monroe Lodge, No. 81, was organized October 11, 1855, with the following charter members: John Clark, Thos. Kenworthy, S. D. Ramey, A. G. Chambers, R. M. Hartness. There were about 50 members at the close of 1856. The first officers were: S. D. Ramey, Noble Grand; Thos. Kenworthy, Vice-Grand; John Clark, Secretary; R. M. Hartness, Treasurer.

The present officers are: John Hoyt, Noble Grand; W. J. Lewis, Vice-Grand, D. O. Clapp, Recording Secretary; J. P. Lamberson, Permanent Secretary; J. R. Duncan, Treasurer. The present membership is 154.

Prior to 1860 there was an encampment at Albia, but in that year it surrendered its charter.

Albia Encampment, No. 19, I. O. O. F., was organized by Robert McCormack in 1876. At the present time the organization is not doing any active work, there being but 15 members. The organization is intact, and has funds in its treasury. The officers at present are: J. P. Lamberson, Chief Patriarch; S. F. White, High Priest; I. L. Mills, Senior Warden; J. R. Duncan, Junior Warden; S. M. King, Scribe.


The A. O. U. W.

AOUW logo The Ancient Order of United Workmen organized at Albia in 1884. The present membership is 160. The present officers are: E. Mart Noble, M. W.; Josephus Kester, Foreman; Wm. Anderson, O.; S. M. King, Financier; J. O. Varner, Receiver; N. S. Anderson, P. M.; G. W. Stamm, Recorder. The object of this organization is both fraternal and for insurance.

NOTE: The A.O.U.W. was the first fraternal organization to offer death benefits via insurance to its members. At the time, life insurance was not a common benefit extended to employees. The organization dwindled in membership around the early 1950's and finally ceased to exist.




Modern Woodmen of America.

MWA logo Earnest Camp, No. 264, was organized in November, 1886. The present membership is 26. The present officers are: Chas. Olson, Venerable Consul; Jesse Brewer, Worthy Adviser; Harry C. Payne, Clerk; S. M. King, Banker; Robert Ford, Escort; S. M. King, Physician; Jas. Brewer, Watchman; F. Turner, Sentry; S. T. White, Delegate to State Camp; Dr. Hoover, S. M. Tovrea, and W. M. Crane, Managers. This society is also fraternal and for purposes of insurance.



Woodmen of the World.

Woodmen of the World logo Organized at Albia the 4th of August, 1896, with a membership of 50. J. T. Clarkson, Consul Commander; J. W. Noble, Lt. Adviser; Chas. Craig, Clerk; W. T. Shields, Banker, E. T. Paulline, Escort; Vern Noble, Watchman; J. W. Alford, Sentry; Messrs. Hyatt and Bartram, Physicians; W. P. Brewer, C. N. Hyatt, and F. G. Chase, Managers.



The Rebekah Degree, I. O. O. F.

Rebekah logo Mary and Martha Lodge, No. 37, an auxiliary of the Odd Fellows, was organized in October, 1875, by Mr. and Mrs. John R. Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hurlbert, Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Phinny, and Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Barnes. This lodge flourished for some years, and then became inactive.

In 1895 Albia Rebecca Lodge, No. 323, was chartered on the 24th of July, and the officers of that organization are: Mrs. Tovrea, P. G. ; Mrs. W. T. Shields, N. G.; Mrs. Max Loeb, V. G.; Mrs. Dr. King, Secretary; Mrs. David Brusser, Financial Secretary; Mrs. W. F. Hill, Treasurer; Mrs. John Watkins, Chaplain; Mrs. J. P. Lamberson, Warden; Mrs. Jas. Flanders, Conductor; Mrs. Samuel Hill, Inner Guardian; D. O. Clapp, Outside Guardian; J. P. Lamberson, R. S, of N. G.; Mrs. A. Goodman, L. S. of N. G.; Max Loeb, R. S. to V. G.; Mrs. J. T. Jones, L. S. to N. G. The present membership of this lodge is 65.


Woodmen Circle.

Organized September 16, 1896, with a membership of 24. The officers are: Mrs. Margaret Hyatt, W. G.; Mrs. W. T. Shields, Adviser; Mrs. W. Hartsock, Clerk; Mrs. Sam Tovrea, Magician; Mrs. Frank Edwards, Attendant; Dr. R. T. Bartram, Physician; Mrs. J. J. Moody, T. S.; Mrs. Ed. Francis, O. S.; Mrs. Hattie White, Organist; Mrs. Francis, Mrs. Lamberson, and Mrs. Shields, Managers. The object of the society is social and beneficiary.


Grand Army of the Republic.

GAR logo

Orman Post, No. 337, a semi-military post, was organized in Albia in 1884, and at present contains about 60 members.

Following is a list of the officers, of the organization for the present year: R. C. Payne, Post Commander; G. W. Fordyce, Senior Vice-Commander; Wm. Haycock, Junior Vice-Commander; J. L. Duncan, Quartermaster; S, M. King, Surgeon; J. T. Young, Chaplain; H. Hickenlooper, Adjutant; H. B. Moore, O. D.


The P. E. O. Sisterhood.

PEO logo Chapter H of this ladies' fraternal society [Philanthropic Educational Organization] was organized in Albia the 31st of August, 1884. The charter mem- bers were Miss Nannie Lockman, Miss Flora Perry, Miss Minnie Early, Miss Metta Boals, Miss Carrie Duncan, Miss Lou Porter, Miss May Porter, Miss Minnie Richie, Miss Mabel Richey, and Miss Etta Neville. Since the chapter organized, there have been 168 initiations, and the membership at present numbers 50 active members.

The present [1896] presiding officers of Chapter H are Mrs. Maud Anderson, President; Mrs. Minnie Duncan, Vice-President; Miss Angie Koffman, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Inez Edwards, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Jennie Duncan, Treasurer; Mrs. Nellie Moffett, Chaplain; Mrs. Josie Hobson, Guard.

The objects of the society are general improvement; the inculcation of faith, purity, truth, justice, and charity; the advantages of social relations; and the perpetuation of fraternal love.



image of scroll workSource: Hickenlooper, Frank. An Illustrated History of Monroe County, Iowa: A Complete Civil, Political, and Military History of the County, From Its Earliest Period of Organization Down to 1896. Chapt. 17. p. 348-54. Albia, Iowa. 1896.

Transcriptions by Sharon R. Becker, September of 2010