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Albia Business Register

Iowa State Gazetteer


Compiled and edited by James T. Hair

Published by Bailey & Hair, at the Office of the City Directory


Acheson, C.S. - Druggist

Albia House, R.M. Wilson, propr. - Hotel

Allison & Clark - Grocers

Anderson & Dashiel, (Daniel A. and Henry L.D.) - Lawyers

Atherton, Z.M. & Co., (Willis G. Atherton) - Stoves and Tinware

Bailey, William J. - Saloon

Barnes, A.R. - Grocer

Batchelder, C.H. - Photographs, Ambrotypes, etc.

Batchelder, Joseph M., Pres. - Clergyman

Bone J. & J. - General Store

Bowles, W.H. - Blacksmith

Brown, N.W. - Banker

Buchanan, Amos, Christian - Clergyman

Cousins & Cousins, (Moses and Washinton B.) - Druggists

Cousins & Cousins - Photographic Materials

Cousins, Moses - Physician/Surgeon

Cozier, Darius - Photographs, Ambrotypes, etc.

Craig, J.W. & Co., (Thomas and Samuel T. Craig) - Grocers

Cramer, G.P. & Bro. - Livery Stable

Cromer, George W. - Saddle and Harness Mnfr.

Detar & Miller, (Eli D. and Henry M.) - General Store

Glenn, S.H. & J.B., (Samuel H. and John B.) - Druggists

Gray & Chambers, (John B.G. and A.G.C.) - Boot and Shoe Manufacturers and Dealers

Gray, John B. & Co., (T.E. Peters) - General Store

Hammond & Robb, (William P.H. and James W.R.) - Lawyers

Haynes, James, Pres. Elder, M.E. - Clergyman

Jones, Isaac S. - Blacksmith

Josselyn, J.A. - Baker

Lathen & Kelly, (M.W.L. and J.B.K.) - Saddle and Harness Mnfrs.

Love, James H. - General Store

Mason & Noble, (A.A.M. and D.A.N.) - Real Estate Agents and Dealers

McBride, I. & J. (Israel and Joseph) - General Store

Morris, James H. - Wagon Maker

Noble, George W. - Blacksmith

Orman & Porter, (John H.O. and John M.P.) - Grocers

Perry & Townsend, (T.B.P. and John S.T.) - Lawyers

Pharis & Cramer, (William A.P. and George W.C.) - Grocers

Pheney, James - Grocer

Phillips & Co., (John P., S.C. Allison and R.M. Clarke) - General Store

Phinney, L.D. & Bro., (Joseph) - General Store

Ramsay, A.A. - Physician/Surgeon

Roberts, A.F. - General Store

Rockwell & Byerly - Cabinetware Mnfrs. & Dealers

St. Charles House, J.N. Simons, propr. - Hotel

Shafer, A.H., Methodist E. - Clergyman

Shaw, William - Grocer

Shields & Elder, (James D.S. and Thomas H.E.) - Physicians/Surgeons

Shippen, William C., Methodist - Clergyman

Snodgrass, J. & J. - General Store

Snodgrass, John - General Store

Steele, Henry - Dry Goods

Stawber, Charles F. - Physician/Surgeon

Stuckey, R.F. - Boot and Shoe Manufacturers and Dealers

Weekly Albia Union, The (Republican) G.W. & B.F. Yocum, propr. - newspaper

Woolsey, C.T. - General Store

Yocum, G.W. & B.F. - Lawyers